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Oh No!
My wife sent me some pictures of her cheating on me. Is what I did illegal?
Long story short I got fight with my wife before I left and so she thought she could get me mad by sending pictures of her having sex with another man. It it worked....

Well I was really upset then some buddies told me to send them to her father. So I scanned them sent them to her father. But I decided that it would be even better if I went ahead and sent some to her place of work and forwarded them in her friends emails(I have her MSN password).

I'm afraid what I did was illegal is it? I'm in the military and I don't know all the legal stuff.. What can happen?
Additional Details
Court Martial is what I'm worried about...

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Simply Lovely
You might have gotten yourself into a little trouble. I am not sure but it could be a form of slander doing what you did, especially to her work. She could sue you and get you into trouble with your commanding officer.

What she did was wrong and childish and what you did was the same. If you ask me, the two of you are meant for each other.

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Sonja G
maybe with the password email thing, however, you can do whatever you want with the pictures, she sent them to you so you can put them in the local paper with the court paperwork served publicly if you want. do not let her scare u, she can not get u in any trouble @ work. she cheated, make her leave the house with only her clothes, when you file paperwork be4 her, u win. do it ASAP

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Bullet Tooth Tony
Post them on craigslist.org and leave her number. Oh email me some of the pics to man send me any email and Ill give you my email where you can send them.

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Tainted Heart
I don't think what you did was illegal. She sent them to you so after that they were your property. Now the email thing I'm not to sure about but if it was illegal I doubt she'll press charges. What would she tell the police...."Well I sent pictures of me and my lover to my husband and he in return sent them to friends and family." It may have been wrong but like I said earlier, she should have never sent them to you. LOL OMG....you married a bright one. I seriously doubt you'll have to deal with court martial.

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Sounds you went way over the line and she will have grounds to take action if she chooses. Your biggest legal mistake was accessing her email and sending the photos out under her name. You are also opening yourself up for conduct unbecoming, in accordance with the military's uniform code.

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I'm not sure if it's illegal or not. She did give them to you which means they are no longer private images. She may be able to nail you for slander or something along those lines.

I hope you're in the free and clear. I think she got what she deserved. Cheating on your man while he's serving his country is beyond disgusting..then sending him photos of it, that's even sicker. She's a real *****. She thought she could slap you in the face with the pics and get away with it. Guess the jokes on her.

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Mechanically Challenged
Wow. Even if it was illegal you can plead temporary insanity.

Best wishes

What she did, to one of our boys, that are out there fighting for our freedom is cruel.
WOO! Lets her it for the boys!!!

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I don't see how you e mailing pictures she sent to you would be illegal. She wanted you upset and that's what she got. If you would have thought it out...the best thing you could have done is let it go and not let her know how upset you got. Basically you played into her hands like putty. Don't let her control you this way-take back your control. If she asks you about it0tell her you thought it was funny and though you'd help her pass around the pictures to help her in her quest to be a total___.

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Don't worry about it! Did she say she was going to take legal action? I mean she would just be embarrassing herself even more by doing that.

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DaAznMvP21 <-- [AIM] Hit Me ^
Don't know If Its illegal but I would of done what you do,,, maybe worse... send to newspaper or something

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Eddie J
i looked it up and its not illigal and believe me i couldnt go through what you did you got heart man
i think what you did is fair

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that was the best revenge i have herd of.. i guess she thought she got you by doing that, but you gave her a does of her own medcine.. was it illegal you ask? not sure, but i think since you are in the militry she might try to get ahold of the base you are stationed at and complain that you are harrassing a civilian by sedning personal things of her.. yes i know she is your wife, but still she might try to get you in toruble.. regarless of what had happened military personell have to at all times have the up most respect for civilans and she might use that in her case.. plus you were using the goverments comps for that.. keep those pics for your divorce, b/c they will help you in the long run.. lastly, i think the revenge you did was interesting and you have a creative mind.. she deserved that in my opinion..

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I'm really sorry to hear about your wife. As other people have said, since she gave you the pictures, they are yours to do what you want with them. It's up to you to do what's right with them..
I do understand you wanting revenge. I know that it hurt.
Sending the pictures out to who you did was your choice. But getting into her email account was wrong. You really had no right to do that, and if she wanted to she could press charges. My advice to you is to get legal council. I know they have it available to you on whatever base you are stationed on. If you don't know where to go, speak to a chaplain, even if you aren't religious, they are trained to give you advice, and share their knowledge of the military.
I wish you the best of luck. I hope you find someone that deserves you. Stay safe =)

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Consult with the local Jag officer, while you may have some issues with sending to her co-workers, at the same time she had no expectation of privacy of those photos when she freely choose to send those photos to you, she can not have her cake and eat it as well

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John T
That's funny as h*ll Shouldn't be illegal. You just sent pictures around. Might make a lot of people mad, but who cares.

So what did her dad have to say?

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Daniel s
idk if its illegal but thts gona embarace her alot

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Hmmm. Slander or libel, truth is the defense...

Identity theft perhaps, if you signed into her account and sent it as if from her.

Not exactly taking the high road, but shouldnt be illegal. Perhaps unbecoming of a gentleman, does the military still use that? Had you printed them on military equipment or published them on a military site or something, they would probably have more of a beef about it.

Now if you father-in-law comes looking for you, behave and dont use any military training or equipment to make this a lot worse. I think you both have it coming, from him!

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Shouldnt be illegal

If it is the worst that could happen was lose your military job...

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LOL! This is actually a pretty good way of getting back at someone! I dont think its illegal.. Im curious what her father & friends reactions were! Good job.. haha

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Chris Wins
nah thats just winning

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Lorrie W
You did not have to lower yourself down to her level. You should've been the bigger person. Granted, it was awful what she did. You could have saved the pictures for the divorce.

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I don't know about the legalities...
I'm sure you crossed an ethical line but I'd do the same thing lol.
One thing I can tell you is that you should keep the pictures because they will help you during your divorce proceedings. Remember she cheated on YOU. She doesn't have a leg to stand on.
I hope there isn't anything legally she can do... she deserved it.
Best of luck.

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Don't know if it is legal or not. But I hope it is not. She deserves what she gets.

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well done lol

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whether its illegal or not dude you already did it

awesome way to fight back though o_O

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no, i dont think its necessarily illegal, ive heard of people doing it before, just realize that you may not have a wife after this.

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I'm pretty sure that it's legal.. you can't be sued for slander, because it's a real picture; and you have proof right? (you didn't delete the picture).

Yeah it's a bit immature, but if they're real then she'll be the one in trouble for adultery.

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Lol. Good job.

I don't think it's illegal.

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I think it was immoral and wrong, but not necessarily illegal. She "gave" them to you, as evidenced by the mode in which she sent them to you. They are now yours.

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The 3rd Nipple
I think the only thing you could get NJPed or CMed about is the fact that you had pornographic material on a government computer. Yes, you sent them and probably didn't keep them on the PC, but the fact that you used a government owned machine to do such a thing can get you in trouble if they decide to push the issue.

Other than being sued by her...which probably won't go far....I don't see yourself getting arrested for having pornographic images of your own wife and sending them out. You didn't do it for money so it's not illegal.

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