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King Felix
Is joining the Army/Military at age 24 too old?
I know alot of people join when they are 17....18.........

im about to turn 24........if i join, would i be an outkast because of my age? or not really.


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No, because of your spelling.

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Cesar R
I say unless go ahead.

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no, my husbands best friend joined when he was 24 and now he is 27, i asked him about it and he said he wasn't the oldest one there either, my husband is 23 and joined when he was 19, and his friend is only a year behind him in rank, join! it will be a great experience!

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Jason J
Not at all when I was recruiting for the Air Force allot of my applicants were 25 or older. There are going to a majority of 18-20 yr odds in basic training but there will also be many your age and up to 35.

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Brian C
Not at all. I was in basic with a 30 year old and he kept up with us like it was nothing. He was also a lot more mature than the rest of us and had a LOT more life experience. We all looked up to and respected him.

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nope, when I joined at 17 we had a guy who was 34 and had a PhD. We had all ages and ethnic backgrounds from all across America.
Don't worry about being 24, none of us really care in the military.

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First, a REAL American (one who hasn't served your country yet... but wants to)... Thank you.

Second, You're age at this pint isn't a factor... unless you're out of shape. You'll have to keep up with the kiddies.

I'll presume you've spent at least some of the last few years in school and have at least some kind of degree. That will give you a little seniority if you enlist. If it's a Bachelors degree then you might try an officer program.

If you're cool and keep your wits about you while others are out of theirs, you will have no problems.

Third, I've been told that 63 is too old... so you stil have a few more years... But i'd do something before you turn 30. Seems to me that 35 was the cut-off for officers.

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its not to late..welcome to the family...

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Any person is qualified. GO FOR IT! and GOOD LUCK to you. But talk it over with your loved ones first. That kind of decision is a big one.

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As long as you are in good shape, go for it! Lots of people finish college and then join the military. There are people of all ages in it.

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Elizabeth P
My brother in law re inlisted into the military and he is 32

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It won't hurt you at all plus being an older "cruit" will actually help you as far as your physical training test counts. Also, you might be able to pull out a little bit more rank by being older.

I went in at 19, oldest in my platoon, came out a better man with more experience and rank than my younger counter parts.

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quite the contrary, your advanced age( heeheh) will be an asset to you. you will be sought out b/c you have already settled down(hopefully) and will have Leadership potential.

My husband enlisted in the Navy at 28. I have friends who are 40 about to go ion. you will be fine.

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No, you'll be fine. We had a 28 year old E-1 in our dormitory and he got along great with everyone.

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Lori B
I have afriend that was in his 30s when he first signed up.

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Vampire 13R
as long as you can do the PT you should be fine.
When I was a recruiter I put people in pushing 30 and they did fine.

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Run Lola Run

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John T
Not at all. Go for it.

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Navy Sailor - GAI
No. It is actually better because you are more mature.

Don't worry there are lots of people way older than you going through boot camp. I was 29.

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Magic 8 Ball: The Witch is In
My hubby enlisted when he was 24. That wsa ten years ago and he is still in and loves it. He was one of the oldest people in basic, but he thought that his age helped him out.
Best of luck!

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George P
You won't be an outcast. Just hope you don't mind taking orders from someone younger than you.
On the flip side, you have more knowledge than the 18 year olds, so try not to laugh at them when they try to tell you how rough life is like on the outside.

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