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1 million men vs 1 million female, who would win in this war?

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Ashley love 2 cheer!

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tie lol:)

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Valley Girl
The women would - don't men know they should never hit a girl!

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Without a doubt the women would. They'd run up we'd some them some boob. They wouldn't know what to do and then just like that we've got em!
Also, if that 1 million consisted of mothers and military wives we'd have the job finished within the day because who else is gonna get home to make dinner?

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♥ [My Heart Belongs 2 One]♥
Researchers say that women are more violent when they go to war then men are, so prolly women...*Im not sexest, its what research says* sorry men.

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General H
Too many "Ifs" to predict that one. If they were real men, the men would win. If the men didn't have a problem with killing a women, the men would win. I could go on with both sides but you see how long it would take to figure it out. Women can be little demons if they are pushed into it but most are brought up thinking they are little princesses and wouldn't fight. Even if the women lost, in many of their eyes they'd have won.

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All would die but 2 people and they would stab each other at the same time and the man would die first

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you're not married, are you

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Nobody wins.

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It's 1 million men vs 1 million 'women', OR it's 1 million 'males' against 1 million females.

If you're going to ask a pointless, inane question at least TRY to make it SOUND intelligent.

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The women would follow the lead of Lysistrata and refuse to have sex with the men until the fighting stopped. Thus, women would win.

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Ever seen a pissed off woman with PMS? Take away the chocolate and give her a weapon.

That should shed some light on the issue.

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The 'winners' would be the ones who go out and 'fraternize with the enemy.'

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Ryan H.
They have the NAG bomb

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akiko h
Are we talking arms combat or nagging?

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women don't have to fight to win, ya know

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Sorry women, i have to say this, Men are wayy stronger than women, i have met men who can kick 5 women's as* in a row.

Men are genetically strong so men wins for sure.

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