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 I been issued my Guard Card...But!?
I hate my picture... I didn't even smile. Is it possible to request my picture to be taken over for that reason?...

 Whats it like for a wife of a Airforce MP husband?
My husband is enlisting into the Air force as a military police officer. I wanted to get some heads up by other wives/moms that have their husbands also in the same career. I wanted to know general ...

 What happens when you pass the RAF training and exam?
Where do you go?
What happens?...

 If a soldier dies in battle, does his family receive a pension?
I'm writing a novel in which one of the characters dies in a war. Would his family (i.e. wife and children) receive a pension from the government?
Additional Details
Thank you all!...

 What's the most physical conventional unit in the US Army ?
I heard about 82nd Airborne, 101st Airborne, Cav Scout, etc, but among the conventional troops (thus no Special Operations, like the Rangers or the Special Forces), which one is the most physical and ...

 Do you think war should be like old times?
In huge desserts without all the technology.Just with a sword.Fighting like real mans.Or make their own debate President vs President OR who ever !! NO OFFENSE TO THE SOLDIERS ITS JUST A CURIOUS QUE...

 Can I just go to a recruiter to take the ASVAB?
I think I've decided on the Air Force, but I'm still considering Army. I haven't taken the ASVAB yet, and I'd like to so I can get an idea of what AFSC/MOSs I qualify for. I can�...

 Coast Guard Health Service Technician?
Hey I am joining the Coast Guard and looking at being a Health Service Technician and want to know if this job is worth the wait (since it is like a 9-12 month waiting list for the school)? Does ...

 Which AFSC's does the Air Force pay enlistment bonuses for?
I've been doing some research on the air force because I'd like to join, and I read that they have the fewest enlistment incentives because they normally have more recruits than they need. I...

 Does any part of a zip code have anything to do with Artillery coordinates?
Or do the last extra digits have anything to do with Artillery coordinates? Example = 90210-(1234)...

 What do you think about the detainees at Guantanamo Bay?
should they be released if no other country wants them?...

 Another question; Where would basic be for the Army for anything dealing with the medical field?

 I don't know if I should Join and go active now, or do DEP. What would you do, and what's your best advice?
Question is referring to the Army....

 What type of special screen doors are on submarines?
Am referring to what special materials are they made out of?
Additional Details

 Can someone tell me what reserve service is like as a woman in the navy.?
I am thinking about going Reserve in the Navy. I want to be an IT, basically. The only question I have is about deployement. I have heard one of two things, that you have to deploy after your 2 year ...

 If I enter the Navy on the DEP, do I start getting paid when I sign up for DEP or when I report to Boot Camp?

 How do I motivate my boyfriend to get a job?
This question is probably going to make me seem like the worst girlfriend in the world. My boyfriend is a disabled veteran & a purple heart recipient. However his disability comes from a piece of ...

 Is it possible for the army to mistakenly report somebody as dead?

 My husband and I are both in the military and we move occassionally.?
Currently is it a better time to rent or buy a house?
Additional Details
Yes we have 2 babies......

 Need sites for World War 2?
I need some sites to find weapons i have most of the pistol and most of the sub machine guns but i need rifles and anti tank weapons....please if you have a site help me out

Thank you

Choose MOS in Army????
Do you get to choose your own MOS in the Army? Or is it like other branches that they just assign you one. Because I scored high on the ASVAB(82) and I want 11B. I've been told by some recurits at my school that I can choose my own MOS others say the army is the same like every other branch the place you where they need you. Also if I do green to gold program and become an Officer will I keep my same MOS.

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I just joined the Air Force, but to my knowledge, you have a "wish list" for jobs. They pick from there.

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Yes... depending on what you qualify at, you can choose your MOS!(Take your time and choose carefully) As far as being an Officer, and going back to your MOS, Most cases I've seen... you may not return to your Unit, but usually you do work or command as it were, within your MOS

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Sandra M
You can choose your MOS and you should choose your MOS. If you go for the Green to Gold program I think that you may be able to keep your MOS but it may not be guaranteed because officers are assigned jobs based on their performance and by the needs of the army. So if they are heavy with infantry officers, you might get armor or even supply. I am wondering why you are picking 11b. There are other combat oriented MOS's that you might want to check. Also, if you scored that high, have you checked other branches. Do not limit yourself.

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