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 What is a realistic scenario for World War III in the next 50 years?
I planning on writing a story about a World War III type of apocalypse in which the U.S is invaded and several major countries are in complete destruction due to the war which has been raging for ...

 Best Army Medical job that will pay good in Civilian world after I retire?
What is Best Army Medical job that will pay good in Civilian world after I retire? And is the the promotion ...

 Why is a dishonorable discharge such a terrible mark in civilian life?
Or is it even? Looking to get some opinions here.

I've been doing alot of research on military service and everywhere I see people talking about dishonorable discharges as though they ...

 How is it determined where i will go to basic training for the army?
Im joining the Army. i go to MEPS on May 25th. For my MOS im thinking about either a Paralegal Specialist (27D) or Human Resources Specialist (42A)...

 Where can I find a CIVIL WAR map of the BATTLE of SHLILOH please help!!!?
I need a map that shows the Tennesse River, Mephis, Nashville, Corinth, etc and the battle lines between the Confeds. & Union army. Thank you....

 How is the air force basic training in texas?
im leaving for bt in a couple months and want to know what to expect and whaty im going to do there.

give me all the details ppl ...

 A college with Army ROTC and also has an Aviation major?
please dont give me a you should look here answer. THX...

 What are the physical fitness requirements upon arrival at USAF BMT?
Quote from military.com: "During initial entry processing, both men and women are required to pass a Physical Fitness test that measures cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance ...

 I Want To Serve In The Military..Can I?
So I wanna serve in the military but heres the catch. My parents immigrated to the US from Germany when I was 7 years old. Im almost 20 now and I wanna serve in the military but Im pretty sure were ...

 When joining the marines is there any tests you have to take BEFORE leaving for boot camp?
After you have talked with your recruiter is there any test you have to take? Like do they send you somewhere to take a test and choose your MOS or do you do all that in the recruiting office? Is ...

 National Search and Rescue School? Coast Guard/Air Force?
Hi I'm 20 and plan on becoming a reserve or joining full time. I plan on getting a bachelors in something within the next 3-4 years if possible. I have one more semester at my local community ...

 Is there a "veteran's day" in Germany?
Seeing as in the US, and many countries, there is a day to commemorate veterans, and a memorial day, I was wondering if there is one in Germany, considering that the last two wars were fought with ...

 Can You Choose where to go in the British Army?
What I mean is, after Basic Training and all that shizazz, can you choose where to be stationed/posted/enlisted to etc? For instance, could you say, I want to be in America? And they send you off? Or ...

 What state do you think processes the least amount of recruits because of popuation etc...?

 What are the Benefits of the Iraq War?
I have a debate topic for english. I have to figure out what the benefits of the Iraq war are. I have searched and Searched on Google and i can't seem to find a reason that the iraq war is good. ...

 What do you call a group of state soldiers?

 Where is my nearest army cadets?
I live in essex (england)
near colchester
and my post code is co8 5bq

any help is appreciated(:

Additional Details
Thanks mac :D...

 Does anyone believe that the CIA will ever be kept in check?
The CIA carries out the most inhuman, disgusting, cruel, selfish, violent, and unethical acts that a person could possibly conceive of and their philosophy revolves around the fact that its okay to ...

 So there is no way for me to join the navy if my wife doesnt have a social security card?
I understand that now being married and trying to enlist in the navy i need to have all of my papers present which i do but i also need to have my wifes papers present before i can enter the ...

 $40,000 enlistment bonus for the Army?
.... I'm not doing it for the money just to set the record.

I am currently in the DEP for the Army Reserves. However I have found that college is not for me and want to go active.

I need info on 92 Whiskey?
ok so i signed up for 92w which is water treatment specialist can anybody who knows this job tell me what a normal day would be like and how dis you like this job thanks.
Additional Details
also in this job is there more girls, guys or both thanks.

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Micky Sandhu
your duties as a Water Treatment Specialist may include:
1. Assist in water reconnaissance, site preparation
2 Assist in setup of water treatment activity
3 Operate and maintain water treatment equipment
4 Receive, issue, and store potable water
5 Perform water quality analysis testing and verification

You need to be good for that job yo!
BOTH you damn sexist.

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Its a rear echelon job that all the people who almost fail the ASVAB get stuck in. Have fun.

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who ever said that people who almost fail their ASVAB get stuck with this job, that is so not true i just signed up for it and i got a 70, anyway this MOS is nice cause we don't deploy as much (KBR is taking care of most of the water stuff overseas), you will have fun there, although it can get boring sometimes,

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Oh wow lol your going to love this. I am currently a 92W deployed to Iraq right now and we are doing a water mission but not the kind of water mission you might think. Are soul purpose is to filter water so that KBR has cleaner water to purify. That means less wear and tear on KBR's stuff and more wear and tear on the Army's equipment because its not being used the way it was intended which in turn equal many fun hours of troubleshooting from a book what in the world is wrong with your equipment. I've been here for almost 11 months now and I've yet to leave the base. It all depends on luck of the draw though as far as what you might be doing when deployed sometimes you do your job and sometimes you do something completely different. Now I'm stationed overseas in Germany and when we werent deployed we hardly ever did anything at all with our equipment other then a weekly Preventive maintencance checks and services. When we would go to the field it was always for convoy training and other basic soldiering skills. So when your not deployed its a cake walk job however be prepared to work for every dollar you make when u get deployed.

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