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What to do when your husband's friends and hobby are more important than you?

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Get a hobby of your own and perhaps a new friend, wink wink say no more.

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Coffee Beans
fish-net stockings.

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Have a girls night out, hook up with some hot guy, divorce and take all his money. There are so many wonderful things you could do.

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Leave him unless you enjoy being last.

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to him nobody should be more important then you,get a hobby yourself and ignore him for a few days,,.

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Anonymous Girl
consult him and ask him to start paying attention you then his friends and his hobby!

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get new friends

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Alwyn C
Maybe you should get some friends and hobbies that are more important than him and give him a taste of his own medicine.

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Stephanie C
talk to him and if that doesn't work, give him an ultamatum it's either you or his hobbies, guys need to have their mates but you are his wife and you need yr alone time too!!!!

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if i were you, i'll find a way to enjoy my life without him...
it doesn't mean i would divorce him...
but more like, I'll enjoy more with my life no having him around.. Like he does to you right now...

more like, go out with your friend(s)..., start taking some kinda class, or start working as a part-time (if you are housewife).. etc

Once you're busy with yourself, you'll forget of being loneliness...

I think a man gets worse if a woman tells him what to do and what she doesn't like him to do...

the more you leave him alone, the more he would come up to you...

a man needs a challenge...

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Hang out with your friends more! Find a hobby! More than likely, your husband is not looking at it that way. He will understand a mirror affect more than he will understand your nagging him.

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Joe S
Take away his dungeons and dragons and let him come home to you in just an apron nothing else! lol

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Don't *****. Talk.

That means you don't want to come across as nagging, complaining or wanting to change him. This is how you have to do it.

You need to first be clear in your mind what you want. You want to be the primary thing in his life, right? Not "exclusive" right? Surely he's allowed to have friends and hobbies. You just don't want to feel like he'd always rather be with them than you. Correct?

O.k. - once you are clear on that, you need pick a moment. Maybe when it's quiet and you two are watching t.v. on the couch or snuggling in bed. You tell him you want to tell him about how you have been feeling lately and you wonder if he will listen. He'll tell you to tell him, unless he's a complete creep. So, then you say, "lately I have been feeling as if you don't value me, and that you would rather be doing things other than being with me. I'm not saying you mean to do anything, and maybe I'm just being silly, but I feel hurt and unimportant sometimes." Then he's going to ask you why you feel that way. And you need to tell him what you want at that point. You say, "I want to see you more, and be with you more."

Don't make it about him NOT doing hobbies or having friends. Make it about him paying more attention to you. Then if he gets defensive and says that he has a right to have friends and hobbies you say, "of course you do - I want you to have friends and hobbies - I want you to be happy and have everything you want. All I want is to feel important to you, and loved by you."

There's no defense to that. Any guy will cave in and want to make you feel better. If he doesn't, you have to question whether he loves you.

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The Joker
wrap him up in a net and show him his hobby being done by you repeatedly

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jeff b
You already know the answer....get a boyfriend.

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Golden Babe
You need to talk to him to see what he wants out of life.
Maybe you need to spend more time together.

Maybe going to marriage counselling for help.

Try and work things out specially if you have children involved
Good luck!

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Go find your own friends and get a hobby of your own!

Your hubby needs his friends and his own space, so instead of hating him for it, encourage it and do the same yourself!

It will make the time the two of you spend together that much sweeter!

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lol I'm gonna have to go with the fishnet stockings as well :)

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well, tell him the next time he wants some afternoon or midnight delight to see his male friends for some. There is no reason why he should treat you this way. unless you said something that might have offend him?

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Sean C
Show some interest in what he's doing. Go out with him and his friends. Do you even ask if you can join him?

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Id be having a chat with him over this and tell him it upsets you. But I would be asking yourself....
Do you not enjoy his hobby??
What about his mates, do you enjoy their company?
Does my relationship need a re-vamp?
Are we still inlove??
Is there someone else?
Are we still attracted to each other?
Am I just over-reacting?

If your husband is leaving you out of the equation, why dont you spend your time going to the gym or getting yourself pampered.

When your husband notices that you are getting on with your life and are happy, he will want to hopefully, be around you a whole lot more.

If not, then I really hope that you know whats best for you and make a decision on wether or not you like the way your marriage is going...

Goodluck and Cheer up

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find someone else if he doesn't change

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Get your own friends and hobbys.
You will find if you do not need him, he will need you?

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me and my family
talk to him about it tell him how you feel
I had to go through it to and it will work if you are persistent
try and see if it is something that you are doing to make him stay out of the house and if there is then try to fix it

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If you already tried telling how you feel , try again but in a different way. If that doens't work get you some friends, a hobby and life and then his friends and hobby will be less important to you! Then he will start to see how it feels.

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Try talking to him about it, if that doesn't work....
Gets some hobbies of your own without him. see how he likes it....
If he doesn't mind your new hobbies without him, leave him, he doesn't need you, why should you need him?

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enjoy your time alone, be more independent he will notice

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Contorted Brains
Theres boundaries, set em' and agree, or forget him...

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you show him whos boss but in all reality you need to communicate we are all not mid readers just sit him and down and tell him how you feel and if that doesnt change anything then you start being serious and go to consoling and or leave him

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you slap him on the back of his head, so he turns around and looks at you leaving him.......lol

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Talk to him about how you feel. he may not see things the same way you do.

if he still acts that way, well then you have a decision to make.

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