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 War in iraq, whats your opinion?
ok so instead of just telling us your opinion, i want to also know what u think we can do to end the war as soon as we can without creating total chaos in the places we attacked.

p.s. i ...

 Preferably people w/ military knowledge: How long do you think this war with Iraq will last?
My fiance's in the military and believes 4 years at the least....

 Who would win a war between the U.S. and Canada?
i already no the answer, just wanna see what kind of moronic responses i get
Additional Details
well, a response to another question was that if the U.S. ever started a war with canada, ...

 Do you think president bush is true about Iranian atomic program?

 Will the United States really invade Iran?

 How can people support the Iraq war?
a) No WMD were found
b) No links to Al Queda have been proved or are indeed likely
c) The US undermined the United Nations and entered an illegal conflict

If anyone ...

 Considering the Navy...?
Currently considering the Navy, I have a 4 year degree and am in a dead end job. I owe like 20k in school loans and am just looking for something different in life. I've heard with a degree I ...

 Why doesn't the U.S. military send Steven Segal to Afghanistan to Defeat the Taliban.?
If they do send him do you think they will surrender overnight. Don't say they should send Chuck Norris because everyone knows they would send him to Iraq they just won't to be responsible ...

 What does Memorial day mean to you? As a retired Marine I value your thoughts, God Bless.?

 What would your government have to do to make you resort to bombing / rioting / civil war?
Assuming that all peaceful methods of protest fail ?...

 Why are you for/against the war?
i just want to know why so many people are against the war. these soldiers didnt enlist thinking nothing would ever happen. they chose to join, so we should be supporting them. iraq is becoming a ...

 Total War.?
What happened to the days where when someone messed w/ America or her allies, the US would hit back harder? In WW2, we went and leveled city after city not worrying about civillian casualties and ...

 In boot camp/basic training do drill instructors care if you are sick?
or if you have major headache, dirrehea, vomiting? ...

 If the US were to pull out of Iraq right now, what would the terrorists do?
Would they go home and live peacefully?...

 If the draft was called tomorrow, should women be drafted rigfht alongside ment? yes or no?
this is a rhetorical question as not even bush would be foolish enough to enforce the draft......but if they do,seeing that its the new millenium, should women be forced in right along side men?

 Why don't we protect our military members from their spouses?
There are laws to protect our military members from predatory lending, but not predatory spouses! My fiance's ex-wife cheated on him from day one, took all of his pay and his enlistement bonus 24...

 How the hell does the military protect our rights???
I thought that the Constitution is what gives us (and ensures) our rights. When I hear people say BS remarks like, "Well, the army protects or freedom of speech," I want to rip my hair out. ...

 Should I just shave my head before I leave for Boot Camp?
Wouldn it just make more sence to do it now for free and slowly ive seen some videos of M.C.R.D Boot camp and it looks like it would hurt as fast as they go and I hear they charge you for the hair ...

 How can anyone say I don't support our troops?
I have been reading some questions and answers about this subject and it makes me really mad! How come if I don't support President Bush or the war in Iraq , many people assume I (and people ...

 Should I join the Army when I turn 18?

In which war did america experience a direct attack upon its own territory?
a. world war 1
b. world war 2
c. vietnam war
d. all of the above

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WW I and II

Check out the rail head disaster in New York Harbor it is believed to a work of terrorist.

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ww2,Aleutian Islands, thats why they rushed to build the alaskan highway.

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Well, let's see. Of the options you listed above, only one really fits the criteria and that would be World War II, with the attack on Hawaii, the Aleutian Islands, and the Phillipines. Japanese submarines also shelled locations on the Western Coast, specifically Oregon. There were also Japanese balloon bombs that were launched from Japan, one killed a family of 3 in Oregon or California.

In addition to the attacks by Japan, there were also attacks by German u-boats on US Merchant ships off the East Coast.

One could argue that World War I also involved German U-boats sinking ships off the coast of the Eastern United States. And Vietnam saw the evacuation of the United States Embassy and eventual take-over.

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bob t
Olin H has it right war of 1812, and WWII.

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How about the War of 1812, The Brits burned the WHITE HOUSE, just to give one example of the damage done.

"Governments govern by the consent of those governed"
Does the Bush administration have your CONSENT?

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b wwii, also in 1812, and during the Mexican War (as was claimed by the president, at the time), and the civil war since the CSA attacked Fort Sumter

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revolutionary war, war of 1812, civil war, and WW2

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Matt E

Also, war of 1812 , and the Revolutionary war.

"war on terror" if you would like to be general.

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Michael is ninga
brittish or redcoats tried i think in 17-18 century

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Nick R
b. World War 2 - Pearl Harbor

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Comrade Abdul
B. As well as the attacks on Pearl Harbour, the Japanese invaded a number of islands off Alaska and a few bombs fell on California.

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B The attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii brought the USA into WWII.

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John de Witt
Not World War I.
In World War II, Hawaii was a territory, not a state; and we still held the Philippines and other islands, including the Aleutians. These were attacked directly. The Japanese also put a few firebombs onto the mainland to no appreciable effect. German U-boats also prowled the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.
Vietnam was the only war in which the US mainland was attacked directly, but it was done not by bullets or bombs but by a political and psychological campaign that we couldn't counter adequately. This is actually the correct answer, but it will also be counted wrong if you answer it for schoolwork. Such is life.

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olin h
The War of 1812 and world war II

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patriotic italienneā„¢ v1.01
World War II

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