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Eliza T
How much do Reserves make vs Active Duty?
How much does a person in the reserves make? And a person on active duty? I know it depends on how long you've been there, rank, and all but how much is the starting pay? Do you get paid for basic training?

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ET1 (SS) USN retired
A fulltime professional is paid for 30 days each month.

A training reservist works 2 days a month, and is paid for 2 days.

So a full timer gets 30/30 of his pay, a part-timer gets 2/30 of that pay.

If the part-timer does one weekend a month [24 days a years] and 2 weeks a summer [14 days]; over the entire year he will have worked 38 days.

The fulltimer will hav eworked 365 days.

The professional gets paid for 365 days, the part-timer gets paid for 38 days.

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Sure you get active pay while in basic.

The thing is there are other considerations if one is active.

You might on paper be making less than your civilian counterpart. But when you factor in all of the benefits you might be actually be making more.

If you are a reservist you don't get those benefits.

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soldiers wifey
My husband joined as a reserve and got Active Duty pay while in basic training and AIT because at the time he was considerd active duty. He got AD pay for an E1, (google 2009 pay charts for exact amount). Once he reported into his duty station and started doing his weekend he got paid $91 and some change a month, after taxes he got $71. But he ran missions (he was an 88M) and he'd make around $800 after taxes to be gone for a week.

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You get paid during basic traning.
Active duty make $1,600 for a 6 year enlistment starting off.
Reserves only work on the weekend so they make less.

If you are placed on active duty your pay will be change from Drill Pay to the same monthly pay structure as your active duty counterparts.

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Mark B
Active Duty and Reserves make the SAME pay at basic training (yes, you are paid). When a Reservists is on Annual Training (usually 15 days), he receives exactly the same pay as an Active Duty Soldier -- base pay, BAH, BAS as applicable.

While drilling on weekends, a Reservist is paid for 4 DAYS basic pay. He does not receive BAH or BAS. (not 2/30 base pay, but 4/30 base pay).

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