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 Can you get out of basic training in boot camp?
My son has been injured his first week of boot camp. He is on graduation hold indefinetly. Is there any way he can get out at this point?
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I guess I should have ...

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 Is it possible for a not American citizen to join the American Army?
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 What united states president withdrew U.S troops from vietnam?

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 Are drill sergeant allowed to touch you?

 Was America reluctant to go to in to WW1 and 2?
because they had already witnessed the American Civil War.
It is quite understandable that America saw the Europe war as not their own.
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 March 17 war protest in D.C.?
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 Whats the best military branch?

 If we went to war with either China or Russia wouldn't we be instantly f***ed?
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 Should women be allowed into military combat?
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 Military Branch has the hottest women ?

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hahahahahaahah you guys are the best. I love this goddamn forum....

Can you be exonerated from going to war if your the only male child in a family?

Additional Details
And if so what sources could I verify this info with?

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Not anymore. That law has been changed.

Uncle Sam (and King George II) needs more bodies to send overseas to fight his war, so they can send them back in body bags.

Your best bet would be to hope there's not another draft.

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All males over 18 are required to register with selective service. There are such things as a hardship discharge once a person is in the military.


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Joseph P
No, however, you can not go into a combat zone. I had a friend on board my ship which was in that position. We were being deployed into a possible hostel area. My friend objected about being transfer ed because of this. He didn't have a choice.

Why did they have to save Private Ryan in the movie?

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I am the only son and I had to ask to go to Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom. But I have heard of others not being asked .... I dunno....

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yes is the propery paperwork is filed. it is normally done by your recruiter.

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I think that is still in effect....however, that does not allow you to not go into the service......if there was a draft.....

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yes i believe if your are the last to carry on the family name you can be exempt from going into battle

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yes think if you have any reason they might not want you ...

Medical reasons
Conflict of interest

Those are the best so get crackin

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If you mean the US, it currently is an all volunteer army. As long as you don't join or sign up for the National Guard, you don't have to go to war.

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It is a volunteer Army - at least in the US.

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During the time of the draft, the youngest male child or the only male child were exonerated from being drafted. However, if you join the military voluntarily, you are not exempted from being sent into combat!!(USA)

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Lewis Y
Not in USA. You can apply for hardship exemption in certain cases if you are already in the military..

There is an exemption if your brother(or I guess sister now), was killed in action, and you are active military.

Previous answer made valid point about volunteer army.

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yes you can

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Der Lange
Depends on what country you are in, and your present status.

In most countries that practice conscription, or "drafting" young people for military service, there are specific exemptions for the only child of either gender, as well as for the only male child. Sometimes this means such people must participate in alternative service to the country - teaching, or helping with public works, and so forth - or entering the military in non-combatant roles. That might mean medical or supply services and usually means service in the home country or well away from zones of combat.

In the United States, you could go online and look up the "Selective Service," the organization that would be in charge if the draft was re-instated. If you are already in the military, then you must look up the regulations on the website of the service in which you serve. Alternatively, you can ask a chaplain, or a local representative of the Red Cross. If you are not in the United States then I regret not knowing how to advise you for this kind of information.

"Exonerated" by the way is the wrong word - it means to be relieved of guilt or responsibility for an action or position (something you would want anyhow) - what you really mean is "excused" or "exempted." Two points for spelling it right, however!

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Sorry that only worked during the draft. They werent allowed to draft you if you were an only son that way the family name could live on incase of a war death

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