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 When your 18 do u get recruited in the military?
will they like go to u and ask u to join or is it your choice, cuz i dont wana join. if they force u to join and u dont will u go to jail? if they do force
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im a US CITE...

 I'm not sure whether to join the national guard or not?
I'm definitely not physically fit. I'm skinny... but I have like.. no muscle mass whatsoever. So I'm really scared about the physicalness of everything. I'm not very good at being ...

 If The U.S army has the most advanced technology and weapons then why......?
why hasn't America won the war in Afghanistan and Iraq easily?

And how advanced is the Ak-47 wielding terrorits?
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 Paying for college in the army reserves?
So i have been in the Army Reserves for a year, drilling and other obligations. I leave for basic and ait soon. When i get back i will be paying for my rent, food, bills, and college all by myself. ...

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What a great story and a great outcome. Good news!...

 Are the Green Berets only for men?
http://en.wikipedia.org/ Details
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I'm English by the ...

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What was the main reason Japan attacked pearl ...

 Does a recruit in the Air national Guard have a right to know his bmt date and job description before enlistin?
First off i wanted to say enlisting, but i am looking to go into the ANG but the recruiter will not let me know my job description and bmt date before enlisting. I know with the Navy, everything was ...

 If got a general discharge from the army national guard will it affect me getting a job as a police officer?
I was in the split options program for the army national guard when I was 17. I completed basic training but didn't go back to finish with my AIT. I was told by a couple of people that since I ...

 British Army? Officer Training? How hard?
have you ever been to British army officer selection board? also, how hard is it to pass the selection procedure? if you had to say, how much would you rate the pass rate for the selection?...

 Why don't shipping liners have weapons when going past Somalia?
Why don't those ships that go near the coast of Somalia have a proper defense strategy?...

Shhh...it's a secret!
How many years does the average soldier stay in the Army?
Just plain on average, how many years does a soldier stay in the Army? You have to be in the army, know someone in the army, or be quite familiar with it to answer. Thanks! (Obviously I don't know much about it haha) :P

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1st Earl Jellicoe
Well most people leave after the minimum contract of four years, but of those who stay most would stay for the full 22 years to get the full benefits and pension and stuff(that's UK, don't know about other countries). Of course a few stay on for even longer as high ranking officers or to get a bigger lump sum payoff.

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John and Kim
My husband just joined the army and the standard is 4 years active duty. After your active duty is over you can chose to either re-enlist or become a civilian in which case you will stay on for 4 extra years as army reserves. Staying on extra as an army reserve isn't optional either.

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The minimum service is about 4 years, which starts when you turn 18.

But it varies from each individual, some people love the Army and commit to their Regiment for 22 years.

Some people hate the Army and get out as soon as possible.

And some people make it into the SAS those men are Truly LEGENDS.

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You can enlist at age 17 with parent permission, otherwise you need to be 18 years old.

You can first enlist for 2-6 years. This all depends on what MOS you are signing up for because certain MOS's you need to enlist for a longer amount of time.

You must give the military 8 years no matter how many years your first enlistment is for. You can do this all active, or a combination of IRR, Active, Reserves, or National Guard.

It all depends on that person who enlist on how many years they give. I really can't give you a definite answer on how many years the average soldier stays in. Each month there are retirement services where soldiers are retiring after 20 years (number of years you need to do to retire in the USA Military) and up. The last retirement ceremony I went to a few months ago, someone was retiring with 32 years of active duty service.

And some get out after their first enlistment.

Really hard to answer this question in regards to the average soldier. My husband is a soldier and he will be retiring, I have a friend whose husband just got out and he only did 3 years.

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