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 Question about a military branch?
If i want to join something that will test me to the max mentally and physically what would it ...

 Medical test in the army?
Im thinking of joining the army, however earlier on in my life I had a small ear infection and I broke my army. But it was not a serious infection and it was only a minor break. Do you think I would ...

 Anyone stationed in Korea?
My husband is getting stationed in Korea, Me and our 2 baby girls will soon after he leaves. I am just wanting to know what kind of phone services there are. I am also wondering how well youguys like ...

 Who gets to use the LSW and GPMG?
do you have to be trained to use them or are just handed out at random or something?...

 When Isreal fought Hezbollah a year or two ago did they when or loose that war? Explain your answer.?
I've heard some people say Israel won in terms of killing more enemy and loosing fewer of it's own soliders I've also heard that Israel lost because they didn't achieve their ...

 When Isreal fought Hezbollah a year or two ago did they when or loose that war? Explain your answer.?
I've heard some people say Israel won in terms of killing more enemy and loosing fewer of it's own soliders I've also heard that Israel lost because they didn't achieve their ...

What Elite force has harder training and what force is more bad *** basically?
Additional Details
hey **** you i no the question about what is more bad *** is stupid but everyone argues ...

 Can I work at USAMRIID if I sign on with the Air Force?
I have strong background in biology and am about to go to medical school to become a doctor specializing in Infectious Diseases. I plan on joining the military before going to medical school because I...

 How can you get out of a military draft?
I know there isn't one right now....but I was just wondering if there is a draft...what things do you need to qualify to not be drafted? I heard being married, in college, or a few other things.<...

 Why do we defend our homeland fighting overseas instead of staying at home defending it?
I always wondered about why do we go to other countries to defend our country instead of defending it from the homeland. We have National Coast Guard, but why come we don't have everybody just ...

 Is it hooah or hoorah for army?
my friends are fighting over this. so if u can really help out it would be great. ( i say its hooah for army & hoorah for marines)...

 I am registered to the Selective Service on record but I don't remember doing it?
I checked the registration records at sss.gov and I am registered and I even got a letter confirmation with my social security number on it.
BUT i don't remember registering for it ...

 Kicked out of the military..what happens to my leave??
Hiyas. I may be getting seperated from the AF about a year shy of my 6 year mark (my official out date) due to PT failure. Im pretty sure it will be honorable if im not mistaken as i have no other ...

 What is Air Force Basic Training REALLY like?
i am leaving for Basic Training in 17 days and i want to know all the good and bad experiences.

i have been working out but i still cannot do push ups and sit ups so i wanna know how hard ...

 Does MEPS request prior...?
Medical Records? Or do they just go off the Med Prescreen and the Physical they give you at MEPS?

Several years ago my doctor put me on Paroxetine for a couple months. Then took me off of ...

 I'm applying for the Navy and need to have security clearance. 5 years ago I had a 5150 (CA) incident?
The situation was total B.S since I was just really drunk and my grandparent just died. SO yes I was depressed but not suicidal. Is there any way that I can avoid putting this on my application? I...

 Can one be colorblind and still be eligible for SOF training? either SO, Ranger, Recon Marine, Seal, etc?
Ive been considering joing the USMC. im almost done college and have considered officer, but unsure because of the 8year long commitment. However, when i think of goals in the military i always ...

 Does the E2 or E3 wear anything on the collar in the Navy?
some sites say a pin of 2 and 3 stripes.. while other sites say they don't wear anything on the collar
Additional Details
i'm in Navy DEP and this DEP manual doesn't teach ...

 How long does it take for waiver for the army?
I have to get a waiver because of the protien levels were to high on my piss test. about how long does this procces ...

 Can you file a restraining order when that person is in the army?
first of all how would you go about doing it since hes in the army, and do i have to notify his chain of command that i have one against him?
Additional Details
the thing is, iam not a ...

Is JAG difficult to get into?
I saw that the Army had an ad for JAG on monster.com, so does this mean they are not too selective?

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Still think anyone can do it? This is just to be in the JAG Corps Student program

Age: - At least 21 and less than 35.
- Waiver for every month prior commission service.


- Full-time student at ABA Law School with at least one year completed or graduate awaiting Bar admission.
- Part-time or dual-degree students must be within 2 yrs of completion.


- OIS (5 wks, if possible, done summer prior to 3rd yr, otherwise after Bar exam)
- Naval Justice School (9 wks)
- NLSO Orientation (1 wk)
- Ship Orientation (2 wks)


- Correctable to 20/20 (waivers considered).
- Color vision not required.
- PRK and LASIK only eye surgeries waiverable.


- Interview with JAG officer (senior AD better)
- Participation in Moot Court, Clerkships, Legal Aid, and Law Review recommended.

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Dave C
Getting a commission as a military JAG officer is VERY difficult the only reason they would post on Monster is probably because they are in demand for them

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Why would an Ad on monster.com mean your not selective. The criteria for the jobs are listed in description not Ads. Bet their selective enough you don't qualify to even apply.

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