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 I'm going to Ft. Huachuca for 47 weeks of AIT after basic training in July. I'm married and have no children.?
Would my wife be able to live with me somewhere off base, or would it be better for her to stay home until I am stationed after 47 weeks of M.I. training? We're trying to plan where to move/stay ...

 How should I tell my parents that I want to join the military?
I've been in college for about 2 and a half years now. I don't like it, and I honestly don't think I ever will. Ever since I switched majors, I just haven't been feeling it, and I ...

 How does leave work while you are in training, but in the Army reserves?
If I want to leave during a weekend later in BOLC when it is permitted, how is it determined? As if I were active duty? Couldn't a soldier just rack up days off, but since they are reserve, they ...

 Is there Christmas exodus for Army OCS?
Will I get the holiday off? I know its never guranteed, but do some people get this from OCS or does class continue?...

 How do we get the army to move us?
My husband is in basic and we will be moving across the country for 18 months. How do we start the process of preparing the army to move us? We haven't been able to get any straight answer! Help!...

 My husband (in BCT now) was assigned Korean at DLI but knows some Arabic. Can he change it? How?

 What can be mailed to soldiers in Army BCT?
I'm not talking about packages, I know it is limited to letters, but are the letters censored or monitored? Can people mail photos? What about printed pages, like the news or articles? I know ...

 My husband is receiving a bad conduct discharge from the army. Will this end our eligibility with USAA?

 How do i write my best friend?
He's in San Diego, California for boot camp for the Marines and i want to write him but i don't know what the address is? and my mom said that i have to have his number, is that true? how ...

 I signed a contract with the army but . i think i should try to go marine instead? can i change branch?

 If the US didn't ally with France in it's war for independance against England, would the US of still won?

 How long until I know my blood test/drug test results from MEPS?
I don't smoke pot anymore, but my friends do sometimes. Also I have never had an AIDS test. I am not too worried about this. I am about as worried of having AIDS as I am of failing due to ...

 Without waterboarding we now know Los Angeles would have suffered an attack, anyone else now wishing?
that we had not waterboarded anyone and all those liberals could have been blown up? Just saying since the libs hate it, be pretty funny to see them suffer from not doing it....

 Is there a air force base in hawaii?
just want to know???
Additional Details
us air force base!! and still working like there are soldiers there stationed and ...

 The enemy is at the gate NUCLEAR weapon in their sight?
Taliban's fighters only 60 miles from the Pakistani capital don't you think it only a matter of time before they get their hands on the nuclear weapons a very frightening ...

 I want to become a firefighter. Will a general discharge from the army affect me?

 US navy master at arms question?
i am 17 and i want to be a MA is it hard physically compared to basic training and i cant type very fast do they teach you how to type fast in a school or do they want you to know how before you go ...

 What is the job title of a US Navy Officer in charge of catapult operation?
For example, Surface Warfare Officer or Maintenance Officer. I need what the specific job is called....

 Very urgent about what could disqualify a person from army?
my friend has a felony for credit card misuse would she be able to inlist in the army or is it a total no go she is 17 and it happend when she was ...


How long does it take to go from E1 To E4 in the united states army?
I have been informed today that a waiver has been signed by a captain of the US ARMY to waive my felony conviction (even though no one on this site said it was possible) but they told me i have to wait til im E4 until i can enlist to go to special forces and i want to get an estimate on how long that will take. Thank You

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You can get promotions as well as a $2000 bonus before you ship off if you get some other people to sign up with you. You can also start higher with college credits. I am signing up now, as a college graduate, I am starting as E-4.

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I would suggest finishing up college first...40 credits for the Army will promote you to E-3...After another 6-10 you may recieve E-4.

College man....think about it before you enlist.

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It depends. You can get a wavier and get promoted early to each rank or you can wait the 2 years like most people have to do and you will be automatically promoted to SPC (E-4).

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depends on MOS. infantry goes up fast. i went from e1 to e4 in 1 1/2 years. e5 by the end of that year and e6 in 2 more years.

but im hard core. just kidding.

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George K
a few years

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The Captain may have processed it but I guarantee he didn't sign it or approve it, a LTC or COL did. Anyways..congrats. Promotion from E-1 as follows:

From E-1 to Private (E-2) - Six months time-in-grade (TIG) as a private (E-1).

From E-2 to Private First Class (E-3) - Four months TIG as a Private (E-2) and 12 months time-in-service (TIS).

From E-3 to Specialist/Corporal (E-4) - 6 months TIG with 24 months TIS

You will also need a security clearance to apply for Special Forces and that felony may prevent your getting a clearance.

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About two years.

Also note, there is a difference between a waiver allowing you to enlist.

And it allowing you to do a specific mos.

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travis m
Standard time for promotion is 24 months, could be as early as 18 with a waiver. Congrats on the waiver you got already.... I always tell people to keep looking for ways, that's the reason right there.

Best of luck on going SF, hope it works out for you. If I had a penny for every person I heard say "I'm going to be special forces!" and ended up a regular grunt, or worse, never even joined in the first place.... I'd never have to work another day in my life

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