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She said"let me see your PENIS before i kiss you".I asked her why, she said "because of your type".SERIOUSLY ?
How do you respond to such a question?

This black girl i was interested asked to see my penis while we were kissing. I was so confused. I asked her "why?". All she said was "I have heard not so good stories about white guys and how little they are". I'm blessed, confident and comfortable with my manhood but I was in shock. I thought she was better than that.

Any way she helped herself by putting her hand in my pants and touching my Manhood. I was so turned off by the fact that she had been leading me on while she had negative thoughts about white men's sexual abilities. I felt belittled by what she said

I ended up cutting the night short. She called me the next day and said she was impressed with what she felt in my pants. I stopped calling her because I did not want to deal with a woman that thinks white men suck in bed. She keeps calling me. She wants to see me. She wants to have dinner with me tonight.

I told her I will think about it and call her later.

what do you think? I was really attracted to her, I think I'm still attracted to her but disappointed with her way of thinking.

Should I go to dinner and talk to her about her behavior. Is she worth it? Do you think ?

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beat that up I like to call that grudge *******, just go in with the intention of tearing it up make her scream your name and never give her the time of day after

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Woah!!! Hold up! Male (hetero)sexuality is characterized by power, confidence, and determination.

She asks to see your penis, and the only response you come up with is "why?" She was clearly in the mood to have a little fun, and your immediate response was to question her motives! This shows weakness and insecurity. Why should you care why she wants to see it? Remember, confidence is not a physical attribute. Even well-endowed men can be insecure.

I infer that you did not have it out with her that night and tell her why you were bothered. Since you were bothered, why didn't you? What did you tell her when you "cut the night short?" Was it a bogus excuse that she probably saw through? Did you not want to reveal what you really felt?

She asks you to dinner, and you tell her you'll think about it? You're unsure again?

To be a phenomenal sexual performer men must have both equipment and attitude. She suspects whites of being inferior, and now has a good basis for that suspicion. Will you ask her if everything is just right every few moments in bed? Will you ask her how she wants to be positioned? Will you take minutes making sure the lights or whatever are right while she's waiting to be taken? Uncertainty is generally very unattractive to females.

If you want the woman, then grow a pair and nail her. Be a man about it.

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Not worth it. You deserve better, man.

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Two words.. Glory Hole.

Figure it out

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John K
Dude just use her for sex. She dosn't care about you anyways.

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OMG, she is a penis reader, I have heard of this, they are rare and really good. You are so lucky to *** across one. Dude, she is a bigger player than you are.

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As a black female, I suggest you stop seeing her.
She sounds like an ignorant *****.
And p.s. not all black girls think that way either, just for the record.
Size doesnt matter at all to me or most of us. It's just the ignorance out there.

Good luck.

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WHOA is my first reaction to this. lol.wow..Attracted to her or not, that did not show good caracter on her part and definatly shows not a good sign of her caracter, so i'd say run now while u can.

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Smells Great All Day ®
go to dinner and talk it out

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David G
Ok, so.. she might be a moron, and you might be, too. Quit thinking so much! Do you know how many guys there are in the world who were born with genetic defects that will prevent them from ever even having a chance to get into such a situation? Go for it. She's probably judgemental and believes everything she hears, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have other positive attributes that make up for it.. like a desire to touch your penis. She stuck her hand down your pants and you said, "why?" Seriously, let yourself have a good time once in a while.

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she is stupid for sure.

I don't think of white men in that way. I have been with white men and I know first hand that white men and just like black men, some are small and other are big.

Some black guys and white girls are the ones that say these things to keep a black girl from falling with a white guy.

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if you really like her than talk to her about it,maybe she doesn't even know she offended you,nobody's perfect. this could be something you can work out I don't think it's that big of a deal.

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I would not go out with her if I were you. In a good relationship, people should choose to be together because of who the people are personality-wise, not based on physical attributes. I think it was rude and immature what she did. I believe that size doesn't matter. I would love my hubby if his dick were .5 in or 12 in long! She is shallow if this is how she chooses to judge people. Move on!!!!!

