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 How can I tell my pregnant wife that I'm leaving her for another better looking woman?
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Pregnant with Husband's Best Friend! DEVASTATED!!!?
Please don’t judge me. I’ve been married with my husband for 9 years and we have 3 beautiful children together. But my husband has been suffering from diabetes and it has compromised his sex drive. For the past 3 years I have been driving to the city and having intimate encounters with other men. (Please don’t judge) I have not told my husband this. I believe if you truly love someone then you’d do anything in your power not to hurt them.

6 months ago my husband’s best friend and I have become intimate. We found out recently that I’ve become pregnant. I feel bad about betraying my husband. But I love both men. I don’t know what to do! I will not hurt my husband and tell him the truth! He is a good man. But I cannot say it is his child because he would not believe me. I am absolutely DEVASTATED about this. Help!!

Please don’t judge. I am a kind woman.

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you need to think about what your going to choose to do with the baby, and go from there. the thruth is the best way to go . and about hurting your husband thats too late whats done is done. come out with the truth to him after you decide what your going to do with the baby.you know him best , i'm sure you know what his reaction will be . its to late for regrets and i'm sorry. good luck and i hope your husbands finds a better person

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Martin Pedersen
I was kind of expecting a question after all of that.

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Basically you made a conscious choice that you will have to deal with no matter what the outcome is. The most important thing now is the unborn child. You were a terrible person to do this to your husband and if you made vows to God and disobeyed them you will have alot to deal with. You need to learn what love is really all about because apparently you slept your way through that too.

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You have to tell both of them, NOW. The longer you wait, the greater the hurt will be on all three of you.

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Kaya M
Blue, you need to tell your husband and face whatever consequences you have to face. Yes, he is a good man who deserve better behavior than what you are doing. Oh, he will be hurt but it better coming from you than anyone else. Good Luck!

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sorry but you are very hypocritical. you said

"I believe if you truly love someone then you’d do anything in your power not to hurt them."

from that statement, you obviously don't truly love your husband if you are cheating on him. that would HURT him. you are betraying him.

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You will become lonely and resented by the people who once loved you, your children will resent you for being a Ho and breaking up their parents.
Look foward to the next chapter of your screwed up life.
There is no easy way out of the mess you have created, face the consquences of your actions.

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Don't judge, your on yahoo asking a question then asking not to be judged....lol, Time to grow up lady you have 3 other children to worry about then being horny and wanting sex all the time. I hope your husband leaves you, because you couldn't of been woman enough to talk to your husband about your issue that your having with your sex life.

Grow up and tell him the truth then go get some therapy cause you need it.

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unix... peace be still...
if u were on the receiving end of your betrayal... would you forgive/ have you back?

you give us women a bad name... and im not judging just stating the obvious

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moonstruck buys pineapples ★
If you're going to screw around on your partner you might want to consider using protection next time to avoid getting pregnant with another man's child.

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Firstly i will never ever do what you have under any circumstance but i will skip the sermon and address the question at hand.

I think you should stop calling the other man your husband friend ( because obviously he is far from a friend and kinda backstabber). In your case you should have the baby and tell your husband the truth that he is not the father.Once that is in place then you cease all contacts with the so called friend of the husband. If the matter goes to court and u get divorce from your husband still don't date the friend ( he is no good) not that you are saint but the damage is done.

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♥Slim Diva♥™
You messed up,bottom line. First of all you shouldn't have been doing this mess. Secondly,you should've been using protection,knowing that you were doing something that you wasn't suppose to be doing.Thirdly,you should've considered getting an abortion. Your husband was sick, so what gives you the audacity to go search for sex elsewhere?That's crazy. The two of you should've invested in some sex toys or something,or just pleased yourself. But the word KARMA is a reminder of all of this.

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wow you shouldve kept your panties up!

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A kind woman????

Kind people dont treat thier spouses this way, and if you truely loved ur husband then u would not have cheated on him. Therefore its safe to say u have feelings for him but love playing around on him and should tell him the truth so u both can move on and be happy with other people.

