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 I'm at the end of my rope...?
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 Why do a lot of people say this about cheaters?
That if he/she loved their spouse they wouldn't cheat on them.

Well i dont agree with that because just because a person cheats doesn't mean they dont love their spouse.


 Husband out partying?
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 If cheating is supposed to be the worst of all marriage evils...?
why is "financial issues" cited as the number one cause of divorce by far?...

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My son is 16 a Sophomore in High School. The other day a kids attacked him from behind. My son dodged his swings and did not swing back because he knew he would get suspended. If anything he held him ...

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My husband and I got married on March 27th, 2009. We have been doing great, no huge arguments or fights, that I could tell. Yesterday we were wrestling and laughing and having a good time, I work ...

 Long question but please read and help-- at first I thought I was ok but the way he is acting now I am annoyed?
How would you take this?
So I have been very close friends with this guy we will call him “James” for 1 1/2 years and best friends with his sister (although she and the family do not talk to ...

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 How much "time and space" do guys need?
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 Guys, have you tried Niagara?
If you can't afford the blue pill or the bathtubs in the back yard have you tried Niagara, spray starch.

Stiff crisp and sprays easy.

Who had tried this?
Additional D...

 Does it bother you to say the "D Word" to your spouse?
Even jokingly? I've found that since I've gotten married, I can hardly say that word (Divorce) around him. It sounds really harsh and like I am tainting the marriage lol.
Just a random ...

 A few years back nampa Idaho had a woman mayor what was her name?

 Husband's manager.... can she do this?
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 Why is this okay for men, but not for women?
In a relationship, when a man is emotional and indecisive about whether or not he wants to be with the girl it's looked upon as legit and understandable. However, when a woman experiences the ...

 Just women! What kind of thoughts are in your mind when you are being a jerk or an b**ch?
We all know what a jerk is. If oyu are one of those, I would like you to answer my question.
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 Does marriage feel like your joined at the hip to your spouse? What things do you do separate from each other?
Or did you lose yourself when you got married?

The Other Woman....

 I have no idea how or when to wear lingerie..?
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 Is it wrong in your opinion?
to be friends with a man if you lost your husband 3 months ago to cancer? Say the woman and her husband had no kids and she took care of him in his sickness and needed to be around women friends and ...

What would you do if you caught your husband talking to his ex girlfriend?
We have been married for 8 years and his ex asked him to be her friend on myspace so he added her. Ever since he has been treated me like crap until I made him tell her that he was only there for her as a friend. He has been away for a week with the military and has since been treating me like crap again. since the cell phone bill is in my name i can check the call detail on the internet and sure enough he called her moms just like she wanted and has been talking to her ever since last friday. He has been starting little fights with me asking me if I have been faithful while he is away. I texted the whore and she said he talking to her like he wants her back and wants to sleep with her that hes been wanting her for a long time and wish they didnt break up. I asked him about it and he said he was just being friends with her. I said shes ur ex gf u dont be friends with her. i said u wouldnt have called her unless u want something from her. But he insist im being stupid. He said he was sorry that he shouldnt have called her. I'm really upset right now and hurt by it all. The whole time he's been down there he's been to busy for me. He forgot to say I love u when he hung up yesterday something he never does. What do u think he wanted from her. What should I do. I cant trust him he hurt me to bad. please help any advice needed except smart a** ones.

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i think he is missing something from the marriage and through this ex is trying to fill in that void. whatever that may be.

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Mrs. A²
Well, given the fact that he was hiding his phone calls from you, you really have no choice to believe what his ex told you. That is something he brought upon himself. If I were you, I wouldn't wait around for him to cheat on me. You can do better. Best wishes ;)

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Kick his sorry A** to the curb and don't let him come back. He has cheating on his mind, whats next.

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I used the LOVE MUST BE TOUGH book in a past relationship situation like this.

We broke up and it was for the better. Divorced.

Then my fiance met up with his ex from high school (they dated 1.5 mos) and he left me 2 mos before the wedding. the more you beg, etc. the faster he runs away.

I am sorry.

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He only telling you what you want to hear because you caught him red handed. Plus, I guarantee the same conversation you had with him- he told his ex everything. Now he just going to be real careful on now what not to do. You should act like you AGAIN trust him and will no longer try to catch his every snake move. But really watching every move he make and how he treats you. Collect all that information and make sure you have set in you mind and heart, what you want for yourself. What you wish to happen? Would you stay with him if you found out he cheated? What is cheating to you? Can you forgive him? Can you trust his ex-girl? What ever you accept, it will happen. Don't be surpise if you catch him and ex talking again if you accept this non sense.

