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 Big Problem. Please help!?
Ok, so I joined the ARNG. I'm sworn in and just waiting to go to basic. Problem is I just found out I might have a failure to appear bench warrant from two years ago. Can they find out about ...

 The war with japan in 1945 was brought to a "quick" end when?
A)American scientists invented the atomic bomb and two cities, hiroshima and nagasoki, were destroyed.
B)the u.s. sank the last Japanese battleship.
C)the u.s.agreed to abolish the Japanese ...


 How likely am i to get a medical waiver for headaches for joining the Air Force?
I am wanting to join the Air Force Reserves and made the mistake of telling an adviser over the phone that i have medication for migraine headaches. they are caffeine induced and i never really take ...

 Trying to figure out what s/2c means for a vetran from WWII?

 Who said this quote? I am working on an essay about the Congressional Medal of Honor and can't find the person?
"Sometimes i think it was easier receiving the congressional medal of honor than it is to wear it"

Thanks for helping....

 Commissioned Officer to Warrant Officer?
This fall I will be attending an Army ROTC program at the University I'm going to. I was told by a retired commissioned officer, that after you commission to a 2nd LT, it IS possible to ...

 Benefits for families in the army, a child that isn't his son?
So me and my boyfriend are planning on getting married before he joins the army, which will be soon and I am having our baby in May. I have a son from a previous relationship and was wondering if he ...

 Relentlessly pursued by an opposing army, she suddenly found that she had nowhere?
Additional Details
She was looking for somewhere to hide or run....

 How long would I be away from home if I joined the USAF as a fighter pilot?
This is assuming I have the sufficient test scores and skill to train as a fighter pilot in the first place....

 None resident able to join military?
i hear none residents will be able to join military with minimum of 2 years of being in the USA. True or False? if so when does it start.

I am 19 years old and i was raised in az 90% of ...

 What is the theme song for army wives?
the song is very nice...
the singer is a girl...not a guy...
answer me!...

 MEPS military entrance processing station?
I was at MEPS the other day. I swore in and all of that but my recruiter said that it is not final yet. I took a urinalysis test there when do I get my results from it back? My recruiter said that ...

 How good of a job is 19k?
as in do you move up in rank pretty quick? how had of training is it? is it a smart job or are you surrounded by.....less intelligent fellows? is it an exciting/fun job?
Additional Details<...

 How long does snail mail take to get to Kuwait?
My husband is deployed and I was wondering how long it takes for just a letter (by snail mail) to get to him. He's based at Camp Arifjan....

 College graduate: should i join air force or navy as a officer?
what gives more money, benefits, plus i have over 60,000 in college loans, how long would i have to work to get my loans payed off by navy or airforce? would they pay a part of it or all of it? can i ...

 Did UN, France, and Germany deploy troops in Iraq?
I'm not sure if France did. I was told UN Security Council did not send in troops. o.0...

 Differences between M1 Steel Pot helmet and M1c?
I collect WWII US military equipment, specifically airborne. I recently acquired 3 United States M1c Steel Pot helmets. I know that the M1c helmets are the airborne version, but what is the ...

 Black water or Tripple Canopy are these good companies to work for vs the military?
what would be a better option ??? any insight also do these companies pay scale better than the military
Additional Details
ok well I have 8 years Marine Corp Infantry experience and 1 ...

 My army contract says im being stationed at "euro 9". where is that?
im guessing its somewhere in europe but were at in ...

How do i become an employee at an overseas AAFES?
i want to work overseas at the AAFES...but how do i do it...how long will the process take?

what do i have to do?

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I use to work for Aafes. Go to http://www.aafes.com and click on employment. You have to set up an account to apply for the jobs. If you're a military wife you have more of an advantage because they do look out for military spouses first. They have a closing date for the job meaning that is when the job posted will be taken down. Aafes Human Resource decides the candidates for the job and then they give the list to the manager at the work place and then they call you. It shouldn't be a long process.

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Check out their web site. It has employment opportunities.


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It is easier then you think, one you get to your new home, locate MWR/AAFES or commissary office and apply - there are several positions open at overseas bases if you are not wanting specific hours and/or position. You can be up and working as soon as you are ready, and fill out the appropriate paperwork.

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