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I don't believe you truly love your husband then, because you went out of your way to hurt him more than once, all because of your selfishness.
I could see you being devastated the first time, but to go out and do it several times............give me a break, you could of bought a vibrator.

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Your asking people not to judge...


I understand you have your biological needs, your husband is suffering from a disease. And I'm sure it bothers him more then you know, not to be able to have relations with his wife...not to mention just the day to day of the disease.

It is one thing to go into the "city" to release your sexual frustration with random men that you don't care about(which is a moral question in itself) but his best friend? I mean come on...that is horrible judgement. You have done alot of damage at this point, and bringing another human being into this world, in this situation, is not kind.

I'm not judging, but the way I see it, you need to tell the truth...bottom line. ESPECIALLY if you are going to keep the baby.

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My husband had a condition which left him unable to have sex for seven years. So I went without - because I believe that if you truly love someone then you will do everything in your power not to hurt them.

You're a kind woman? Yes - but what kind of woman are you? I think we all know now.

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You said that if you Truly love someone then you'd do anything in your power not to hurt them. Well then you must not truly love your husband. Because you have been hurting him. Eventually the truth will come out. You need to get over yourself and tell your husband. Its the least you can do for him. He has a right to know. Your being selfish. You are far from being a kind woman.

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Angel Y
If you are so worried about being judged then why are you telling people this stuff knowing what they will say?

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Doctor Chocolate
sorry, you made the bed...or beds... now its time to lay in them

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i WILL judge you... you are not a kind woman. You're a selfish cheater. Your husband is sick and instead of staying with him and dealing with it "In sickness and in health" you go whoring yourself to his best friend.

You obviously don't truly love your husband, so just tell him. He deserves to know so he can leave you, your skank @$$, and your bastard baby.

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Chelsey the Deer Hunter =)
so what do you want me to answer? Of course you need to tell him. dont use the poor me husband has no sex drive bs, have you never heard of your fingers or sex toys????? you dont want to hurt him.... you already have! why not hammer the nail harder. He deserves an honest woman and a new "best friend" leave him- if you loved him you wouldnt be in love with his friend.

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What kind of help can we give you? You are pathetic, I feel very sorry for your husband.

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you should of thought about the consquences before you wrote this Question! Its to late I think :) good luck!

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~~HaVe An AwEsOmE dAy~~
You can't have it both ways. You either tell him and hurt him or you don't tell him and he will find out anyways because he will notice you are getting bigger. You say not to judge because you are a kind woman well kind women don't sleep with ther husbands best friends.

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Sorry dear, no excuse for cheating. I'm not judging you, I'm telling you. You can try and justify that all day long, and cheating is cheating. You create your own problems in life, and you've just made a mess for yourself here. If I were you. I'd pick a man and be faithful to him. Start over and try to forgive yourself.

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The Smart Guy
You screwed up sorry.

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b2b 5-2-10
you are not a kind woman - and it is impossible not to judge in this situation - it would have been nicer to him if you just left him - and if you're going to cheat that's bad enough, but with his best friend? that's not kind that's heartless

he's got diabetes - he's not on his deathbed - he can still do 99% of what needs to be done in a relationship & there's options for ED - you obviously weren't trying to make your marriage work - you just have up

tell your husband what's going on and see what he wants to do
it's not your decision anymore - it's up to the man you betrayed

you screwed up - grow a backbone and take responsibility for your actions

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I wanted to answer this question, but since you said "Please don't judge" THREE times, I guess I have nothing to say.

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Diarmuid L
"I believe if you truly love someone then you’d do anything in your power not to hurt them."

Said the woman who screws her husband's friends! Hypocrisy I say!

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My God! What the hell is wrong with people today! Seriously, do you have a split personality? How can you say you are a kind woman and would never hurt your husband but have been sleeping with other men? You don't want people to judge but we can't give you any sympathy. I can't find anything to give you credit for in this situation.

You cheated, lied and will continue to lie. Now you're about to bring a child into the situation. If you have your way, you will never take responsibility for anything and will eventually take this to your grave. I'm not even involved in the situation but I feel like we should all shed a tear for your poor husband.

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