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Dropping out of High school and joining army/marines?
Im a 17 year old guy and im thinking about dropping out of high school and joining the army or marines. I figure that I dont have that much of a future anyway even if I do graduate so why should I even bother.One thing I would like to know though is if it possible to live a decent life after your done with your servise assuming that you dont loose a limb or get killed.

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you need a HS diploma or GED to join the military. just take home studies or get D-'s to pass. if youre gonna join anyway high school doesnt matter as long as you graduate. besides, some people dont stay in the military forever, so they have to get a regular job (a decent one though). but most jobs require diploma or enrollment in school . my cousin joined the army and hes gonna finish up his contract in 2012 and he works in a non-army related job right now even though he still is in the army.

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They Army was taking GEDs, but that is being slowed down now because the expansion of the Army has been met and recruiting goals are being passed. This means the Army can be more specific about who they take in. You will need a minimum of a GED, and even then you will need a higher ASVAB score and may be limited in what jobs you can choose, plus you may need a waiver. The Army is only allowed to take a certain percentage of recruits with a GED.

If you have no GED or Diploma, then you cannot join at all. Im pretty sure the Marines require a diploma or college credits.

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Army Recruiter
I am a Army Recruiter and soon real soon the Army will no longer accept any one with a High School Diploma. The other branches are not accepting GEDs. Stay in school and once you have your diploma join the Army. If you have any questions about joining feel free to contact me. I am located in Long Beach, CA and can answer any question you have about joining

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the marines and army u need a high school diploma. or atleast a ged for army...

marines or af or navy u need a diploma, and if u get one u dont have to do something where u could lose a limb u cud become a mechanic or a technician

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Don't drop out of high school. You think that you don't have much of a future? How much of a future will you have as a high school drop-out?

There are a number of good answers here. I especially liked the one given by Curt J.


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Kirsten R
Stick it out. The military is NOT a cure-all solution to problems. I have a close friend who dropped out of college his freshman year thinking the Army would be better than school--it sucks, right? That was almost two years ago, and my friend is coming home in June from his first tour in Afghanistan as a sniper. Though he's an exceptionally strong person physically and mentally, he says dropping out of school because of this unrealistic, romantic idealism of the military, is the biggest regret he's ever had. He's definitely changed being in war. Another friend who served a year in Iraq and lived through three IEDs often unconsciously tries to kill his wife in his sleep due to things he's experienced. One of the strongest men I know, and the only time I'd seen him cry was when he was trying to recount giving an Iraqi child a piece of candy, only to see him shot and killed before his eyes.

The military doesn't solve problems, no matter what you do. Some people love it of course. But it is most certainly not for everyone. Please, take my advice and stay in school. You will likely be deployed and you'll wish you'd given civilian life a chance. If you can't hack it in high school, where things are definitely not as bad as a seventeen-year-old may think, what makes you think you're ready for the very real possibility of never seeing your loved ones again?

At least get your high school diploma. The armed forces accepts less than 1% GED holders every year, and of those 1% you must be exceptionally qualified (50 or above on the AFQT).

I'm not anti-military at all. I'm taking the ROTC route into the Air Force, actually. I just want you to realize the repercussions of your actions before it's too late....

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The military accepts very few people with a GED and you have to have at least that to join.

Life after service depends on how much you used the military to your advantage and how long you stayed in for. I know people who have served four years and ended up as homeless drug addicts afterwards because they didn't go to college or learn any useful skills and I know someone who did 30 years, retired as an officer and never worked again in their life but they have a house, boat, and plenty of money saved. Yes it really can vary that much! If you are planning to just join for 4 years I'd definetely say to pick a job that you know you can use as a civilian and to do everything you can to make yourself marketable once you leave.

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Jason L
They won't accept you without a HS diploma or GED. It's harder right now to join because of how full the military is.

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don't bother. neither branch will take you if you do not have a HS diploma.. in fact they won't even take you with a GED currently..not unless you ALSO have 15 100 level college credits.

and even if they were taking GEDs presently.. guess what.. you STILL wouldn't be able to ship out until past your original scheduled graduation date.

Finish high school.

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i dropped out at 15 and a half to join the infantry. my advise is to carry on with school because i have always regretted it. they are supposed to be the best years of your life

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King Felix
My advice for you is to finish high school, (you should almost be done, why not finish what you started?), study hard for the ASVAB test (test for the military that'll determine what jobs you qualify for), talk to a recruiter and get a good job. Your job will determine what you do in the Army/Marines...Not every job in the Army/Marines is in the frontlines fighting and killing.

Good luck to you!!!

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You can not enlist without either a high school diploma or a GED, depending on the branch, 15 credit hours of college. If you truely want to serve, finish high school and then enlist. Waivers for educational requirments are getting tougher to get...and sticking it out even when it doesn't seem to make sense or isn't what you want is an important lesson..and one that may serve you well in the military where you have no control over many aspects of your life.

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Dont get Infected
well seeing that you need a high school diploma or a GED to even get into the military now then id say you would atleast get a GED if your planning on dropping out. once your out sure your military career might be put into concideration for some jobs but other jobs will just look at your educational background. you can probably live a normal life but i know plenty of former military that just ended up stacking boxes for UPS or the local grocery store. i have heard of people joining without a diploma or GED but they were vary highly recommended by several people that were formally in the military. its a vary low chance though if you dont have a diploma or GED

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If you want to be in the ARMY our MARINES remember the word quit is not any branches motto.

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Dropping out doesn't mean that you instantly qualify for the military. You require a high school diploma or GED with 15 college credits. Each year the branches accepted a moderate # of GEDs w/o college credits and that is all been met.

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You drop out of high school is the first. The next will be dropping out of basic/boot camp because you could not take that either.

Dude, wake up and finish what you started. Never be a quitter. You will be doing that your whole life.

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Neither the Army nor the Marines is interested in a man who doesn't have the ability or the character to finish what he starts. You started high school, now finish it, then join up.

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"Your Name" on my *SS
cant join the military without ged or hs diploma.

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Tha Goose
That's the wrong attitude to have, and you won't get far in the military either with that type of attitude. Finish high school. Join the military, take advantage of your free education while in the military (Tuitions Assistance). It's easier than you think, and you'll feel a heck of a lot better.

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Curt J
Do yourself a favor and finish high school first. If you are still crazy enough to drop out, make sure of 4 things.
1. That the Army or USMC is curently accepting dropouts/GED possessors.
2. That you have a GED.
3. That you are over 18 before you try to join as a dropout, because they don't recognize GED possessors who are under 18.
4. Be positive you can score 50 or higher on the ASVAB, or they won't want you.

Stay in school, get your diploma and then join. There will be a much wider selection of jobs and incentives available to you.

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