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no, i'm ...

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 U.S. Army pay? I'm gonna enlist as private i think it's starts at $1300 which isnt bad?
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 Good idea. Send all US military recruits for basic training with UK military?

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It used to happen all the way up until 1974, not with all but with the best US. Trust me I do know what I am talking about....

 Should the US invade Somalia and blow up all the pirates?

 How can any military service member fight for this new country that defies and mocks their service?
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How long does it take for waiver for the army?
I have to get a waiver because of the protien levels were to high on my piss test. about how long does this procces take

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Bravo Golf
Wow they made you get a waiver for that? Usually they make you piss again in a couple of weeks, its not like you pissed hot or anything. But in the event you do need a waiver, to answer your question, it can be anywhere from 30 business days to 6 months.

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John Holmes
it depends on you lab or doctor's office

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Way back when when I took my physical in Boston, MA to enlist in the USAF I had protein (albumin) in my urine. They gave me the option to return to the Boston Navy Yard (from Providence, RI) to urinate morning and afternoon for 3 consecutive days to determine that it was not a medical issue. Here is what Army Regulation 40--501 "Standards of Medical Fitness" that is the Bible for physical exams performed at MEPS. Specifically here is the applicable section relating to "protein in the urine":

g. Current or history of proteinuria (791.0) (greater than 200 milligrams (mg)/24 hours; or a protein to creatinine
ratio greater than 0.2 in a random urine sample, if greater than 48 hours after strenuous activity) is disqualifying, unless
consultation determines the condition to be benign orthostatic proteinuria.

I would assume that there was something in your medical history that in conjunction with your elevated protein levels indicated a more severe, disqualifying medical condition.

Something does not ring true with your question as asked. Most recruiters I ever knew would ensure that a repeat urinalysis and urological consultation were done right away to get your enlistment processed.

A large part of my USAF job was conducting physical exams on flying personnel and twice weekly we used to do 10 Military Academy/ROTC physicals for DODMERB. Those were Flying Class I exams which are the most stringent in the military. I used to work hand in hand with recruiters and something potentially benign like protein in urine would have been addressed immediately if you were otherwise qualified.

I got in to the USAF when my enlistment physical status was changed from disqualified to "passing" after 6 urinalysis tests.

Good luck to you.

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