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Could the United states be invaded??
Is it possible to invade the u.s or do they have a good Defensive Plan for any possible invasion. (im doing a report in school) I need answers NOT just a simple YES OR NO
Additional Details
Invasion by an army of another nation. Which means Tank, Planes, Infrantry, ETC.

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Yes, of course! Not only could potential invaders enter the States through the borders of Canada and Mexico, the long stretches of shoreline are largely unprotected. It does not take much for illegal immigrants to cross today. We have serious gang problems which stem from citizens of other countries (many from Central and South America) who cross into our land undetected. Why would it be impossible for other more sinister people to do the same? The U.S. does not have an effective plan to protect all of its borders. If we did, we would not have the illegal immigration problem we have today.

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Yes the USA could be invaded. That's actually what the illegal aliens are doing now; it's just when they do it one at a time we don't consider it an invasion. We don't actually consider Mexico or Canada enemies, so the biggest threat is Cuba which is 90 miles off the coast of Florida. Since Cuba is a communist country they don't consider Cubans who take a boat to the USA illegal aliens, instead they're refugees seeking asylum and are given US citenship. But there was an incident called the Bay of Pigs when JFK was president when we thought the country of Cuba was going to attack us and if successful they would have invaded next. Good Luck on your paper.

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Byron Brunski

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Jacob F
yes anything can fall ....china would murder us if we pissed them off, they have a bigger military than we have population!!! and its b/c they require each citizen to serve 2 years minium. plus we don thave many allies b/c of a horrible guy named BUSH!

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I don't think it's possible.

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Willi, Kampfschwimmerkommando-18
Yes, hey look how many ppl hate us now.

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Some think we have already been invaded by illegals. Remember 911, I believe that was an invasion.

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Uncle Johnny
Anybody could be invaded, but we are being infiltrated by groups
like Hezbollah, etc. If you mean a direct assault, they could, but
it would be extremely foolhardy and not winnable by those seeking to do so. Having said that, we are being erroded from
within and without, financially. It is mainly our fault because of
our greed and in my opinion, the purchase of drugs is like a
cancer upon our country.

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yes but u.s is really far away from other part of the world so it won't be that bad.we also have a better army than any other country in the planet.

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I think it has a good chance. Yes

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What type of invasion? Yes we have a good defense. Did you see the movie RED DAWN.

What the heck happened on 9/11!!!

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go rent a movie called Red Dawn, its a movie from the 80's about this. besides it couldn't happen with out the help of Canada or Mexico, the us clams 150 miles out to sea as us property so if you can sneak an invasion force the size you would need to invade the us across that much water, then we deserve to be invaded

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i think these days mainly when somebody even thinks about doing it, the CIA pays some money and they send the Marines in to get em

I choose not to worry too much about it

the world trade center think was a wake up call I think

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of course im going to invade america. what kind of question is this?

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There is a film about.....Red Down, but it's out of date, it was filmed in the late cold war years.
In this film Warsaw pact countries(Urss, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania, but also Cuba..) invade the USA, and a group of students organize the resistance.
But today there are no such a big alliance that can think about invading USA, and actually also Varsavian pact never really thought about it, USA are to far for all.
to invade the USA you must ship a lot of soldiers, tanks, vehicles, helicopters, and airplanes must fly for some hours before reach USA skies, so it is hard to give an adequate air support to troops.
And the territories are too large to be controlled....

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scott m
Yes, America has long under guarded boarders. We have sleeper cells in our country,our port security is a joke. On the plus side is the fact that we have more fire arms in our homes than most countries have in their entire military! That's the nice part "The right to keep & bear arms." we could be invaded from within,but no army or fantic group could ever defeat us. We would not hessitate to use what ever means necessary to protect our homeland. Hell, our citizens alone would give any armed invaders a hell of a fight.

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the us is pretty well guarded, it has a good military and homeland security. there is a plan for invasions and most invasions wouldn't catch anyone by suprise anymore because of radars and stuff like that. that would give time for anyome to prepare

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Simply put yes...it's been done before and it can be done again. It's only a matter of when, not If.

