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Are you allowed your cell phones while in training?
Are you allowed to carry or have your cell phones while training in any branch of the military?

If not, when are you allowed to use it?

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U.S.Marine Mom
Not while in Marine basic training (boot camp). You can have it once you go on to your MOS training.

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During basic training, they keep your cell phone locked up. I just finished AIT, and I was allowed to have mine on me after the duty day was over. Same story for the Air Force on base. While I can't speak for all AIT's I know most of them allow cell phones now.

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Mike B
Things may have changed in the last 8 years but I don't think that much. When I went through basic all of your personal belongings were bagged up and locked away until you finished basic. The only thing you could keep was a wallet. The drill instructors went through all of your stuff before you were allowed in the barracks. They had pay phones that you could use when you had time off but the drill instructors told you when that was and it wasn't very often. I suggest you bring some pre addressed/stamped envelopes and a nice pad of paper.

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In the Army at basic training you are not allowed to, nor are you allowed to at AIT. You can only call when the drill sergeants say you can, and generally you have a time limit of 10 minutes or so. You will be using payphones so stock up on phone cards!!

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No, usually they will confiscate them at the start of training. When you are allowed to use them all depends on what type of training you are in.

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It will be confiscated along with certain other personal effects and returned after basic training

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In the Army you're not allowed to have cell phones in basic training. In Advanced Individual Training cell phone usage isn't allowed either I think.

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There are two parts to training, BCT (basic combat training) and AIT (advanced individual training) this is specific to the army, but I'm sure each branch manages similarly:

Each bct unit is different. Dependent upon your drill sergeants and the decision of their chain of command determines whether you are permitted to have your cell phones. For the most part cell phones are not allowed during BCT. The idea is that you need to focus on the task at hand and not be consumed by outside issues.

AIT, on the other hand, again dependent upon which training site, and the company you're in, does allow cell phones. They are not allowed during the training day, but are allowed during your personal time which is typically from about 6 pm to lights out, or as dictated by your drill sergeant/chain of command.

Hope this helps

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Just Gone
when jeremy went to the marines and when jeffy went to the army, they could not have them. they were allowed to have them after graduation ceremonies.

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After basic garduation you are not "supposed" to but most do. If you are planning on sending of the person buyong one make sure it is a Quad something so that he or she could use it overseas. Cingular is the best with that and also has military discounts

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In the Marine Corps the answer is no, not in training. Depending on rank, there are phones and computers available when not training.

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In the Army, after Basic and AIT (since it has been covered already above), cellphones in training are forbidden, except for senior leadership (Platoon Sergeant and above). The cellphones they carry are there for emergencies (i.e. someone's wife is pregnant and expecting). Often it's just there to supplement radios (or when military radios aren't practical to field such matters).

Cellphones are also forbidden in combat zones, except for those issued by the unit for specific tasks.

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I should hope not. I would think it would be so annoying for the D.I's to listen to phones going off. I was in during the mid 1990's and that is before everyone had a cell phone. We could carry them, but they had to be hidden while we were in uniform.

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they allow you to put it away with your civilian stuff. But it won't be plugged in or charged when you get it back.
My son left his at home, it's here now;)

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krystal k
hell no...you would get in trouble if you had sneek one in in camp

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LOL no. Not in bootcamp. When you go to school for your specialty, yes.

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I hope not. I just had this mental flash of cell phones ringing when soldiers are actually in a battle and half of the people stopping to answer them.

That's a slight exaggeration, but not by much.

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If you're referring to basic training, i.e., boot camp, then the answer is no. Sorry. At formal schools after basic, you generally are allowed to have a cell wherever you bunk but not with you during the training day. Once you're out of training, you can have one with you but it can't be visible on your uniform unless it's been issued to you by your command and is pertinent to your job. And when you're using one, you can't be walking. Hope that helps!

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