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Yes we have 2 babies......

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Nowye W
Can a speeding ticket/bad credit keep me out the Air Force?
I am trying to join the air force but I got a speeding ticket a year ago. I took the class and it was dismissed and supposedly not on my record. Does this mean I don't have to tell them about it? Or can they see it anyway since they're the govt? If so how is it considered?

Also I filed bankruptcy last year and still owe $400 to my old apartment complex. How badly will this affect my chances of serving in the USAF?
Additional Details
I have a good reason for the bankruptcy, basically I was tricked and my credit card ended up charging me $1000 a month in interest.

My debt payments are minimal. I owe $100 a month in student loans. The only thing that I owe that is delinquent is the $400...

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short answer; yes.

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Yes, you still have to tell them about it, especially if there is a class you had to take. However, that should not hold you back I don't think.

The bad credit one might though. It is really about how much debt you have not how bad your credit is. They don't want anyone to go selling military secrets to pay off their debt.

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Merchant of Death
First issue...yes ANY criminal history will show up, even an arrest that didn't result in filed charges. Tell them EVERYTHING and it's best if you provide documentation to the recruiter to verify your story. However, a couple of traffic violations won't result in a DQ as long as you don't lie about them.

Now the credit issue, that can DQ you.

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Mr Puma
Moral Standards
The United States Military Services make every attempt to assess the moral quality of potential recruits, and several categories of moral offenses may preclude enlistment. This is primarily accomplished based on criminal record.
I should note here that there is no such thing as a "sealed record," or an "expunged record" as far as the military is concerned. The recruiting services have access to law enforcement and FBI investigative records, which -- quite often will list arrests in these categories.

Financial Eligibility Determinations

Some recruits will have to show that they will be able to meet their current financial obligations upon enlistment. This includes recruits who are married (or who have ever been married), recruits who require a dependency waiver, recruits with a history of collection accounts, bankruptcy, closed uncollected accounts or bad credit. In the Air Force, it also includes any recruit who is at least 23 years of age. In general, the services are attempting to ensure that the recruit can meet current financial obligations on military active duty pay. For example, the Air Force uses the "40 percent rule." Any recruit who's monthly consumer debts (not counting debts which can be deferred, such as student loans) exceeds 40 percent of his/her anticipated military pay is ineligible for enlistment.

The Navy policy examines total indeptness, rather than monthly payments. The Navy Recruiting Regulation States:

No person may be selected who has a history of bad checks (unless through bank error), repossessions, cancelled or suspended charge accounts, or indebtedness exceeding half the annual salary of the paygrade at which the person is being recruited. If indebtedness includes a long-term mortgage, total indebtedness must not exceed 2 ½ times the annual salary.

The Marines use the same Financial Eligibility Determination forms that the Navy uses. However, the Marines only do a Financial Eligibility Determination when the individual requires a Dependency Waiver. As part of the Dependency Waiver approval process, the applicant is interviewed by the Recruiting Commander (or his/her representative), who ensures, as part of the interview/review process that the recruit would be able to meet their current financial obligations on military pay.

Like the Marines, the Army only does a Financial Eligibility Determination when a Dependency Waiver is Required.

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