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 How much time will my bf be away when he becomes a mechanic in the army?
my boyfriend was going to join the army as a mechanic in the army next yer when i finish school. however he didnt get in the 2nd year of collage. so he is joining this september....im worried bout ...

 Do British Marines Or Soldiers Get Paid For Training?

 What are the things you can do in the military at the age of 18?
i need serious answers. like if u could give me details on what they can do that would be great. thank you!...

 How important is/was quality of life when you decided to enlist?
Did how you thought you were gonna be treated influence your decision to enlist?...

 Benefits and drawbacks to joining the army?

 Air Force severance pay help?
I'm an E-4 active duty in the air force. My job requires me to work around dangerous fuels and other chemicals. I have been experiencing terrible migraines related to the fumes of the chemicals, ...

 Pakistan situation : Could the Taliban take over the country?
is it possible for the Taliban to take over pakistan? like what if they get there hands on the nuclear weapons we will be doooooooooommmmed !!! obviously UK/USA/ISRAEL will be the talibans first ...

 Do you have to get your wisdom teeth pulled during boot camp?
or is it only if they see that it will be a problem in the future?

thx for the ...

 Will the FN-SCAR or the HK 416 see full military service soon?
how soon?

What other weapons are potential candidates?...

 I'm going to Ft. Huachuca for 47 weeks of AIT after basic training in July. I'm married and have no children.?
Would my wife be able to live with me somewhere off base, or would it be better for her to stay home until I am stationed after 47 weeks of M.I. training? We're trying to plan where to move/stay ...

 How should I tell my parents that I want to join the military?
I've been in college for about 2 and a half years now. I don't like it, and I honestly don't think I ever will. Ever since I switched majors, I just haven't been feeling it, and I ...

 How does leave work while you are in training, but in the Army reserves?
If I want to leave during a weekend later in BOLC when it is permitted, how is it determined? As if I were active duty? Couldn't a soldier just rack up days off, but since they are reserve, they ...

 Is there Christmas exodus for Army OCS?
Will I get the holiday off? I know its never guranteed, but do some people get this from OCS or does class continue?...

 How do we get the army to move us?
My husband is in basic and we will be moving across the country for 18 months. How do we start the process of preparing the army to move us? We haven't been able to get any straight answer! Help!...

 My husband (in BCT now) was assigned Korean at DLI but knows some Arabic. Can he change it? How?

 What can be mailed to soldiers in Army BCT?
I'm not talking about packages, I know it is limited to letters, but are the letters censored or monitored? Can people mail photos? What about printed pages, like the news or articles? I know ...

 My husband is receiving a bad conduct discharge from the army. Will this end our eligibility with USAA?

 How do i write my best friend?
He's in San Diego, California for boot camp for the Marines and i want to write him but i don't know what the address is? and my mom said that i have to have his number, is that true? how ...

 I signed a contract with the army but . i think i should try to go marine instead? can i change branch?

 If the US didn't ally with France in it's war for independance against England, would the US of still won?

Is a score of 77 good on the asvab?
is a score of 77 good on the asvab? i was also told of another score on the test that i believe he said was a 190. n/e one please help explain what the deiffences in these scores.
Additional Details
alrite. i shouldve said the army... i was told it was good... but looking at old grades i got a couple years ago in high school i was a bit dissapointed.

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If its for the USMC its okay. HOORAH

Army, you'd be a legend.

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it will get you any job you want in the army!

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So, you're looking to join the Navy, eh?

The 190 is a specific score for an aptitude area and depending on the aptitude area is either exceptionally good or really good. Either way, the 190 is something to be proud of. Aptitude areas usually are listed as GT, EL, BEE, ENG, MEC, MEC2, NUC, OPS, HM, ADM. I know you're testing for the Navy because 190 is too high to be in anyone elses aptitudes.

As for your other question, 77 is an excellent score on the ASVAB. Consider that the average score is right around 50, and you're well above average. In fact, a 77 will qualify you for just about every job on the books. On top of that, it sounds like you had high aptitude qualifications and thus, will qualify for most of the jobs in that area, even the really super secret ones.

Congratulations on a job well done. You should be very proud of yourself. No matter what anyone else on here tells you 77 is a great score.

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The question you should be asking yourself is "Does a 77 qualify me for the job I want in the military" After enlisting, your ASVAB score really doesn't matter, unless your changing fields.

If it doesn't qualify for you for the job, then a 77 sucks. If it qualifies you for the job you want, a 77 is fine. I think there maybe a few bonuses with a highest tier, but the biggest one is being qualified for the job you desire.

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