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 War on American soil?
Do you think we'll see another war on American soil? What do you think would cause this? I hope I never see one.
Additional Details
I'm not talking about acts of war such as 9...

 Why no Heritage day for white people?
Why is there no White Heritage week, month or day in the U.S. Military?...

 Canadian citizen looking to join the U.S Army?
I heard the U.S army were recruiting foreigners now. I'm looking to join the U.S army and I don't mind going to Iraq. I'd like to do it this summer actually, does anybody know where I ...

 What do we have to show for 6 years, 3000+ lives and $2T spent in Iraq?
Assuming 2 more years would cost us another $2T and another 250 lives - what would we get for that investment?...

 When our MILITARY comes home to the USA what can we do to keep them safe from the thugs on city streets?
I know they can pretty much take care of themselves but it is really dangerous in US cities
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I have a Legit question. most of you like the sound of your own voice....

 Should I Support My Brother In...?
Going To Iraq?

I believe so.

There is no greater gift than one man give his life for another. If we believe in what the Bible tells us, war is inevitable occurance which has ...

 Why has more army soldiers have died than anything else?
I was looking at icasualties.org, according to them :
Army fatalities in iraq : 2176~
Marines fatalities in iraq : 843~...

So like ... Does that means army sends more soldiers ...

 Which country has the best special forces in the world?
besides your home country....

 Better to join paras in british army or carrying on with collage and uni??
ive enrolled into the british army and im supposed to go in on january the 28th but im also in my final year at collage and planning on going uni in sept. now im not sure which one to do because both ...

 Would you convince a teenager to join the military?
And is the Peace Corp. related to the military?
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Whoever is giving the thumbs downs here needs to knock it off....

 Can i say thanks to all the veterans that has served this great country,no matter,the war?
especially you vietnam vets!...

 How many years before the USA will admit failure in Afghanistan?
It is now 7 years this month since the US led invasion of Afghanistan.
There is still no peace.
Still no security.

Current Chairman , US Joint Chiefs, Admiral Mike Mullen said ...

 Should it be illegal to peacefully protest at military funerals?
If the protesters are a distance from the funeral home as to not interfere and not on private property?...

 Getting out of boot camp?
my friend is in boot camp and wants to come home and live a normal life. Does anyone know the REAL answers to what has to be done for her to come home.
Please only serious answer, no downing ...

 Questions for U.S. Army soldiers?
What are some of the places overseas you have been stationed at or went for an exercise with your unit?
Additional Details
plz don't say sign up and see for yourself because I ...

 Who do you think is the deadliest warrior?

 What happens if I dont show up for my basic training?
Don't leave negative comments about honering contracts and stuff. I refuse to ship to basic training in June, I just wont go. I need to know what they will do to me. I am in the Army Reserve. So ...

 Do you think troops should be pulled out of iraq?

 Makes you proud to be British doesn't it?
Take a look at this (you can even sign the petition if you want)
Doesn't it make you proud to be British.

http://www.vchero.co.uk/ Details
According to ...

 I am going into the Air Force, how about u????
i would just like to find some other ppl going into the air force or ppl tat have been in and can tell me what its like?...

Am i allowed to spend the night on an army base?
my boyfriend is in the army and is stationed at ft stewart, he comes home alot since ft stewart is only 2 1/2 hrs away frm home. he wants me to come visit him this weekend(which will be my first time). i asked where i would stay and he says i can stay in his barrack with him. when i tell people this they say its against the rules and they dont believe i will be able to, but when i address my concerns with him he gets upset with other people's opinions and says they do not know what they are talking about and i will be fine, there is no problem with me staying overnight in his barrack.
Additional Details
DOES ANYBODY IN THE ARMY KNOW THE VISITATION RULES OR WHAT THE POLICIES ARE FOR THE BARRACKS(2 person barracks)?..(if you are familiar with ft stewart that would be very helpful as well)

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Merci Merci
join th army if they find out you are there and not with the army they will put you in jail

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On naval bases they can have overnight guest.Most likely yes.

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Juan G
Is it against the rules. Yes. Does anyone enforce that rule? Rarely. You'll be fine. Go have fun!

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go to the base pass and decal office usually at the main gates of military bases and find out the rules

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no worries. it more than likely IS against the rules but this happens ALL THE TIME. as long as you arent staying for extended periods of time you really have no worries. they are allowed to have "visitors" in their rooms and whats to say you werent just that.. a visitor.

Go be with your BF and have a great time. if he is assuring you it is OK believe in him he has been there and knows what the ins and outs are in this situation.

Have a great time girl

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Proud Army Fiancee
hm well ive heard before at a base that it was okay as long as the guest was over 18+ and signed in... try looking on the ft.stewart website and see if it has any rules listed

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NO NO NO No one but the person signed for the room is allowed to stay in the room over night most Army barracks have and SOP that he signed and is suppose to know and understand. if you are caught in there he will get in trouble and you will have to leave. If you want it to be a good week end and enjoy your time with him you should tell him to go to Lodging and rent a room it is based on rank and is not that expensive. It could cause him to not be able to leave post or even have you in his room during normal hours. Do not let him or other people on YH answer try to convince you otherwise

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he may NOT HAVE overnight visitors. period. regardless of whether or not other people do it.., HE could be the one that gets caught and made an example of.

he will need to get a hotel room for you on or off base.

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Mrs Cleavers hairless beaver
I went to Ft Stewart earlier this year and stayed on the base hotel.
It's not the nicest place in the world but was ok. They book fast they say but there was also a huge deployment ceremony at that time.
I wouldn't risk staying in the barracks and if I remember right the motel isnt far from them anyway!
I would book a room, it was only like $45, just to be on the safe side!

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heather s
You aren't allowed to stay with him in the barracks. That's the rule across the board. Unless they do a surprise inspection, though, I doubt anyone will really care. Just don't get to living there.

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I don't know about these specific barracks, *however* I have yet to run across a barracks that allowed over-night visits in your room by members of the opposite sex.

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Your not allowed. I remember my husband had CQ duty. That's where the single soldiers basically have to be babysat. The other guy working with him busted some guy hiding his gf in his room and he got in trouble. I don't think you'll get in trouble but he will.

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They have a place on base that's like a motel, rooms for rent when family/friends come and visit.

Having you in the barrack and he gets caught is a serious offense. He can get into real big trouble. All it takes is one person to rat him out, or one NCO/Officer to see you there...

NO OVERNIGHT guests, You must be out of the barracks by 10:00 pm. It's his career ask risk, why screw it up. If you two are that desperate, go rent a room!

If he really doesn't think it's against the policy, he should walk up to his 1SG and tell him he plans to have you over all nigh in his room...

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Well your boyfriend says its then its fine. Then go and send the night with him. I will call Fort Stewart (thanks for saying the location) and tell them to make sure they inspect the barracks. Then you will know if it is fine or not.

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