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How long until I know my blood test/drug test results from MEPS?
I don't smoke pot anymore, but my friends do sometimes. Also I have never had an AIDS test. I am not too worried about this. I am about as worried of having AIDS as I am of failing due to second hand smoke, but it does concern me a little. I was at MEPS a week ago today. When will I know?

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j money
no news is good news. they only let you know if you failed it

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Troy H
The urinalysis and blood test results for your MEPS physical usually are back within a week. Your recruiter most likely will never mention anything to you about it unless there's an issue. Like a previous person posted, you usually never get those results unless they're results you don't want. Second hand smoke shouldn't be anything to worry about unless you're boxing in a car or small room. Good luck!

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Typically, in the military they never really tell you when you pass all those kinds of tests.
You'll come in on a Monday and take a random drug test and never hear the results. They only let you know if you fail.
I'd just relax, if you don't smoke weed at all, you should be good. I was in the same situation when I joined. I had a lot of stoner friends.
Let me tell you another thing, don't go back home on leave and be tempted to hang out with those old buddies. Troubles.
You're on a new exciting path that will lead you to great things. Time to leave the childish acts behind.

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