Sure our defenses are great, but they are not fool proof. Anyone with enough logistical planning can do it. Our borders aren't quite as secure as they can be and there are plenty of ways to cross.

Something else to think about, an invasion can start from inside the borders. The invaders could reinforce their manpower by slowly bringing people across the borders legally, as well as recruiting from within.

to think we are impenetrable would be a big mistake.
Our best defense is to know how to react when that does happen.

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Cornelius O
there is no country that can fight a war against the US and successfully complete an invasion and occupation. The US spends more money on defense than the rest of the world combined. The USA is a huge landmass. American citizens often have access to weapons, which makes occupation almost impossible.

Infiltrating people through immigration and striking from within is different.

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any county can be invaded

thats my 2 cents on it

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no it could not. we have a large and spread out country. we have the second amendment to back up our citiizens too. also the threat of a nuclear war prevents anyone from attacking us.

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No, the U.S. is safe from invasion, but not safe from DESTRUCTION .
The old Soviet Union traditionally attacked any country that they disagreed with........... but only after out-numbering their opponents armies 10-1 . The USA is the only country that they didn't attack after out-numbering our army 10-1 . Because we have nukes, but also because we have personal weapons and the right to bear arms . The Soviets knew that they wouldn't just be fighting our army, they'd be fighting every single gun owner too !!

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First L
We can be attacked but not conquer or occupied. Unless they are sophiscated alien from outer space.

We have vast area of land. We have many civilians armed with weapon. We have plenty of knowledgeable people knowing combat skills and trainings . We have plenty of knowledgeable people who know how to make weapons.

Even if our army does nothing, our loyal civilians are a huge force to fend off any invaders or attackers.

When it comes to our military might, no one on the surface of earth can come close to what we are capable of.

With all that, who with normal IQ and sanity would want to fight with us head to head.

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The United States has the most advanced military in the world. If there was an invasion of troops, we would know it was coming and sink or blast out of the sky what ever vessel was transporting the troops. However if Canada or Mexico decided to invade they could get into the country, but again, the US military would have no problem mobilizing and stopping the invasion. Even if Washington was nuked or if NY or LA was assaulted, our citizenry is armed better that most militarize and the US is fiercely independent.

No risk of invasion, unless you count illegal aliens,

The unmonitored border is the only real weakness that the US has

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Paul P
It'd be quite difficult to invade the US. The only countries that border us are Canada and Mexico, and we don't really face any sort of military threat from them. That leaves parachuting and amphibious landings as pretty much the only way for anyone to get here. With technology nowadays, it'd be impossible for any attempt at a large scale invasion to go unnoticed, so the US would have time to prepare. So, it is possible to invade the US, but it's highly unlikely that it will be a successful invasion.

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Any country can be invaded. The chance of the United States being invaded is remote because of their good defense planning.

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Certainly, don't you think all the mexicans sneaking across our borders is an invasion?

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longview cycle lady
If you don't count the massive influx of illegal aliens from mexico, the the answer is still yes.

If those hijackers on 9/11 could get past everybody, so can others. And think about small neutron bombs.

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We already have been. Besides the Islamic terrorist cells in almost every neighborhood in America. Look around you...how many people can't speak english. Study the Mexican take over of America. It is real. I have tons of info if you want me to email it to you. It is very sad but true.

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USA is already being invaded by Mexico.

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mark j
We have hundreds of thousands of national guard, not to mention the reserves that aren't in Iraq or Afghanistan at the moment, not to mention the soldiers who are home right now. The soldiers abroad would probably be deployed back to this country to join the fight. I'm sure there are plenty of retired military personnel that wouldn't hesitate to pick up a gun and join the fight to defend this nation. People who own guns probably wouldn't hesitate either. You also have to think about law enforcement and the S.W.A.T. team. I really don't think it would be possible. If the enemy was able to get through that, the American spirit is too high, we have too many patriots in this country that would rather die than for their children to live under terror.

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