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 Does anyone know how a conscientious objector (like myself) could still love veterans?
Gandhi said "There is no way to peace...peace is the way." He meant that there is no way that military intimidation could possibly subsidize this world's need for a simply peaceful ...

 Medical Discharge. Who pays? The Army Nat. Guard or the VA?
I'm not really sure how to go about getting benefits. I was talking to someone else who says that when you are in the Guard either the VA pays you, or the Army does. It's either one or ...

 Would the army accept me with this tattoo on my arm?

 Air Force Enlistment/Reenlistment?
A decision must soon be made on a 4 or 6 year enlistment.
Going in Guaranteed Job Linguist...CAT 4 most likely. Tech School would probably be over a year long. Rank is E-2 due to college credits....

 Haircut Question for the Marine Corps?
I know they shave your head upon arrival at boot camp but do they continue to shave it while in Basic or is it up to you to maintain your hair within the guidelines....

 How do you call a stateside commercial phone number from an overseas DSN phone?

 Why are guns and pocket knives legal but not brass knuckles?
guns and pocket knives are alot worst hen metal aroung your ...

 Should the navy seals killed the somolian pirates?

 Should the navy seals been able to kill the somolian pirates?

 What should i do to get a high rank before i go to bootcamp?
im going in the marines as a E2 but what would it take for me to be a E3 to E4 when i get out of bootcamp?ive had 2 years of rotc and 2 years of school cant i go in as a E3 to boot camp and what ...

 Would continued operations in Somalia been worth it?
Bill Clinton pulled us out, from my prospective as an infantry person, i don't think it was a winning situation. however I am sure there are some that will disagree. i really would like ...

 What was the most common type of wristwatch issued to American soldiers in World War 2?

 How does the U.S. solve the issue of Somali pirates?

Like Blackwater EXCEPT with morals.
Additional Details
And you dont know what connections and resources i have do you?

Its legal stuff i dont know....

 I think im supposed to be a cav scout?
everyday i do research on army mos. i went from wanting to be a cannon crewmember to tanker to aircraft electrician. well the aircraft electrician is my main option but i may be disqualified from ...

 Is there anyway to get out of the Army?
I joined the army last year on my 18th birthday and as it gets closer to my ship date i keep thinking that it was a bad idea. im not sure what i really want any more. i am supposed to ship out to ...

 As a officer, which branch (out of active army, army national guard, or air force) will deploy the least?

 If u had a crew ?????????????????????????
what will the name be ???...

 National guard skills question?
The career i want I need some leadership skills. In the army NG does every job develop leadership skills?

Does the reserve units deploy more or less than active i want to do reserves b/c i ...

 I go to my training for the marine soon and was wondering if there was any advice?

How do I get transfered from Army Reservist back into IRR?
I was active duty for three years, ets honorably and was on irr status, i got called back for a one day muster duty which was just a recruiting scam and the recruiter slipped in a 4187 signing me into the unit,dumb mistake on me for not clearly reading everything. I have more important things to do than the reserves, can i request to get back into the IRR? and how long does it take?

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Um... thats not a recruiting scam, it's an IRR requirement. And I'm pretty sure you have to sign another DD4 enlistment contract to come out of the IRR and into the Reserves. You need to review your DD4 and determine how long you contracted for service. After you complete that term of service, you can go back to the IRR or ETS. Were you confused during the swearing back in ceremony?

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I fail to understand how you could do 3 years active duty and be the only person in the country to be scammed into the Reserves during an IRR Muster. Sorry though, if you joined the reserves you are a reservist, and have to do your time.

US Army

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In the Navy Reserve, a person can request transfer to the IRR as long as they are not in a required drilling status by their contract. I do not know how the Army does it, but you should ask your unit NCO if it is possible in your case.

If you have a required number of years in active reserve on your contract, you probably will not be able to transfer to the IRR.

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