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Why Is My Husband Being So Rude/Mean?
He's always yelling at me in front of others like im deaf and dumb. He pushes me away when I try to get close to him & things i used to do to him bother him now, and recently never listens when I have something to say either he walks away or says nothing at all. No sex :(
Last time I asked him to shower with me he said "no, you go Im tired" so why he shower after me if he was soo dam tired. I always give him his space always spending time wid his friends & doing wat he likes.
Can stress really make you like this or could it be sumn else?
He's deploying soon and I want to enjoy these last 2 months together so How Do I Fix This?
HELL.P !!!
Additional Details
I've Been Ignoring All His BS And Let.N Things Go But I Feel Like Ima Explode Very Soon!

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For sure he find a woman better than you. It's ok don't bother him he will be back to you again after he's tired with other woman.

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Janet W
So the man wanted to take a shower alone, geez give him a break. I don't know why he doesn't want to be close to you but I suspect it's because your demanding. He's probably stressed about leaving. Stop it and start helping him more.

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Tell him you love him and want thing to work, but he is pushing you away -- ask him if he is happy or would he be happier not married.. let him simmer on that thought for awhile...

Also, get a vibrator and leave it out... tell him he is not satisfying you, so you need something to do it...

A man not paying attention to his wife is pulling away.. the only way he will push closer is if you pull away from him... grab a cup of self-esteem and do it.. show him you are willing to walk away if he does not pull his head out of his rump.

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Jane Marple
Let me tell you what's bothering him! He's gonna be missing the other woman he's been sleeping with! Your husband shows all the symptoms of a cheating husband.

He's being deployed...so what? my ex was deployed more then once and before leaving he would spend every second he could with us...not the opposite.

ADD: thanks Jane!

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LOVE yourself...first.
STOP bitchin and moanin'.
STOP pushing yourself off on him.
MAINTAIN military-silence...i.e. shut YOUR mouth.
SHUT your mouth.
ALLOW him to wonder what's going on with you.
SHUT your mouth.
STOP pushing yourself off on him.
STOP bitchin' and moanin.
STOP it.
STOP it.
STOP it.
PULL back and everything you've been wondering about as far as your husband is concerned will come to you so easily!
CONTINUE to ignore his BS and move on with your life.
LISTEN to what he's saying to you.
SEE what the situation really is; DON'T blink.
MOVE on.

It may take a little while, but you're gonna be OK.

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I agree 100% with the other Jane!!!!

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He's being deployed! He's probably scared s**tless! He's pushing you away because he knows there's a chance he could die, and his inferior male mind thinks his BS will make you hate him, and when he's gone you won't miss him as much. TALK to him about it, explain to him you know he's scared but trying to push you away will do nothing. He's doing this now, but when the two months are up, the night before he gets deployed he's going to be panicking and not wanting to leave you.
Really, this is not a big problem. My husband has PT SD and he's always treating me like this. You have to realize you have idea what he's going through, and talk to him about it.

Hope this helped.

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I am not trying to be negative, but those are signs of cheating.

With the understanding that he is about to be deployed, he should be really cherishing this time with you, not his friends. Well, I am my husband friends, he has forsaken all others. Anyway, maybe you should layoff, find yourself a hobby, hang out with your girls, prepare yourself for when he leaves, you might as well get use to doing your own thing. The vows are for better or for worse, sometimes it gets worse before the better. Stop pushing him to pay you attention - nagging is annoying lay off, play his game, I am not into games, but if you ignore, him for a while, like weeks, not just a day or two, he will be wondering why? He will come to you, start having a life, even if don't have friends, men like women with other interests then, themselves.

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Look my husband is in the military too and just because he's going on deployment doesn't give him the right to yell at you in front of others, and cause distance between the both of you. Usually the distance thing happens before deployment, but he's going to the extreme. There should be a family support person for his command, that you can contact to ask for advice.

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your husband is acting just like mine dear, i don't know where this hatred is coming from, but mine is divorcing me now i saw it coming and nothing i could do because he was not listening to me at all so we lost communication. i tried but all i can say to you if you still loves him just let him know for the last time that you are tired with this that he is doing and ask the way forward to him because you can't stay there being so frustrated talk to him my friend and try to do what's best for your health

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He is deploying soon and you HAVE NO IDEA what is going on in his head. He has to leave behind his wife, his family and friends and with the rate of deaths, he is more than likely **** scared he won't come home. Have you thought about that he is deliberately trying to push you away in case something happens? For heaven sake, sit down and talk to him. I mean talk sensibly to him. Tell him your scared, tell him that he is doing this isolation thing to you -he might not even be aware of it. I tell you every time my man was away (4 tours) I was **** scared he wasn't coming home. Every time I saw where a helicopter crashed or was fired at I panicked. If this is his first time away, he only knows from friends what it is like, the loneliness, the isolation etc. I understand if he is trying to cover his feelings by doing what he is doing. All men are different in these circumstances. Solve it now so you might have a chance to enjoy each other. Just don't try to push him into things, it won't work. Good luck.

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Say it Like it Is :)
Stress is a killer in relationships. Maybe the thought of him deploying is making him nervous. I would love to call him an ahole and tell you you should leave him, but with the deployment in there I can understand how stressful that can be. Is this his first deployment? Is he scared, maybe holding in his feelings? We tend to shut people out when we are scared or if we have been hurt before. Sit him down and talk to him, let him know you love him but you need him to let you know how he is feeling. You aren't a mnd reader. Good luck, I hope you guys work it :)

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