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 I lied at meps and dont know what to do now?
My recruiter told me not to say anything about my broken collar bone that they would never find out if i didn't say anything.But i am shipping on May 11 and the closer it gets the more nervous i ...

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as a medic?...

 What is the function of machine gun in today's world?
an any side of human ...

 What is the difference between a GPMG(general purpose machine gun) and MPMG(multi purpose machine gun)?

 Anyone Leaving for BMT (USAF) April 14, 2009?
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 Are there any ranger units permanently stationed in germany?

 Can I go BACK to boot camp even though I am in the military already?
So if I am already enlisted in the United States Coast Guard, can go back to boot camp? Would it be free of charge? What is the protocol for this?
Additional Details
I want to go back to ...

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 The crew of the hijacked ship has retaken it; aren't you glad the gov. didn't get involved?
Instead of calling for help to the gov. the crew called their private company they work for help. LOL. Let's see how the media handles this one.
Additional Details
Pentagon says ...

 How stupid should i feel right now..?
i toke the asvab test yesterday and deed not score high enough....
Additional Details
yes i deed misspelled it on purpose.. im trying to be funny.....

 Can you join the british army if you have suffered from depression and self harm?
i use to suffer from self harm and depression this was down to an ex boyfriend who mentally abuse me iv been fit and well for a year now and off meds for 2years iv talked to my doctor and they are ...

 Is the Navy LYING about being near the Somali boat with the US captive?
If that Captain jumped out of the boat...I KNOW that any Navy ship could have blown those guys out of the water!

Any ex Navy want to chime in?

Any CURRENT Navy want to say ...

 Can I enlist in the military if I have had suicidal "thoughts" on record?
I saw a counselor about depression about 3 or so years ago and since then have gotten much better. I want to enlist in the military but it says on my medical records that I had "suicidal ...

 Is it true that english is worth more on the asvab than math I plan on joining army infantry 11b?
someone told me they double your English score and add the math someone plz help and another question what is army infantry ...

 Should I re-enlist as a 68W or a 46Q?
I recently got out of the military. My MOS was a 68W (medic). Now I am currently looking to get back into the army. I was told today that I qualify to become a 46Q (journalist). I know what being ...

If my waiver got disapproved to join the military can i try again later?

Additional Details
possesin of marijuana, and paraphnelia

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Bravo Golf
If its a medical waiver they make you wait. If it was rejected for a criminal charge then no.

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Recycled Soldier
In your DD214 what is in Blocks 23,23,25,26,27, and 28?

If 25 is CHAP 11, and 27 is 3 for 28 ELPAC then you will get a wavier in 2-3 business days.

Ask your recruiter for a wavier form.

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Real Moms Raise Their Children
Depends on what the waiver was for. If it was something serious, probably not.

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If it was disapproved now you will probably have to wait awhile to try again. With the way the economy is you will most likely be waiting a few years, if ever.

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It depends on what the waiver was for and if there is a waiting period. If your were permanently disqualified for law then you cannot try again as the rules wont change. If its a medical condition then probably not but there are some instances if the condition must no longer exist you can try again. You need to be more specific


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Depends on the circumstances of needing the waiver.

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