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I hate to say leave him, but no one deserves to treat you like crap. Not unless you are treating him like a dog too. If you have kids, it may be too hard to leave - I don't know.

I am hoping he learns his lesson and gets away from her - tell him it hurts you and see what he does. If he isn't there for you, maybe it's time.........

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i would tell him its me or her or leave

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Unfortunately I think you have him red handed by the cell phone bill. The next step would be to think if you want to see if he is willing to go to marriage counseling or if you want out of the marriage. I know that you can't trust anything out of her mouth, because she will only say self-serving things. If you want to make it work, that is your decision, and should be worked on by both of you.

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LOOK OUT HONEY - The SH** is about to hit the fan. This is the beginning to a terrible mess. He is lieing and hiding things from you. The GF says he wants sex and misses her. Yeap NOT GOOD. He is calling her while gone. YEAP NOT GOOD> HE is lieing to about being sorry also. It wont stop. You need to put your foot down and tell him he is to stop or your Leaving. If he doesn't stop Id leave PERIOD>

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alfreida h
You've been married 8 years, that's a long time, there's no way you should give up your husband, if he's talking to her it's for one reason & one reason only. Sit him down and let him know how you truly feel, see how he respone once you talk to him you should be able to tell what his intentions are. if he want her let her have him he's in the military you will be able to get paid real good because they are not allowed to cheat on their wives. you are hurting mentaly but you can hurt him financialy. it's so funny how he would want his ex, things must not have been that good, he married you not her, so she couldn't be all that! some men are like dogs when they pee on a hydrent they all was try and find a way to pee there again. he called you stupid no you're not it's him thats stupid for thinking you can't feel what's going on. believe me it won't last long what ever's going on! continue being the best wife & pray for him, you can even through this & take no blame! Good luck!

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i know its not what you would want to hear but it definately sounds like he is being more than JUST friends with her, you know from experiences of couples that i've known, once a guy starts treating you like that, he will never REALLY change and it usually ends in a messy divorce or a split... if i were you, i would find out exactly what he is doing with her and confront him about it, try to talk and dont get in to a fight it will do no good but handle it like adults. if you know he will be the same and treat you bad, you know its better to leave him then to stick around and get treated like crap

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He's obviously up to no good and you already know this. I wouldn't take that crap if I were you - leave him.

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ask him what is missing from your marriage and but the spice back in befroe she dose tell him you want the marriage to work and talk to him don't shout at him about it . Tell him how it made you feel and that you dont want to loss him over her and see what he misses from that relationship and but it in yours

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Ruby Jane
l really think this ex....has opened up an exciting chapter for him.
Lay it on the line to him....that he either stop any communication with her....
Or he can pack his bags and move in with the ex.
Your only alternative is an ultimatum.
Either way....l would still have doubts about him.

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T's world
it sounds like he is hooked on his ex again. he disrespected your marriage by talking to her without you saying it was ok. ex's are not allowed in a marriage. that's why they are ex's. he is having a emotional affair with her. he is use to you. she is fresh and new and exciting. forbid him to Speak to her again. you can loose him over and emotional affair. that kind of affair is worst than an sexually one.

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Obviously, there is something there. The question is "What?" First of all, you should be mad at him, not her. Why get upset with the female? She can only go as far as your husband is willing to go! Now granted, she may be a whore, but your husband is the one who is at fault as far as you should be concerned. Have an honest talk with him, no accusations, no yelling and etc. The truth may come out. Maybe, it won't. However, right now all you have is speculation, and the word of a woman who just might want what you have, and that is your husband. Who and/or what are you going to believe?

Be Blessed?

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first of all
dont stress to bad about it
cause it ain't gon do any good
and second of all you should trust him
and don't listen to the ex gf
she probably said that because she
is jealous of you guys relationship
and she wanted to break it up
so don't let her get to you..
and he prob did have a phase
wanting to go back with his ex
but it seems like he noticed
that he really had something
special and that is you..
so trust him now and if he is
lying trust me its gonna come back
on him and good things arent gonna
happen...heres another thing
theres this thing called the 80/20 rule
why would he leave the 80 (you) for a 20 ( his ex).
I'm just 15 so e-mail me if this helps u out.

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you should have both grown up by now...if you can't, leave and let the ex have him.

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Well it sounds like he is having ideas about leaving the relationship. And since he's been talking to her behind your back that's not a good sign at all. It just shows he would be willing to do more behind your back. He's obviously lying to you. You should reconsider whether or not you want to me in a relationship with a man who would go behind your back and then lie about it...on top of the fact that he apparently wants to be involved with his ex again. If it were me I would dump him. I'm sorry. :(

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