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If I go to boot camp, do I have to join the army?

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el' Robo
NO !
Your are not officially obligated to your contract till you grad basic training. I know this for a fact.

It is there to cover both parties.

The recruiters and TI's will lie till they are blue in the teeth but thats their job.

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Pete T
How long did it take you to think up that question?

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Marines go to boot camp.

Army goes to basic training.

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There are many different kinds of boot camp so until I know your situation I have to say that i don't know......................

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like the 1st answer. There ae varied 'boot camps' More than likely someone involved in a 'boot camp' may have a difficult time with authority and "retraining" anyway...much less aspire to the Real military.

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You have to join the army to go to boot camp.

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What kind of boot camp? Are you being disciplined for something you did and your parents are sending you to a boot camp? Not enough info....

Are you talking about the split option??? Screw it, yes you will have to join the Army.

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John C
if you go to boot camp. you have joined the army.

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Dennis D
Once you sign the contract agreement you have joined the Army.

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Semper Fidelis
You could join the Marine Corps! You gave no info and posted the question "backwards". I mean, is this a joke question? What do you WANT to do with your life? I cannot speak for the Army, except that they deploy for 14 month stints. As far as the Marines are concerned, don't expect to enjoy boot camp. Buy or tactically acquire the movie: "Ears Open Eyeballs Click" for what I believe to be the most accurate view of Marine Corps boot camp. It's the closest thing to "real" boot camp I've seen on camera. The only things you don't see are the things that aren't "supposed" to happen, like abuse.

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Curt J
Seeing as how the Army doesn't have "boot camp" per se, I'd have to say NO!

The Marines and Navy have "Boot Camp", the Army has Basic Training.

Alternatively, there are "Boot Camps" specifically for youthful criminals, that have nothing to do with military service.

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You need more detail in your question. Like some have pointed out, there are boot camps for discipline and boot camps in the military.

The Army is one branch of the military (which one answer says they have basic training) and the Marines I think they call their entry "Boot Camp". Navy and Air Force has their entry training as well as the National Guard and Coast Guard.

I know that there is a "Boot Camp" for high school drop outs and at the end, they can choose to go into the Military when they turn 18.

I have even heard of some privately run "Boot Camps" not associated with joining the military.

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Its not summer camp for fun. You owe 8 years.

If boot camp is something you want to try out for fun, check out the United States Naval Sea Cadets. Goto http://www.seacadets.org/public/

Its an organization kinda like the boy scouts or ROTC (but much better) where you get the same training as the Navy, Coast Guard and Marines.

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