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sanjeev p
Does war solve problems?

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Just leaves many dead and starts new ones to be "solved" by war which in turn leaves the next generation with more dead.

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Np. it only brings more problems, and leaves behind him misery and broken hearts.

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Gypsy Catcher
Absolutely not. War creates problems.

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War never was and never will be a problem solver, all it does is : killing people, making some others homeless and the worst of all political problems as some countries support others which would result in a third world war and that will destroy the whole world as they developped new nuclear weapons, so either people die or have mutations for thousands of years..

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Yes, especially when your bomb stockpile is becoming old.

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Off course not! Nothing is solved by quarrel, or even more terrible than that! everything can be solved by Dialogs! We just have to talk, talking is the best way of solving problems, any problem, any contradiction between two people, or two groups of people. even if one of them does not have stable thoughts, good way of thinking or .... . i think the best way is just politics, and dialog .... not war. no war. war is just making problem more complicated, you know why, because the understandings of people from each other get worse and worst! no war! cause some other problems occurs! everything or everybody get harmed. talk, i think its the best way, it's what democracy says, just talk, no struggle for fight!

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Never did war solve problems. It even worsens problems.

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Martin Quesada
Of course, man ! Any society needs to be shocked sometimes within the process of its development. There is just one bad thing, i talk about humans victims.

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Yes, such as...


Pretty big problems, all solved by war.

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free."

-Ronald Reagan

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for Nancy Pelosi it did. the pelosi/reid regime needed something to mask a power grab in 06 and iraq was a perfect cover. as you can see nothing materially was done and we were left with...
we have no choice to raise taxes
the non taxpaying territorial vote grant
the jefferson graft fiasco and so on.
not exactly the white horse the regime wanted to ride in on and thank god the electorate is beginning to find that out.

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War happens because of real or perceived shortages of desired or needed resources.

They will always happen as we grow. There are ways to delay them, end them early, but they won't stop until we have unlimited resources (get into space cheaply, create matter transformation).

Ultimately, it isn't about ideology. It's about you. What side are you on. Who is going to win. Can you live with the side who will win?

I have two parents in government, my family has many ties to the Middle East. We've been expecting this war for decades, and are surprised people hesitate to call it WWIII. It is already.

I've chosen sides. Have you?

Remember, they may be necessary, but the only good day of a war is the last one.

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i think depends. war creates problems, or sometimes war can end the problems. so, it's never ending, we just live with it.

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Shin hidir
no its a waste of time

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Wars that are waged to eradicate an injustice or do away with tyranny and oppression are valuable to the growth of humanity. I think war should always be the absolute LAST resort and all diplomatic and peaceful solutions have to be examined and exhausted to the extreme!
Especially these days where the penalty and cost of any large scale war is MUCH higher than it has ever been in the entirety of human history! War is a money making machine these days. We don't wage wars for the same reasons that we waged war in the days of old. The rules have changed. Its a much more slippery slope now.
Its this little thing that Eisenhower eluded to in his farewell address called the Military Industrial Complex which has created a war machine in present time. War solves a lot of problems for the people who PROFIT from it. This is one of the major problems that we face now. Can we trust our leaders when they have their hands in the back pockets of multi-billion dollar industries that encourage war? Anyway ...that's my two cents.

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Cemre Tas
Yes, bleeding hearts may say no but sadly war is needed. With little to no natural predetors the homo sapien can reproduce out of control, if there wasnt war to litterally kill off some humans eventually the world will be overcrowded and the food supply will be non existent. Although people can say war solves nothing, it really does, sadly it does.

Also when theres war theres a rush to build new things, and because of that, more advanced tech can be build in shorter periods of time, the sedan wouldnt have been invented if it wasnt for wwll

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good daddy
solves some problems, and creats other problems...

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There is no one way to solve every problem. War can solve almost any problem but it must always be a last resort. Further sometimes war is the only option, as it is a fact no peaceful method was going to stop Hitler, once his Panzers stormed in to Poland.

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War allows for bodies to limit governing opinions. It can be successful (as the French Revolution allowed for Europe to escape the trouble the monarchs brought). It also can be a disaster (Vietnam or the wars against the Native Americans). But one can not ask if it solves problems, because mankind is a growing and changing thing that is filled with countless circumstances. So for everyone that can be solved a new one arises. Sometimes worse, sometime better. In the end it should only be as a FINAL measure, because the leaders are still responsible for every life.
So to give a defined answer, yes and history shows
~The virtues of victory is deemed by the victor~

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Certainly...for the winning side. Sometimes there is no bargaining or compromising with the other side. Hitler, Imperialist Japan, North Korea, flaming maniacal Al-queda, there's only one way to deal with them - the end of a sword ( or gun ). They refuse to take no for an answer.

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Had it not been for WW2, my good friend's parents would not have been set free from their concentration camps... and I would not have my friend today.

As long as there are people in this world who believe they have the right to choose whether YOU live or die, war will be necessary.

I think it was English philosopher Edmund Burke who said, ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.'

A war freed a lot of innocent people from Hitler and stopped Hitler dead in his tracks. A war helped South Korea stay free from the Communism of North Korea (which, so far, has cost thousands of innocent peoples' lives).

War solves the problems of megalomaniacs and tyrants.

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Solves some, and creates new ones. Always.

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Army Retired Guy
Indeed it does.

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I hate to say it, but if people knew how to wage war anymore, a lot of problems would be solved.

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Final Frontier
Yes, war solves problems. It is post war policies that have a tendency to fail, which in turn causes blow back. Examples - WWI; Korea; Persian Gulf; and most recently - Iraq. Armies are very effective at solving problems. It is the politicians who screw everything up.

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