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I can understand where you are coming from, but at the same time, at least make the attempt to talk to her about it and explain your concerns before just "writing her off" and not talking to her anymore.

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coolness personified
Had being in oyur place, I would have shown her heaven then and there banging left and right...

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She might be a freak if you ask me. There is no way a WOMAN (no matter what color she is) would disrespect herself by wanting to see your penis on the first kiss. Honestly, I think that you should confront her with your feelings. She had no right to do this and you guys are not even officially dating or anything. But seriously, I am black and it kinda is told to us that white guys have smaller penis than black guys ( I know that it is not true ) but it it told us. You gus should really talk about how uncomfortable she made you. Good Luck!

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No I would Not give her the time of day! There is more to a man than his manhood,Go find a Real women.

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I think she might be listening to stereotypes a little too much. I think the best way to deal with this is to meet with her and talk to her about what she did. Tell her you did not appreciate what happened and that you actually considered not coming to see her. The last part of the line may make her see how much it affected you and that she was way out of line. Don't be mean to her though. That will only make her have a worse attitude. If she is truly sorry about what she did then if you want, keep seeing her. If she still thinks she is right, again its your decision, but you may want to cut it short. Judging by what she said about wanting to see your penis before kissing, it seems that all she wants in a relationship is sex. Again its still your decision. Dont' let this answer lead your life for you.

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Mary & Mike
Depending on my mood, after hearing that 'request' I'd either tell her to
F-off, or... turn and walk away in silence. What a whack! Ewww.

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If she is cooking the meal then HECK YES GO! Then after eating say thanks but I will take my small peins elsewhere for dessert and leave!

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leave that trick alone. she's superficial and not worthy of your time. and please don't let this alter your opinion of all black women, we're not all that frikin "stoopit".

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smart girl!! j/k haha

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sport billy
are you sure she wasnt feeling your bankroll? just who is buying the grub? sistas only cross the line for white boys with money.

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Vanity Affaire
I would not be with some woman who actually generalized an entire race of people just because of what she's heard. That's ignorant and she's ignorant. How would she have felt if you said, "Hey, let me pull your hair and see if it's real because I heard black girls don't have real hair?" Do you know how ignorant that sounds? Just as ignorant as her comment and I wouldn't want to be around someone like that. She should have wanted to get to know you for who you are, and who cares if you have a big penis or a small penis? That shouldn't have been what it's about. Sounds like she's only after one thing and she sounds like not only is she ignorant, but has no class either. Tell this girl to lose your number and move on.
Hopefully she didn't warp your perception of black girls because we're all not like that just like all white people aren't ignorant.

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ahh thats deff rude, but i dont think that grounds to totally dump her.....i think that alot of white girls would prolly be saying the same things about black men in there heads (like o i hear black men are hugeeee) but none with the balls to say it. has she ever been with a white man before? if not then let this one time slide. maybe if u werent as well endowed as u are, id tell her to take a hike. but as long as ur confident and were before u even statred speaking to her, just write it off as a dumb little comment. some people just dont know when to shut up. if shes still blunt with alot of other things then get rid of her.

good luck

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Wow, I am Speechless!!

That was really really Rude and Disrespectful of her, SERIOUSLY!!

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Queen of Beer
Depends what you want from her. She sounds like a big hobag.

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I think you should not see her..but you are still attracted to her maybe you should teach her how to talk to people and have manner.

I don't know where people get this stupidity that white guys have small manhoods. I would find it offensive too.

I swear not all of us black girls think that way. I know men come in different sizes and race has nothing to do with it.

Do not allow this one stupid black girl to Represent all of us black girls.

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dinny's engaged!!
I wouldn't have dinner with her ever. If she doesn't like you for you, she's not worth it. There's alot more to a person than his 'manhood'. Obviously she doesn't know that.

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box of rain
...and then you woke up, changed your underwear, and had breakfast...

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She's def someone to bring home to mom..
<insert sarcastic eye roll here>

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