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pinoy trix
Do navy nurses get deployed into battle?
because i want to be a navy nurse
i heard that they dont get deployed
the basic thing is
i dont want to be into battle
and i dont believe in killing something unless its in a video game

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0621 Cpl Type
First off, you'd be a corpsmen. If you want to Iraq or Afghanistan you'd more then likely be there with Marines. We don't have our own medical, the Navy is it. That being said, there would be a very high chance of you seeing combat if you went corpsmen, but you would be considered a non-combat due to the Geneva Convention. If you stayed blue side you'd either be working on ship for... it's either 2 or 3 years? Or you would work in a Navel Hospital. I love my docs. i say go for it if you want to help.

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dear gawd are you delusional. Nurses are non combatants. they will not be directly involved in combat. that does NOT mean that combat won't come to them, of course, as there are no front lines any more and plenty of medical personnel behind the fence have been injured when a suicide bomber got through or some crazy person lobbed a missile over the fence.

absolutely Nurses deploy. who do you think provides secondary care to injured personnel after their medics have triaged them and gotten them safely back?!
hell my RHEUMATOLOGIST deployed for 6 months .

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I'm in the Army, so I can't REALLY speak for the Navy, but the general rule of thumb here is that ALL MOS (jobs) are deployable. Keep in mind though, if your job in the Navy is Nurse, they're not gonna put a riffle in your hand and say "go shoot people." Every job in the military has its own unique purpose. Some soliders shoot people, some soliders do intelligence, some soliders to medical. If you're a medic...you might be in battle. Like I said i don't know about the Navy...maybe you'd just be stationed on a ship somewhere.

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Yes, they can be deployed to combat zones. They will work in a hospital or clinic environment, not out in the field with the troops.

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Deployed yes you will go wherever you are needed. You can be within a certain distance to the front line or it could be in a disaster relief area or it could be on a ship or it could be in the base hospital.

If you don't want to kill people then joining the military might not be the best idea. Why do you have to be a military nurse, you can be a civilian nurse just as easily. You can be in situations in the military where taking action against someone is necessary, it is the same in civilian life as well. You can easily have problems at a civilian hospital where people come in with guns, etc...

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Rob G
Yes they do...And as a nurse you won't be killing anybody when you are deployed. Your job will be to put the folks back together.

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ET1 (SS) USN retired
A nurse is entirely different from a corpsman.

Hospitals and hospital ships have nurses and doctors.

Mil Med clinics have corpsmen.

As a nurse in the Navy you would serve at one of many hospitals here stateside, or in Italy, or Japan, or any Navy base overseas that has a Navy hospital. Usually a harbor.

You could also serve on a Navy hospital ship. They sail to areas where they can treat recent hurricane victims, tsunami victims, earthquake victims, etc.

Ships rarely sail into land-locked battlefields, they tend to stay on the water. Battles do some times extend out onto the world's oceans but it requires going to war with a major power who has a navy. We are not currently locked in any 'war' with an opponenet who has a navy.

I am Navy. Other posters seem to be confused between what different services do. Navy is mostly on water, or on bases that are in harbors. The Navy does not normally sail any ship onto land.

As a Navy nurse you would serve in a Navy hospital or on a Navy hospital ship.

Battle is possible on a Navy base, but it has been many decades since the last time a US Navy base was attacked during war.

Navy Hospital ships are not cambatant ships, so they do not go into combat areas.

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