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anna a
Why do men marry fat women?
I have noticed that the men who look at playboy and such often end up marrying very overweight women instead of their fantasy type girl. I am curious to know why they do this.
Additional Details
I notices alot of people think I am skinny, bitter, and alone because I asked this question but those are all wrong. I am thirty pounds overweight been married 9 years. I am just curious to know why guys stare at and talk to the skinniest woman at a party and ignore the bigger woman and why they end up marrying the bigger woman.

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I think this is a stupid question! Because there is more to a person then just their weight. My wife is a little heavy and I would want it no other way. I love her body (plus I like her big breasts). Sure it might be fun to be with some one smaller some time but I guess that will be a fantasy. In the mean time I love what I have.

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What kind of guy do you fantasize about? Do you think you'll end up marrying him?

he!!....I'd be married to Vin Diesel then......but I'm not...
(and I'm one of the overweight girls you are talking about)

Guys and girls alike will all have their "fantasy" girl / guy.......

You marry someone because you LOVE them.......
Love goes past physical appearances and looks to what is inside someone.......that is what counts in a marriage......

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Because most women are overweight, and girls that look like models aren't readily available to the "average" man. If the guy is gorgeous, he'll probably won't marry a larger woman. Same thing if he's rich. Now, if he's neither, he'll end up with a more average woman.
I don't like how everyone here is defending being overweight; it's not healthy and it's not respectful of yourself. It's one thing to represent the curvaceous women, it's another to promote being overweight. If you work out an hour a day and still can't get that perfect body, who cares? You know you are healthy. Now if you've never seen the inside of a gym, and fall into the "lazy" category more than the big boned one...
Oh, and I'm 110 pounds and engaged, so men do marry the skinny ladies. They just have to work a little harder to get them :)

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There are as many answers to this as there are men who marry fat women. Posiblities include:
Man may prefer fat women but gives play to not fat women in public because that is what society expects him to do.
Man may love the woman and her body size is not what matters to him.
Man matures to the point where he recognizes that character is more important than a woman's hotness.
Man may feel he is never going to get a hot woman and settles for a fat woman.
Woman may have gained weight after marriage and man stays because he loves her.

Everybody has fantasies, but eventually we learn what really matters is having someone love us who we can love back is much more desirable than being with someone only because of looks. We all age, our bodies change, love is forever.

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Maybe they are losers? They settle for what they can get.

They look at playboy to see women they are too timid to try to ever ask out.

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Maybe because skinny girls are fun to look at, but when a guy picks a mate he is looking for someone he can do more then look at. As in talk to, listen too, laugh with, get along with...And sometimes that woman happens to be overweight.

True Love is blind

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Not all men were created equal & women were not either. I've
know some women that married men & then lost some weight because the new husbands cared so much about there health. I hope the link below, will be helpful.

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renee p
Men are creatures of sight. They enjoy looking at beautiful women. Many men do enjoy looking at heavier women. Who they look at has nothing to do with who they marry. Just like women, men marry for a variety of reasons. The woman he marries , he feels will fulfill the majority of his needs, not just his sexual ones.

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beauty is in the eye of the beholder-
enough said

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Because more and more women are becoming overweight. That means less and less are slender. That means there are more men for every slender woman compared to past times. This increases competition between men seeking those slender women. The man will talk to the woman at parties and try to court her, but other men also want her. If the man gets pushed out enough times he will feel he needs to lower his standards and settle for a woman who is less attractive. Believe me if he had a choice between having the same woman skinny or fat he will pick skinny 98% of the time.

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45 auto
Don't have a clue?? What they see> I like small> Might be they think they won't play around??There wrong>


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Because very hot women are "out of their league" and not available to them. They do want them but settle on what is available to them.

That is the ugly truth.

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I don't think men marry fat women unless they are no lady killer themselves. I think men marry their fantasy girls and she becomes fat. Thinking he'll still be attracted to her. She's wrong!! I personally don't know any men that are attracted to overweight women. I have a friend who is married to one but she GOT fat after their marriage and now he has affairs with thinner women.

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not all of us marry fat women. unless you call 5 feet, 100 pounds fat.

looks might be an initial attraction, but only a heart, a brain, and a sense of humor keep me interested. if she happens to not be super fat, all the better. if she has curves, that's fine too.

as men, we all have different likes and dislikes, and different 'cutoff' lines in our heads about a woman's weight,. some guys don't mind you being 30 pounds overweight. some guys do. it takes all kinds.

but we don't all stare at thin girls and then marry tubbos. it doesn't work that way.

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that judi
Why do people ask fathead questions here?

Who cares what someone looks like? Love is blind anyway. There will always be men who want trophy wives to make them look better/more virile in the eyes of society. And there will always be women who are AOK with that. SO..they can have EACH OTHER!! lol

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Some men can see past the "fat" and married the woman for who she was not the way she looks.

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Positive vibes
There's someone for everyone.

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Abby's A Singer
I don't where you are but men mainly do marry skinny girls.

They may end up fat after a few years but that is a different thing.

They are skinny when they're getting married.

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Mohammed S
because they love them

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because fantasy girls are fantasy girls because those girls don't exist. even the girls in the pictures don't look like that in real life. they have fake hair, fake boobs, a ton of makeup, and the pictures are airbrushed. ever see one of those girls without all the makeup, eewww. marriage is about love, not have beautiful you are, how small your waist is, or how big your boobs are. at the end of the day you want someone beside you to love.

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they know how to cook....obviously

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they love them that's why and it doesn't matter what's on the outside, it matter's what's on the inside.

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*cAn'T hOLd ME dOwn*
cause those girls are painted up and airbrushed. not real.. fantasy... get it?

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hey fat ladies need lovin too!

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Maybe because they love them!! its not only the outside people think about its the inside aswell! good!

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Because obviously they cannot get a playmate

Generally people stick with what they can get

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Paul M
beauty is in the eye of the beholder - you just not beholdin it.

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most playmates end up fat after being married and having a few kids.

i take it you are a skinny bitter single woman?

go bite a donut

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Client 9-Valerie X
Probably because most women aren't walking around computer enhanced and air-brushed after a three hour hair and full body make-up session and professional lighting...........

Just a thought..........

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i love looking at Ferraris and Porsches.. but i drive a toyota.

nuff said.

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Deja Vu!
...because they love the woman they chose to be with in life.

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