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Can I break an enlistment contract after swearing in the Air Force?
I joined the Air Force Reserves, signed all of my contracts, took the oath and I have waited for 2 months to realize that I do not want to go to boot camp and join. Are there any penalties to get out of the Air Force? Is it true they own me completely now?


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Yes, they own you now. Alot of people don't realize that you can back out up until the point of swearing in. Once you swear in that's it you are officialy government property.

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it is punishable under normal ucmj.....BUT....you dont mean anything to them. they CAN prosecute you....but they wont. it will be more time consuming and costly to take you to court than to just "delete" you from the computer. i certainly wouldnt ever step back into a meps though.

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Man, you rush into the without giving it any thought, then you want to show them your word isn't worth a piece of used toilet paper.
Go tell the big, bad Sargent you are still a little boy and want to stay home with your mommy.

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You can be a complete screw up and get discharged in basic as a failure to adapt. I know in the Army they were giving other than honorable discharges and that will follow you around for a while.
Look into the regulations.
Entry Level Separations for Enlisted Members: Airmen are in entry-level status during the first 180 days of continuous active military service, or the first 180 days of continuous active military service after a break of more than 92 days of active service. The member's service is usually not characterized unless the circumstances of the separation warrant an Other-Than-Honorable conditions discharge. An Honorable characterization can be given only if the service is clearly warranted by unusual circumstances of personal conduct and performance of military duty and is approved by the Secretary of the Air Force. The entry-level separation is given regardless of the reason for separation. This uncharacterized discharge is neither positive nor negative, and there is no provision to change it to a characterized discharge such as Honorable or General (Under Honorable Conditions).
You can listen to other peoples recommendations or you can know the rules. a quick search for "air force entry level separations" will answer your question with the regulations.

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I don't know if things have changed since then, but about seven or eight years ago, I was living with my boyfriend and another girl and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was joining the Army Reserve, but he walked out on her and disappeared about a week before he was supposed to leave for boot camp. His recruiter showed up to take him to the airport and he wasn't there. The recruiter freaked out. A little while later we started getting phone calls from an FBI agent looking for the guy. No joke. My boyfriend and I got our own place a little while later and we lost touch with her and I never found out what happened.

I've also heard that they can send an MP for you if you are considered AWOL; he will fly to your town and eat steak and lobster and drink champagne and you will be billed for all his expenses while he was travelling to pick you up.

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Mr Puma
Sorry dude. Your butt belongs to the Air Force. Nobody held a gun to your head and made you sign up. Besides, the economy is in the tank, there are no jobs, we've got doofus going into office.
You're going to boot camp for eight weeks free of charge. Think of it as an all expenses paid vacation.

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Jimmy L
why don't you want to join the AF? don't tell me you're terrified of basic training?

the only way you can get out is if you back out before the final swear in the morning you leave for basic

if you just did the first swear in after you made it through MEPS you can back out no matter what they say or threaten you with...

but understand that if you want to join the AF again you may not be able to since you backed out once before..

but send me a message if you have any questions

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dude, I feel the same way. But I suggest to stick with, I just swore in two days ago for the reserve. They are giving me $934 a month for school cause I have the GI Bill and kicker and I get to enlist as an E-3, and two days a month aint nothin. Say what you want, but doing the reserve can do nothing but benefit your life.

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Justin B
Dude suck it up and go.
You would've asked yourself a long time ago if the Air Force or the military was right for you.
You have to just deal with it now, and pay the consequences for your action.
I'm not coming down on you or anything, but you should've asked yourself a long time ago if joining the military was for you or not.
And yes, they own you now

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Steve B
Seriously, tell your recruiter and MAKE him understand, for real dude, they're just salesmen and it's THEIR job to get as many Joe Schmoes to Lackland for that Firewall EPR (AF lingo) and a recommendation or some kinda medal. We have a guy in our shop that used to be a recruiter and he's a straight-up brownnosing douchebag, and can't follow the chain of command for nothing. Anyways, my point is EVEN you're recruiter has to answer to a commander somewhere up the line, and THAT is who will make it happen. If that's too much to handle, then look on the bright side, you're in the Reserves and not "humpin" bombs on a jet in 20 degree wet weather in "jolly old" England. And lemme tell you, Afghanistan gets really hot in the summer!!! However, on the bright side, the pay is decent, but steady, and travel is fun. Plus you're doing stuff your high school buddies would never dream of, so choose wisely cuz once you're in, that's it bro.

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Little Doe
If it was your just your first swear in you can get out of it. But if was your final swear in you cannot.

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Technically, it is a crime to not go. However the military has a policy of not prosecuting anyone, as long as they have not already arrived at basic. You'll be absolutely fine and there will be no real issues. I don't even think it counts as an "Entry Level Separation". You just are treated as if you didn't join.

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if u havent gone to boot camp yet, u arent obligated to go anywere

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Nope, you don't have to go.


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Big Jon
Lock, stock, and barrel. You could refuse to show up for Boot Camp and be counted as AWOL and get the MPs after your indecisive butt.

They may be willing to let you go at the time (after the court-martial and possibly a short stay in a Military Prison or a Navy Brig) instead of having to deal with the problems a wuss like you would cause later down the line.

But don't be relying on an "Honorable" Discharge. Yours would be under "less than Honorable" conditions, a tag that has a nasty way of sticking with you for the rest of your life.

I mean, for God's sake, it's the AIR FORCE reserve, not the Corps or the Airborne! Fulfill your obligation and you may find that you like it! It might do you some good, too!

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You already got the short answer, but I hope you still decide to go through with it. Joining any branch of the military is an adult decision, and like other adult decisions, has consequences. You can't expect to go through life just backing out of big commitments because you "do not want to" go through with them. When you buy a car, or house, or get married, you don't just wake up the next day and say "I don't want to go through with this transaction."
You specifically mention that you are going into the Reserves, so it's not like you're giving up the next four years of your life. You will go to boot camp for a matter of weeks where you will get physical training, make close friends, and earn a title you can be proud of once you graduate. You may even develop a greater appreciation for the daily freedoms that so much of the population takes for granted. Whether you only participate in weekend drill or get activated and deploy, you will have experiences that civilian life will never replicate.
I am not in your shoes and I assume you have good reasons to want out of your contract, but nonetheless I think it worth mentioning that there is a distinct difference between what one can do, and what one should do.

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Stay with it. The USAF is a great branch with great schools and some of the finest Officers and Senior NCOs available

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Ok, if you are in the DEP program and have Not taken your Second Oath of Enlistment , signed your contract and shipped to Boot Camp (usually all done on the day you ship out to boot camp) , then you can back out of DEP. You will be within your rights. You will need to draft a letter to the Recruiting Command stating you wish to be released from DEP and no longer wish to join. The recruiter may be angry and try to talk you out of backing out but there is nothing they can truly do. So if you get any threats then they aren't telling the truth. However, if you change your mind and decide later on to join again, the Air Force may be hesitant to work with you. No they don't own you either and don't listen to those on here who say they do. You will not get a Honorable , OTH or any other discharge because you aren't truly in yet. Just a generalized release from DEP.

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