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 JAG Military Attorney?
Does anyone know how I can get in touch with a JAG lawyer, my daughter is currently in military training for her MOS 35, she has gotten into some trouble and I need to talk to a JAG attorney ...

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 Why are the United States Marines so happy with Obama?

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At Selfridge ANG Base the Marines say a hand shake is better than holding a gun. ( Obama shakes hands with Chevez and wanting to shake hands with Cuban officials....

 Who was President at the time of the barbary wars?

 What does INS mean on Ft. Jackson mail?
My boyfriend is doing his BCT at Ft. Jackson. He gave me his mailing address and I was wondering what a part of it meant. Example:

Private John Doe
A co 1-13 INS
Ft. Jackson, SC, ...

 Marine officer help please?
How can I be a pilot in the USMC? I know I have to be an officer but what happens if i am not accepted into the naval academy ? Could anyone please explain the stuff to me thanks
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 Can the American Legion kick out members if they are life members?
My American Legion coat has writings that should be protected by free speech. Coat says " Chavez and USA friends!"....Jane Fonda a good lady". Iraq war worthless....

 What is life like in the U.S. Army?
Because when I grow up I plan to enlist in the Army....

 American membership in NATO did all of the following EXCEPT?
a) attempt to contain the USSR
b) help reintegrate West Germany into Europe
c) reduce american military spending
d) reassure europeans that the US would not abandon them
e) weaken ...

 What are the similarities between The First Battle of Bull Run and World War 1?
What are the similarities between The First Battle of Bull Run and World War 1?...

 Army/Airforce Reserve Pay?
I'm a senior in college and will be graduating this summer. I've been applying for tons of internships and entry level positions but I haven't been having any luck at receiving any ...

 Very Easy Question Current War affair in Middle eastern countries?
name a few conflicts currently going on a battle between two middle eastern ...

 What is the reality of being put through a 4-year school via the Navy? Basics in Navy then loan for 4-year?
Can you opt to take classes while going through A-school or do you go to school on-board during your deployment? I'm assuming you take the general education credentials while in the Navy then ...

 What should someone expect if becoming a cavalry sout?

 What is the best job to train for in the military with good pay in crossing over to civilian work later on?
I'm 26 with no college education. I'm considering joinning the military for all the usual reasons but would like my time spent in the military to not be a waist of time. What is the best ...

 M 16 field strip practice model?
I need a model m16 that i can field strip. i will be going to basic over the summer and need to practice. I'm not too worried about having the real thing or having it fire at this point as i do ...

 What type of airplane did the 101st Airborne jump from in 1971?

 Air Force Vehicle Operations!!!!!!!?
anybody in this field can tell me how is it, life style, hours, deployments, do u like it, anything......?...

 Give me info on becoming an MP?
I need info, I want to go to Iraq, I want to become an MP, I need all the info I can ...

 I'm wanting to join the U.S. Navy SEALs but im missing a kidney can i get a donner?
I really want to get in so i just want to know if theres anyway i could. If i could get a new kidney and my body accepted it would it work?!?!?...

Do the Air Force (non Security Forces) fight in ground combat like Marines & Army in Iraq or other countries?
I'm really wanting to join up, but mainly because of the opportunities that it can bring from someone like myself. I'm a pretty big computer geek and feel the Air Force can offer me things I want; education, discipline, travel, etc... My biggest concern is, and lets just face it, I don't wanna do guard duty or combat like the Marines or Army. If I wanted that, I'd sign up for either of those. I know the Air Force offers roles like Security Forces or Special Forces, but again it's not something I'm wanting to do. What makes me question is the fact the AF has increased the BMT from 6.5 weeks, to what is now 8.5 weeks, focusing on more combat like training. I would hate it if a recruiter tells me that I can be in Germany working on servers or doing a networking job in a non-combat zone, then 10 weeks later have an m16 in hand walking down roads in Iraq with Marines.
Additional Details
I don't mind being on a base in Iraq or Afghanistan at all. What I don't want is being sent off base in a combat role, simply because I want in to work with and learn more of computers. Roles like a Network Infrastructure Apprentice.

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Nope, you tit babies get to stay on the base and knit.

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S. R.
Ask your US Congressperson.

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With the exception of a few AF jobs once you are deployed you have a good chance of being outside the wire. Think about it, it is a lot quicker and cheaper to grab someone already over there, if someone gets killed on convoy duty, than it would be to send a replacement from stateside.

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yes than the air force is the wa to go. but make sure you get the highest asvab score you can before you pick a job, as a higher score opens more doors. The air force does not usually go in as dangerous places like the army and marines, but the security force do dagerous duties quite a bit.

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MP US Army
Very few Air Force guys ever see the outside of a large base in combat except for out the window of the transport plane that takes them in or out of it.

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you have about a 5% chance of your worst case situation happening but if you could spend alot of time on a FOB don't join during time of war if your afraid of that

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in some situations bu they tend to be the smart asses of the armed forces. They work at the advanced tech and big devastating stuff. But they are trained to deal with that kind of stuff anyway.

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Not even most of the Army or Marines do ground combat

The combat arms mos's do, not the support mos's.

So no you will not do ground combat.

But yes you will pull guard duty.

Yes you will be deployed to iraq and afghanistan.

The Air Force has computers in Iraq and Afghanistan too.

If you don't wanna deploy to a war zone, then don't enlist.

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Joe E
I'm a Civil Engineer in the Air Force. Unlike many other squadrons, we do convoys, off base work, and support the Army on FOB's, etc. It's untrue that the Air Force isn't in combat roles other than pilots doing their thing. The Air Force is seeing ground combat roles more than ever these days.

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It's as simple as this...There are alot of Air Force jobs in deployed locations that they dont even issue you a weapon. If they dont give you a weapon then chances are you are pretty safe. There are very very few jobs that would involve combat in the AF....Go medical or admin. As a communications guy myself you seem to fit the bill of a computer person me.

Good luck and the AF will treat you well

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