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What to do whan a girl will not stop calling and texting my husband?
she nows we are married and have kids but she still keeps calling and txting my hubby...he ignores her calls and her msgs but i have come to a point as to were i have had enought of her BS and i just want her to leave us alone.

i have spoken to her and she really is crazy, cz she acted like she was married to my husband and like she had the right to say all the things she says to him through the phone.

i just want her to stop. please help me...
Additional Details
he cant change his number cz its his business phone and we own our own business, so changing the number is out of the question

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you and your husband should talk to her and just tell her to back off

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ummm tell your husband he needs to lay down the law to her....... he needs to make it clear to her she had better stop calling...... or if worst comes to worst change the phone number

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Your husband may not be telling you everything....of course he will deny knowing her or having anything to do with her in your presence. It's up to your husband to nip this in the bud once and for all ....so why hasn't he?

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Deb B
Call your cell phone provider and have them put a BLOCK on her number..that way she can no longer call his phone.

Sorry but are you absolutely positive your husband isn't doing something to lead her on? It doesn't seem like she'd keep it up if he was truly ignoring her.

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Maggie's HeyBabe
Courtney... I like the first one, but the BJ one is priceless!

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I had the SAME problem!
He did answer her calls and text her back until i said enough is enough!!! told him its causing too much stress on our relationship so its her or me. Then he chose me of course, she still text/call him and he never answered. I got really mad so he had to tell her HIMSELF to stop. But one drunk night she called him and he hung up on her, and i told her he was so mad for calling and to leave us the f*ck alone, he hates you he wants nothing to do with you. Thankfully we havent heard from her in a while :)

Point is, he has to tell her to stop. or you can jsut change your phone number!!!

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well you could get the police involved or get the network to block her number from contacting him.

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Gee....why would a woman constantly text a married man? And he 'ignores' her.

Whatever could have prompted her to text him in the first place? And hey....don't you have to give someone your cell number to receive texts? How do you think she came upon that?

You'll find she probably acts like she can do this for the plain and simple reason she probably screwed him. Think about it. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Getting the picture yet oh blind one?

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Firstly you need to see what her relationship with your husband is. Are they friends? Do they bump into each other occaisionally? Or even worse, do they work together?

You need to ask him if there are any feelings he has towards her so that you understand that he really isn't interested in her. You also need to make him realise what he could lose if he ever cheated on you. He has a family now and responsibilities come with that, he can't be texting and on the phone to another woman, thats not right.

Secondly, i would ask him if he would change his number so that she can't get in contact with him anymore. Tell him that you don't like it and ask him how he would feel if he was in your situation and you were getting all that attention from another man.

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You need to tell your husband to ask her to stop. It sounds like he has not done so. How do you know what he does when not around you. I am not saying he is cheating, but he can put an end to this. if all else fails get a restraining order against her.

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Ah, ... you can't get her to stop calling and texting your husband? I wonder if you've checked with hubby to see if he's interested in getting her to stop

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The Brain ^.^
Here is what you do: (Excuse the language) slap the bit** across her face, and see what she has to say then.

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are you sure he's not having an affair with him?

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Tell her she is basically harassing your hubby and if she doesn't stop you will go to the police.

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Nancy W
What has your husband said about it to her? He should tell her he's not interested and to leave him alone. after that it's stalking and harassment, and should be treated as such

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Lyrics Queen
Does he ignore it when you are not around? There has to be a reason she keeps doing it. Think about it, you are a woman, would you keep calling or texting someone who was not responding to you?

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I think your husband should change his phone number for a start.

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he's going to have to change his phone number.

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ann s
It's up to your husband to tell her to stop.

Chance his phone number and if she calls again, someone gave it to her

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Eric N
put nails at the end of her driveway

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You can't control her or your hubby. You need to trust him and block her.

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Wow im going to be a mum Again!!
Punch in the face
Get your husband to have a word or two
Change Mobile Phones!!!!

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How did she get his phone number?

Get a restraining/no contact order.

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You schedule a meeting pretending to be ya husband... and wen she get there u BEAT HA ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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get a new phone number and be sure your hubby doesn't give it out. And while I was at it make a police report.

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Your husband needs to tell her very directly to leave him alone and never call again...why doesnt he just change numbers?

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Can he change his number?

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euriese f

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change your husband's cell number.

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Sabine É
Get him a new phone. If she does it to his new number, you know he's playing games with her.

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Courtney M.P.
She can't get it because she is nuts! Get that restraining order, press harrassment charges and stalking! My guess is that she is wanting to drive you away and get him. I am sure you and he have already said take a hike and cut it out. You may ask her what she is trying to accomplish with this activity as well if she is caplable of a conversation that is!

Here are some things you can tell her when she calls:

-I am really glad that you have done this it has strengthened our bond and made him appreciate what a wonderful wife I am and without your crazy azz he never would have realized just how good he has it.
-Sorry I am in the middle of a B.J. right now and you are really killing the mood, can you be crazy at a more convenient time for me?
-You know I heard that this type of activity can be helped with medicine would you like the name of a great doctor?
-My husband feels you were a horrible mistake and that is why he didn't stick around with you, for your own sake please get the help you need so you can find a new person to fixate on.
-Do you know we considered naming our dog after you... yeah we were afraid that it would act rabid and we didn't want to put it down, you on the other hand I wouldn't mind so much.
-If I paid for your euthenasia would you accept?
-We are in the middle of a wonderful dinner, but we will have to pray again now that you have called and give thanks for the sanity in our house.
-It is amazing that after all this time you are still calling, you know if you hadn't went crazy on us I would have never known about you at all.

Instead of getting angry make educated smart azz attacks exemplifying the fact that she is a crazy bi+ch! Don't get angry or show that it affects either of you and I suggest that he start just handing over the phone to you immediately, that will send the message that he stands by you!

He could ask her though,
-Red or yellow, she will say what, roses for my wife you just reminded me that I should show her how thankful I am for her.
-Have you ever felt that you made a huge mistake and wish you could go back in time and do things over, her response, yeah that is how I feel about ever even speaking to you.

She wants to get a reaction and by not giving her the reaction she wants and repeatedly insulting and pointing out that she is nuts you may finally get somewhere.

Good luck, it has to suck. I have dealt with some crazy chicks and this seems to work best, they don't expect a lack of anger and lack reason so they can't battle you on wits or attacks like this.

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