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 I have a Swedish War medal that says "SKJUTPRIS". Does anyone know what this medal was given out for?
Possibly late 1800's....

 What is the best way to get into combat as a Marine Corp Officer?
I am a second lieutenant in the Marine corps and have finished my stationing in the States and I was wondering how is the best way to get to a place with combat ?
Additional Details
No, ...

 What were the 2 advantages and disadvantages before world war 1 begin?
please help me because i have to finish the exit report for social studies and submit it on may 15th. oh please, please HELP ME!!!

thank you :)...

 PCSing to Germany in 5 days?
My husband and I have 5 days, until we leave for Germany. Im confused about once we get there. If we get there and no housing in available and we have to stay in lodging, does that come out of our ...

 While in the military how many countries have you visited?
and which were favorties? how bout least favorites.

oh and canada doesnt count,

just curious, ...

 Do they have Juvenile Halls on Marine Bases?
A friend of mine is going to live with his uncle on a Marine base. He's 14. What happens if he gets in trouble? Or maybe not big trouble but say if he doesn't want to do something his ...

 German WWII vehicles?
During WWII, did Germany have any vehicle that was the equivalent to the American jeeps? If not, what kind of vehicles did they use for transport?...

 Where can i find info on the united states battle plan in the pacific for WWII?
i am looking for the U.S. battle plans for the pacific during wwii. how did the U.S. win the war in the pacific and what general or president planned out the procedures. i am not looking for an ...

 Im thinking of going into the navy..anybody been in it and have encouragements or discouragements?

 Ww2 german "KD" armband?
i looking to buy a ww2 german "KD" armband. the KD stands for kommandantur dienst witch is german for command service. next to the KD is a weimar eagle with swastika and small words i cant ...

 What is MEPS????????????????????/...
is this correct?
1. Marine Boot camp
2. MOS
but what is meps and were does it come into play here?...

 I'm joining the Army Reserves for 4yrs. I should expect to spend 1 to 1 1/2 yrs deployed correct?
I fully except to deploy, i'm 21 and not dumb, obviously its war-time so whomever wouldn't expect to deploy is crazy. Do people in army EVER make it thru a contract without deploying?...

 Will the military pay to ship persanal belongings home when discharging from the military?
my fiancee is getting out of the military next month and i was wondering if the military will pay to ship his belongings home. His address on record is in a different state than where he is moving to....

 Are there any kind of military loans?
Is there a loan that you can get if you are in the military that they take out of your pay or something for people they have with bad credit? I wanted to look into this for me to get a car financed. P...

 What high schools in Hesperia, has navy jrotc or marine jrotc?
i go to west high school right now but my dad wants to move to hesperia and i want to be in jrotc but i don't want to be in army or air force jrotc....

 Hey, are you all caught up on your network security training?
Just wondering the status of other military ...

 Is it true that guys in the military get lots of girls?
My bf told me girls hit on him because he's in the army. He's not attractive. My friend said girls won't hit on him even if he is in the army because he's not attractive....

 How can i get into the army with no custody of my kid?
my daughters mom and i havent went to court yet. i told her to sign the paper i wrote up saying i pay her 40 a wk, and i see her every other weekend. but she wouldnt sign it. is there any way i could ...

 Any Military Personnel/Spouses Can Answer this Question?
My best friend just ended a relationship with her ex who is in the Army. They had a joint bank account together that was opened before he went to bootcamp so she could handle his expenses while he ...

 Is it possible to switch from active to reserves? (marines)?
just wondering
Additional Details
i ment as a poolee people not really a marine yet! im not that dumb ...

In the army, what do infantry soldiers do in their spare time?
i'm joining this summer and in case i dont get deployed or if i do, what do infantry soldiers (or any soldier really) do in their spare time? (i'm doing infantry that's why i'm asking about them)

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Since infantry dont have practical peacetime skills, they often spend huge amounts of time cleaning. Out of all the troops at a base, the grunts will have the cleanest uniforms, cleanest barracks, and the least free time.
A normal day involves at least 4 hours of cleaning, sometimes 10-12 hours or more, and once a week there will usually be a field day where you will rip apart your barracks to make it spotless.
You can either think of it as busy work, or you can think of it as being paid to take pride in yourself and your living quarters.
If you want to get out of it, get married or go to school. They give spare time to people who come up with things to do.

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In your free time you can do what you want just like at home. When your working I 've heard you do training and play video games and whatever you have available as far as work goes.

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warrior mama
1,,, sleep,, as often and when ever you can,,
2.. clean your kit,cloths and barracks
3,,phone home or email
4..work out
5..play games with buddies.. ie basket ball etc

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!Marine Wife!
my husbands USMC infantry. They clean a lot!! Although a lot of the weekends he was able to come see me. we didn't get married till November. I lived in a different state it was an 7 hour drive and he still came and saw me. The only prob was things change and they come up with stupid stuff. you'll think you have the weekend off and then you'll find out that you have room inspection or something sat morning. So you do get spare time however I learned never to expect/believe anything until it actually happened.
oh and.. spare time he works out and runs. a lot.

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Maybe P.T. on their own time. Or clean, chill out, hang with buddies, etc. They are just like normal people on break. except they have extraordinary jobs.

but when not deployed , for work, you will train, clean weapons,and PT everyday and maybe depending on your CO, you might get weekends to rest.

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get drunk

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