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 What has been your personal experience as a member of the Army National Guard?

 What is the pay for the military and what are the benefits to my family?
I don't want to leave my family with out any support please tell me (so i dont have to search all over internet for my answer...)
Additional Details
what is the whole E-1, E-2 and ...

 Can Marines in Afghanistan have cell phones?
I have a good friend in the Marines who is in Afghanistan. I was wondering if it would be possible for him to have a cell phone over there? I dont know how it would work with what service he would ...

 Which Military Branch Is Your Personal Favorite and Why?
Best explanation gets the points....

 National Guard to Active Army at ETS.?
I am an E4 Russian 35P in the National Guard. My ETS is coming up soon. I was last on active duty in October 2007. If I go Active Army, will I be considered as reenlisting or Prior Service E...

 China vs. U.S., who would win?
if there was a war between the U.S. and China, who would win (with nukes)? Also, who would win if there were no nukes?...

 Can you be colorblind and join the military?
can you still get in but im sure they might DQ you from certain jobs


 Does the Army see a lot of action in war..?
if i join the Army will i see a lot of action in the ...

 I want to join the military..Marines or Army?
the Marines catch my attention all the time but i dont want to die that quick, i just dont know wheather the Army is better or if the Marines are...please help!!!! do people believe the Marines are ...

 Losing weight for MEPS?
I'm about 5'9" and rit now I way about 185. I plan on going into the air force and I was told that to be able to process at meps that i would have to weigh 181 or less. I was ...

 Do you think returning war veterans are a threat to Homeland Security?
The Department of Homeland Security report singles out returning war veterans as particular threat because they possess combat skills and can be recruited by right-wing extremist.

Janet N...

 How should i weight if i try to join the army?
I'm 6'0 tall and between 215-230lbs

Any good diet tip's if there is any?...

 Can recruiters find out about if I've seen a shrink or taken certain meds?
Does doctor / patient confidentiality secure this information? If I say I hadn't seen shrink or took meds, how hard will they look? And by what means could they find out?
Additional D...

 I'm looking for a good solid Workout Plan to prep me for the Marines?
I ship out to San Diego in 9 months. I've been experimenting with new workouts to increase my Strength and conditioning. So if someone could give me a solid workout plan that they've used ...

 Are you sick of the people that say we shouldn't have dropped the atomic bomb?
People who say we shouldn't have dropped the A-bomb.....bullcrap to them. They have know idea of the code of Bushido which means fight until the death. If we would had to invade the mainland of J...

 Why leave now? what does that solve? what about those of us who died?
This angers me that obama and yes obama is taking out our soilders from iraq. we should have minded our business and now look at where we are. but if we take our troops and bring them back then all ...

 Marine Bootcamp preparation?
I'm 16 years old and a sophomore in high school, I am 5'4'' and 105 pounds (small I know). I run cross country and do MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). I usually run a lower 20min. 3.1 ...

 US Marines Vs US Airforce Vs US Army?
Which one has more benefits if you join. Which ones the toughest. Which one have you done and why is it better then the others. Which ones basic training is harder. Which one, if you join, has the ...

 Does it anger anyone else when they use those who have died in combat to push their own politics?
especially when they name of the names of people you knew, and you know they would not have support their cause?

I recently saw a "memorial" for the fallen in which they were ...

 Were there any black tea baggers at these events?
Cause it seems like a white thing
Additional Details
oh like 3 or 4 out of how many people??? white people are just doing this cause obamas a black guy. str8 ...

Michael K
How much freedom do soldiers have during AIT?
I understand that in Phase V soldiers receive a lot more freedom (like passes to go out, have personal belongings, etc.) but what about in Phase IV? I know in BCT they take away all your belongings, but will you have access to a cell phone and what not (or even a pay phone) to call back home? Is the first 3 weeks of AIT training tough? What is a typical day schedule like? What about weekends?

Also, this is a bit off topic, but is sexual assaults against women during AIT common (like more so than in BCT)? Just really paranoid here @_@

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Jimmy Jazz
When I was Phase V they let us have overnight passes and we used to go to Tuscon, AZ and get hammered with the college kids. So yeah, it's definitely more than laid back then Basic.

There were no sexual assaults while I was AIT. I'm sure it has happened though. Sexual assault in the Army is 9 times out of 10 linked to alcohol abuse. If you keep your wits about you and don't drink to the point of sloppiness and loss of self control, you will be fine.

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You can use a pay phone at any point that you have free time/can find a phone. I think you can have a cell phone/laptop after the first 14 days of school (or at least, I know a laptop is pretty much required at tech school for some jobs). Of course, the next question is how the hell do you get your cell phone and laptop two weeks into school as they no longer give you shipping allowances until your first duty station?

During tech school the rules are still really strict for fraternization, you have to announce yourself if you go to a female/male floor and keep the door open if you're in a room. You also have to lock the doors when you go to sleep, etc. so I wouldn't think sexual assault is too common as its pretty obvious if there's a girl/guy on your floor who shouldn't be there.

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How AIT goes really depends on your MOS. Some give you freedoms very early and are very lax while others consume you. Infantry MOS's give you less freedoms than most others. Generally you get up early do PT get cleaned up and make your bed. Then have breakfast and go to school till lunch. Go to lunch then back to school till almost super time. Then you usually have time to shine your boots, iron your uniforms and visit or relax. Fire watch is about the only duty you have to pull. They are mostly civilian cook for AIT so no KP. Weekends are usually off time where you can go to the PX or bowling and you can always have food delivered. I have never seen sexual assult happen in AIT. I am sure it can happen but I have never seen it or heard about it.

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