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 Is there going to be a world war 3?
i want to know because i keep hearing people say that its about to begin or its coming ...

 What was the exact process for the induction during the Vietnam Draft?
What was the exact process for induction during the Vietnam Draft?

After your number was picked, what was next? Where did you report to? What was the process for the military exam? Etc

 What are the pros and cons about the ARMY?
i would like to know all pros and cons about the army.
from dorms, women, party, deployments (etc.)
anything and everything you can thing of. thanks!...

 Daedalian Medal AJROTC?
I was awarded the daedalian medal AJROTC today, i was wonding how high up that is on the medal scale for AJROTC.( As in Medal of Honor is highest for US Military, you know the scale like that). H...

 Question about the army?
If i joined the army, would there be anywhere, like on base for my wife to work? or would she have to work like in the nearby town...we were stationed in? Thanks in advance
Additional Details

 US Air Force DEPper Medical?
i'm in Air Force DEP right now and i picked 6 medical jobs and my last 2 were non medical and i have been in dep for about 3 months now and still no call. i would figure i would get one of the ...

 I need advice from Military men/women or military wives on whats wrong with my Husband?is this normal?
Ok my husband is a Staff Sergeant in the Army(is a infantryman).
His been on two tours to Iraq. The first tour ('05-'06) when he came back He was different of course but nothing really ...

 Air force living conditions?
what are air force living conditions like if say stationed in the middle ...

 Asthma and Enlisting Into Military?
If I get a breathing test, and I pass can I get a waiver and join the military? Are waivers likely? I had asthma due to allergies, around Kid-15. I took allergies shots when I was 13 and now I am 18 ...

 About how long after training are Marines usually deployed?
Im sure it differs greatly, but I was just wondering if they gave them some time to spend at their home base or if they are usually deployed soon.

Im hoping for time with my man...but I ...

 In hindsight, was it the right decision for the USA to invade Vietnam?

 Im a college student, but i kinda want to join the military, is it a good choice?
hey thanks for reading, i am currently in college (age 19) trying to get my AA and earn transferable university units so i can someday earn my bachelors, both in criminal justice. As for my career i ...

 Is it hard dating while in the military?
not saying that its easy to date when your a civilian but it appears to me that you really dont know where your going to be stationed/deployed to next and how long your gonna be there? is this true ...

 I'm dating a military guy?
well hes 35 and I'm 17. yes I know its weird but u know what? Im so addicted to him! he's in the navy, hes so charming, sweet, and very sexual. he admits that hes scared to be with me ...

 Was the great war real? I would like some proof.?
The great war I am thinking of is the one where some place nuked us and people went inside of vaults made by vault tec is this true?...

 How can i become a raw spy agent?
i want to join raw .. as a spy agent where to contact which website can help me . which simple authority where i can contact easily {as a common Indian people} help me...

thank ...

 What rank do u have to be to have to primaries in combat arms?

 Can someone answer this about MEPS?
Can someone please explain the MEPS flexibility tests. I had knee surgery in 2006. My knee is 110% but sometimes it gets a little stiff. Former or current MEPS personnel explanation would be great. R...

 How do I know if the military Survivor Benefit Plan applies to me? See details please.?
My Father recently passed away and my mother has already passed away a few years ago.

I am an ony child.
I'm unsure if my father had any type of life insurance and I already ...

 Married while in service, then divorced, VA benefits not given to new wife, why?
I was married to a Mexican national while in the military and we divorced in Mexico. I have since been married and divorced in the US. Now I am married and getting VA benefits but present wife denied ...

How can a civilian health care worker volunteer on the USNS Comfort or USNS Mercy?
Can anyone (civilian or military personnel) tell me what its like, to serve on ether ship? what to I need to do, to be considered part of ether crew?

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Enlist or be commissioned in the USN...they do have some red cross folks however..

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Pulled from the MERCY website:

Attention Civilians!!!
Civilians interested in participating in a Pacific Partnership or similar U.S. Navy humanitarian and civic assistance (HCA) mission must do so through affiliation with a participating Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). Several organizations that have participated on previous missions can be found in the various articles posted on this website, as well as on the Pacific Partnership link. NGOs are being added for future USNS MERCY and USNS COMFORT hospital ship missions, as well as large deck amphibious ship HCA missions. Please also visit the USNS COMFORT and Continuing Promise 2009 websites for additional Navy HCA mission details and opportunities for NGO participation.

BTW, this is the very first thing on the front page it wasn't even hidden. did you do any research at all before asking this question?

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