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Asthma and Enlisting Into Military?
If I get a breathing test, and I pass can I get a waiver and join the military? Are waivers likely? I had asthma due to allergies, around Kid-15. I took allergies shots when I was 13 and now I am 18 and it no more asthma because no more allergies. I know that Asthma after 13 is disqualification.

Allergies to - Dust Mites, Grass, Weed, Trees

Is it illegal to not tell them about your asthma? Or can they tell by tests?

If anyone knows, what are other health problems that can kick you out of joining military?
Additional Details
How much percent do you need to past the breathing test? Is 95% passable?

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Silent Bitxh ┌∩┐(◣_◢)
I have no idea if it's 'illegal' to lie to your recruiter but what I do know is that if you lie & they later figure it out while you are enlisted, that's a big nono.

My bro got dishonorably discharged from the US Navy for hiding his asthma. His asthma hadn't flared up since he was about 3. He is currently 26 & about 06 was his discharge. He had an asthma attack & even got the flu somehow when it came to the pool/dive.

I suggest you get any 'lying' out of your head & stay on the path of telling the truth. Especially to those people in any military branch.

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luke s
When i went through MEPS about 6 months ago they never did any kind of breathing test.. nor did i down the road.. you should be fine as long as you can run and exercise without it affecting you.

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Tamara C
I've never heard of them doing a breathing test. If it's not going to bother you then I wouldn't worry about it.

But you will be running outside alot, rolling around in the grass, and have mold and dust in your ventilation systems in basic. They don't let you have any medication unless prescribed from the Troop Medical Clinic and if you tell them then about your asthma there can be consequences.

I would be careful if you think it's going to cause you health problems. I don't have asthma but bootcamp has a way of making everyone feel like they can't breathe.

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Mr Puma
New Asthma Policy
Military Softens Enlistment Standards

The Department of Defense has softened their medical qualification standards for cases of childhood asthma, and history of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Previously, any history of asthma was disqualifying, regardless of age. While medical waivers were sometimes possible, waiver approval usually required scheduling and passing a pulmonary function test. Under the new policy, Asthma is only disqualifying if it occurs after the applicant’s 13th birthday.

Medical record screening may still be required, depending on the applicant’s medical history. However, in many cases, a signed statement, attached to the medical pre-screening form, stating that the applicant did not have any type of asthma (including exercise induced, or allergic asthma) or treatment for asthma after their 13th birthday will be sufficient.

Applicants who’ve experienced asthma or reactive airway disease after age 13 will require all medical documentation. Waivers may still be considered, depending on the applicant’s medical history and – possibly results from a pulmonary function test.

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Don't lie AT ALL! If you get into boot camp and have an asthma attack and they find out your in trouble!

What I did, I told my recruiter that I had asthma at the age of 13-14.... I wanted to be completely honest with him.
We went out running one day and he saw that my lungs were in good health. After that he asked me to call my doctor and have a test done and see if there was any signs of asthma.

It worked for me...I was honest and I still was able to join.

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Diagnosed with Athsma beyond age 12 is disqualifying, regardless of whether or not you use an inhaler. And yes they can check your medical records if something makes them suspicious, like an athsma attack at boot camp. This would lead to a discharge for fraudulent enlistment.

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I was said to have exercised induced asthma when I was under the age of 12, and just to be sure that it would not be an issue I went and took a "methacholine challenge" which is a test to see whether you have asthma by testing your reaction to various amounts of methacholine.

Other than that the military never actually gave me a breathing test. But this way, just in case, I can prove I was tested and didn't have asthma.

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check your email for the answer

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Rob G
Cricket, I'm not going to tell yo to lie, but you have to ask yourself this. The military has no way of getting your medical records. If you don't say anything they will never know. Now if you crack and tell them then they will know, but that is because you self professed. Do you want to join, and what kind of shape are your lungs in? My brother had the same issue, but didn't say anything and he retired honorably last year.Your call. If you do join, when you get to the moment of truth in boot camp where they stress you and tell you they are going to find everything, be quiet and press on.

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