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 How many current Reconnaissance Marines came from a non-combat MOS?
Is it a significant percentage? All I know is that they go back to SOI to sharpen basic infantry skills....

 What is the difference Between the army and the military?
im just ...

 What is the weather like in fort knox?
im going in aug 11th. dose anyone know how hot it will be?...

 Boot camp mail in the Marines?
So i know that the mail in boot camp is super slow and that the men are super busy.
just wondering can the DI's hold the recruits mail or not let them send anything out?
it has ...

 How do single moms handle being active duty military?
I'm a single mom with a 2 year old daughter, and am considering going military. I would really like to know how women do it now (emotionally and such). I'm not scared of basic or schooling ...

 Why are ships sailing in the waters off Somalia not armed to prevent piracy and hostage taking?

 If that Captain that is held hostage watched Mythbusters, would he be safe right now?
They showed that if you jump like 3 feet under water you are safe from guns. Even high caliber ones such as the 50 cal.
Additional Details
Well I was assuming the Navy was watching the ...

 Marine pull up advice?
im 19
getting sworn in on may 1st
leavin may 4th,11th,or 27th
i can do the required amount of situps
and when it comes to 1.5 miles i can run .5 in 4 ...

 It easy to get the hostage freed from the pirates?
just get the French to do it, they obviously have better troops as they just freed their hostages.
Additional Details
Delta force?
you mean the guys who stuffed up in Blackhawke ...

 What Would Be The Solution To Destroy The Roots Of Somalian Piracy?

Additional Details
Please Be Specific....

 Sister is in N.G. BCT and i want to send her a birthday present. is it aloud?
My sister is in National Guard BCT and her birthday is this month. I want to give her something but i know you can't have much. I thought of a cute idea. And it would be a photo album and i ...

 If there was a nuclear bomb at LAX, how far would the blast radius be?
what would be the safe distance from the explosion but still close enough to see the explosion
Additional Details
The bomb is on the ground and i dont know, the average megaton in a ...

 What are the difference between Green Berets, Army Rangers & Delta Force?
They are both special force & they are also from the United States Army: United States Special Operations Command. You can put the role on it because makes me confuse....

 Are any of your family members about to deploy w/ NC National Guard?
MY husband is about to deploy and the training has been absolutely ridiculous as far as making us aware of the schedule. Does anyone have any extra helpful info about this? Maybe someone who is ...

 Does the WA ARNG have any canine units?
I have heard that the Army is expanding the use of canines beyond the Military Police branch for the purposes of IED sniffing. Does WA's ARNG have any of these units?...

 National Guard questions?
Former navy; 11 years active....thinking of national guard, any thoughts? Boot camp again or what?
Additional Details
Army officer....you out there?...

 What do I need to do to use my husband's GI bill this fall?
I will be going to a community college in the fall, and I know that starting in the fall spouses of soldiers who joined after 9/11 can use their spouses GI bill. My husband is currently deployed to I...

 What information goes on the second british army dog tag? Thanks....?
There are 2 dog tags: name, blood type etc on the one tag. What info if any goes on the other dog tag for the British Army?
Thanks again.......

 What was the average life like of a civil war soldier?
I would like to know on a day that they did not have a battle what it was like from beginning to end.

plz answer quickly-points will be given ...

 Anybody using the MGIB for school? Can you answer a couple of questions?
I just sent an email to the financial aid rep at the college...and tried calling...no luck getting in contact with her...

Now, I'm taking some online classes and classroom classes. I&#...

Can you enlist into the military with a Herniated disc?
I am going to be graduating College in a couple weeks and was thinking about enlisting for a stint. The problem is that I have a herniated L4/L5 disc in my back it isn't a big tear and it doesn't cause me much trouble, but I wanted to know If I would pass the physical exam to enlist. Thanks

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Silent Bitxh ┌∩┐(◣_◢)
Get off my bus!!!

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you won't pass the exam if you tell them about it but they don't take ex-rays. don't tell anyone about it not even the recruiter thats the only way you will get in.

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Well.. you can ENLIST.. but they can and will NOT PASS YOU THROUGH THE PHYSICAL

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Hi, Get your back straightened out and then apply to the service. Good Luck

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Yak Rider
You might enlist if you lie at MEPS, but you'll NEVER make it through boot camp. You won't make it more than a few weeks.

The docs will absolutely be able to tell it's a preexisting condition.

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Laban the Barbarian

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Ruptured nucleus pulposus (722), herniation of intervertebral disk or history of operation for this condition.

I doubt you can get a waiver. I'm sure the service will aggravate it.

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