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 Whats up with girls on the front lines? let me here some opinions im writing a paper?

 What are the requirements to become a journalist in the air force?
im doing my research paper on journalism in the air force since next summer when i turn 18 i plan on going into the air force. so please help me because google is not giving me anything!...

 If you get awarded a 100% disabled vet rating from the VA can you still legally work?
I saw an article about a Iraq vet who is considered 100% disabled rating from the VA. He became a cop and is working full-time in Florida. However, I all I see online about 100% VA disabled vets (not ...

 Royal marine officer grades needed?
How does it work? Its says two non overlapping subjects? does that mean you need two subjects that equal 180 UCAS points?

They say now each subject needs 45 points? You cant get 45 points ...

 Is there a weapons sgt job in the airforce?

 What is the difference between was killed in a plane crash and was dead in a plane crash?

 Would corporal injury would diqualifie me from the army?
I had applied and that was their reason to diqualifie ...

 Name strongest nation in.....?
north america,asia,middle east,south america and,euope,...

 Military give schooling for spouse?
I'm in the Army and my wife wants to start going to college. Will the Army be able to help support her with that?...

 How to eliminate dangers of landmines?
Can't we train bunch of monkeys to walk up to the mine and blow themselves up?

Better than a human soldiers or human civilians being killed from the mines.

Or better yet, ...

 Would this be an effective ocean mine countermeasure?
Release large group of blue finned tuna in the mine field and they would blow it all up?...

 Could this be a way to kill Osama Bin Laden?
"Train" a swarm of killer bees to home in on a specific pheromone.

Somehow spray Bin Laden with it and release the bees.

He will be killed....

 Does the unitded states have any nuclear bombs?

 Why don't we fire bomb cities any more like in WW2?
I believed it was very effective weapon and tactic as it demoralized our enemy.

Why don't we do that now?...

 Would this be an effective submarine weapon?
Train a large aggressive whale such as a killer whale to ram the hull of a submarine?

Or strap a bomb or better yet a laser device to it's "nose" and blow the submarine up?<...

 Would this be an effective bio-weapon?
"Train" huge "armies" of locusts to home in on a pheromone.

Covertly spray the enemy country side with the pheromone and release the locusts.

The economy of ...

 If i have been deployed and have been in for 2 years and want to PCS out of that unit how do i do that? if pos?
is there a way for me to do that like call somebody, i am an 11C get back from iraq late this ...

 Could this submarine counter measure work?
Releasing a large group of fish like mackerels to confuse an enemy torpedo?...

 My husband went in Open General in the Air Force, he wants security forces?
...but his vision isn't so good. He was disqualified from Air Traffic Control because of his vision. Does this mean he will be disqualified from Security Forces too? Is there a way to see if the ...

 I need to make cut off for E-6.?
I'm sitting at 517 points right now. I'm an 11B so points for e-5 and e-6 are usually below 500 which is why I'm not prepared. I have until May 8 to make the June cut off.

Day by day casualty list Battle of Ia Drang Valley?
I'm doing a report on the Vietnam Conflict, and I have to do one part of the war, so I'm doing the Battle of La Drang Valley. I cannot find a day-by-day list of the casualties for the three day battle. Care to help me?

if you have an answer to my question, i need a site to make sure the information is accurate.

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Ronald H
If you know the dates and the unit, here is a good place. It does mean you have to do the work though. It should be a good report. Good Luck.


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I think you best bet is the book We Were Soldiers Once, and Young. Col. Hal Moore has a casualty list but i don't remember if it was day by day.

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