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 IS IT TRUE?????????????????????
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NY ARNG to be exact ,...

 Why don't Marines have to go to army bootcamp?
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 Air Force Promotions? whats the fastest way? best job to get?
What job in the air force offers the fastest promotions? And is possable and if so with what jobs are you able to join the air force and go straight to officer school?
Additional Details

After i sign up for the army, how soon can i go to basic?
i am signing up the 1st of may and a few people i have talked says it takes a few months but i am anxious and do not want to wait that long. so how soon can i go?

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Stephanie F
It depends on the MOS you have chosen. They find you a slot for school 1st and then put you in the basic course that will end just before it. They want you to go straight from one to the next.

Just tell your recruiter that you want to go as fast as possible, They can ship you pretty fast, but only for certain jobs. Keep in mind that you have to do the job for far longer than you'll have to wait to leave! Don't change jobs just to go faster if you don't want to be in that job.

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anywhere from a week to a year!

all depends on what you want to do and the MOS you have chosen.

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Depends on your MOS!

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It all depends on what slots or positions are available. Normally, I have seen it take a few months. they have to arrange for you to go to Basic Training and then to AIT. Everything has to be planned accordingly.

Good luck with that!

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Have you spoken with a recruiter yet? I would think that he could tell you.

I hope that you are preparing for boot-camp by training for the three events on the army physical fitness test (APFT): push-ups, sit-ups and a two-mile run. You can expect to run further than two miles as part of routine training.

I also highly recommend that you practice pull-ups; over-handed and starting from a "dead hang." Although not on the APFT you will use that muscle-group on the obstacle course for things like the horizontal-ladder, pulling yourself over a wall, climbing rope, etc.

The very best of luck to you. You might find my "best" answer to the attached question interesting:


See also:


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