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Disabled Veteran's wife wants divorce?
He is an incompetent Veteran at 100% Service Connected and drawing Social Security Disability too and his wife is leaving him and wants money. What can she really get from him?
Additional Details
She waits till he gets Service Connected and gets all that back pay and now she wants a divorce??? Something fishy..real fishy.

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Indy Plume
Probably half of what he has. Blame Bush; it is his fault.

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well if he died she would get all if not 1/2 of all

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rebel g
She is entiteld to half of everything-his retirement funds, his disability, the house, the possessions-everthing!

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no future either way!

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how can we judge when we do not have enough information as to WHY she would want to divorce her husband ??

She can get some, but not much. Disability can be taken by NOBODY at all from the disabled, and thats federal law, but im not sure about the armed forces laws.

If he were retired and on regular ss pay, she could get some.

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and the question is......?

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Navy Sailor - GAI
Good news! None of his disability benefit can be taken in any kind of divorce settlement. He needs to contact the VA or VFW to get an attorney that knows the correct rules on Military Veteran pay and entitlements. If not, if he runs across a judge that does not know the laws relating to the disability entitlement he could get screwed and have to spend a lot of money in court trying to fix things. A LOT of judges don't know the laws so this is very likely to happen unless he is well represented. Don't go in to court trusting he will be treated correctly. If he does he will be losing a lot of money he should not have to part with. His disability entitlement is not a PAY so she cannot ask or get any of it. They only thing that she can get is a portion of a house if they own own and any other money or property they acquired while they were married. Even if he retired from the military. If he is 100% disabled that means 100% of his retirement pay is his disability. If he retired and was only 90% disabled than she would only be entitled to a portion of the 10% that wasn't connected to the disability. Have him call the VA ASAP for assistance with resources of documentation to help him with his case and names of good veteran attorneys that know the laws. Don't let her get a cent. I can't stand greedy military spouses!!!!!

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She may be able to get half of his social security, but I think that is only if she hasn't worked and isn't drawing any herself. She could request alimony, but with him being 100% disabled he would probably get alimony from her if she has a source of income.

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She can't touch his VA disability. The Social Security, maybe, depends on the state, not all states have alimony, and her age. If she's not at retirement age she might not get anything.

And exactly what is an 'incompetent' Veteran?

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MP US Army
Half of all of it unless they had a prenup

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the states dictate what she is entitled to, not the military. she is entitled to nothing, generally speaking. She can't touch his SS disability at all. only if he is retired and they were married for at least ten years and he was AD duty for those ten years would she possibly be able to get a portion of his pension.

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Wee Bit Naughty
Apparently the poor bloke married a money-grubbing whore. It would be one thing if she wanted out of the marriage because she couldn't handle the situation, but to wait for the money to come in before she does it so she can get half, well that doesn't sound right.

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He should try to prove she was cheating on him, which she probably was, and then she will get NOTHING like she deserves.

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Bill P
Disability pay cannot be touched in divorce payments. That is his because he served and became disabled. She is just a fee grabbing Kvetch. In most states, this would be a 50/50 split of money and goods, but disability cannot be touched.

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What happened to For better or worse,In sickness and in health.? Sounds like a fair weather woman. She should not get Crap....

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She cant take his disability pay but depending on how long they have been married and her age she may be able to get a portion of his social security-he will still get the same amount but she would get some too. Other than that with a lawyer she can probably get half of whatever else they may own-houses, cars, land etc plus money in the bank. Tell her not to remove more than half the money in the bank-law gives her the right to half of it only.

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Disability is untouchable...but if she is persistant she may get a bullet in the head and he could claim insanity.

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did I read this right !! SHE wants a divorce from a VETERAN?

here's what she needs to do .... TRUST me

the B needs to go to the closet,and shove a gun in her mouth !!!

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