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 Is it always the case that when a married man has an affair, he is just using the woman, or can it be Love?
Just asking cos as you might know from my other questions, my husband fell for a single woman (yes while married to me)

He cheated with her in our 10th year of marriage (we have no kids) ...

My wife cheated on me. I hate her but still want sex! Am I wrong?
Our sex life has caused a lot of strife between us. She used to LOVE sex with me, but the last few years have been in rapid decline. I may only get it 1 time per month if I'm lucky.
She says I'm too big, I take too long, and it hurts her. She says sex is a chore, and not fun. My wife has never viewed sex as an act of love, but rather a way to get off.
She and I bought a house together, have two kids from my previous marriage, and had a fairy tale life until we started falling apart. She stopped trying to have sex with me, and I stopped talking to her/listening to her.
My wife cheated on me with my friend. The guy's a complete loser.
He's gross. Dirty hands, messed up teeth, oily hair, unkept beard, and he lives in a basement with 2 roommates.
He knew she was married, and we have kids but still tried to get in her pants for months. Eventually she kissed him. Started inviting him over, and finally slept with him 3 times. I hate her for what she did to me and my family. I HATE her for it. Right now I am totally unattracted to her. She looks like a different person. A stranger. I want to try to put our marriage back together, but she seems so unapologetic. She says she thinks she has feelings for him. She says she thinks he's cute. And when i tell her those things hurt to hear, she says "Well I don't want to lie to you."

I wish I could tell you the whole story, but let's just say she betrayed me like 5 times. First she just kept seeing him behind my back but said they were only friends. Then i found a pic of herself on her phone, sent to him. Then she admitted to kissing him. The next day she admit to sleeping with him. And THEN she admitted to having feelings for him. It was just one dagger to the heart after another.
And get this! She says she had sex with him to help determine how she felt about him! But sex and love are two different things for her! What am I supposed to believe?!

The problem is, I know I can forgive her eventually. I have faith that God can restore our marriage. But her betrayal and lies make me hate her right now. Until she gives me a heartfelt, tear-filled apology, I cannot forgive her.

Meanwhile, I have sexual needs that aren't being met. While I don't find her attractive, I don't want to look at porn. I think porn just tears marriages apart, and I'm trying to heal!
Would masturbating to old photos of her be wrong or immoral?
Would it help me take my mind off what she did?
Would it help the healing process?

Right now, I can't even look at couples make love on television. It just makes me think of them going at it! Anytime the word "Cheat" is meantioned, I leave the room.

I am feeling very vulnerable, I get that, but I still have a high sex drive, and I'm going on 3 months! Should I store up all this sexual energy for when she and i do make love again? Or should I try to relax a little by giving into the urges. Honestly I can't think until I get that sort of fix, but it makes me feel like a junky! LOL!

What should I do?!

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well if it were me and my husband had cheated on me he knows that i would leave his @$$ in a heartbeat and i know that he would do the same if i ever cheated on him. marriage is sacred and personally i think she is going to hell, no offense. but since you want to make up then i would have to suggest counceling. she would have to want to go to, i mnean you can't make her go if she isn't willing to fix your marriage then i think that you should get a divorce. sorry she did that to you , anyone who gets cheated on deserves better :/

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Bio hopeful
think about something else

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oh yeah...your wife is the type of chick i like...married, unhappy, desperate. Im sure im the guy that has bent your wife over the table and made her see god and made her beg for more.

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Kathy F
Privately masterbate until you know where your marriage is at but I wouldnt just let her handle you any kind of way.Its really sad that women who have a man that really loves them want these morons.It amazes me .Keep your faith. Eventually give her a choice just be strong with your decision.Since you have a high sex drive maybe you should masterbate a few times then later have sex with her when yall make up.

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Zelda Hunter
I answered your last question, and I can see you posted some new info, so I am going to respond once more. I am probably about your mother's age, and it would break my heart if I thought my son could not find a wife who loved him - even if there were trouble in his marriage now. I am sure you can find a good woman, but this one is not for you. You seem like a good, loving and very desirable man and there are plenty of women out there who would be good for you, but take it slow now. Take care of yourself. Porn is not good for you, because it causes pathways to strengthen in your brain that are not helpful. It becomes increasingly more extreme, and then eventually you may have trouble having a relationship with a real woman. I can give you a reference to a good book that has a chapter on that if you are interested.

Your continued focus on her is not healthy either, because she is destructive. Her apology would almost certainly be useless. Perhaps she can never love. Maybe she is a narcissist. I don't know what you're going to do about getting your sexual needs met, but please try to find a way that is not self-destructive. I wish you the best.

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Find a new chick and file for divorce, she might not come back to you one day and you should stop putting up with her bullsht. Masturbating to her pics is weird. You might as well watch porn. But I say to get a new girl and forget everything about her. Wouldnt it be nice to have another sex partner? :D

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why dont you go get drunk and find an ole broad and jump her bones, grow up and quit your whinning. somebody needs to put a boot up ur butt or pull ur head out of your butt, get off the woe is me crap and stand up like a man and go kick some ***!!!

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Douglas B
Well you got her for sex and her sex machine ran out and now she is wondering what she ever saw in you. Move on.

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Fred Bear
Seriously, I think your relationship is doomed. I think the differences are too great.

Lots of wives and husbands have affairs, mostly very short, but the offending partner doesn't rub the victim's nose in it like your wife is doing. She's just dumping on you now, gloating over what she's done. That's just plain nasty.

I can well understand all the feelings that you are having and she is doing nothing to lighten your load or to say she's sorry or she wishes it hadn't happened, etc.

My heart goes out to you, but I think it would take a miracle for you to accept her as she is and I don't think she's going to change.

Your sexual needs are going to have to be met by your own hand at this stage.

I hope all goes well, whatever you decide. At least it seems like you'd keep your kids, the real victims in all of this .

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Dump her she's a loser! Theres plenty fish in the ocean.

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Lorrie W
First of all, is this question for real? Second, if it is, then if it were me, I 'd cut her loose. She has repeatedly cheated on you with no remorse. I don't think she wants to work things out with you. If your waiting on her to come to her senses to have sex again you may be in for a long wait. You don't say how long you've been married but it seems to me like you have a lot to figure out. What's the big deal about masturbation? I don't get it. Anyway, I wish you the best. I can't see what she finds attractive about this guy if he is the way you have described him. To each their own I suppose. Best of luck to you.

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Brad V
I would just look elsewhere if I were you. You'll get over her soon enough.

Little tip for whenever you do get it. Just because you are BIG, you don't have to shove it all in her. Would you want to have sex if it hurt?

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she hasn't shown remorse, and that's most important when someone betrays u. u will never feel the same for her and she will never look the same. why would u want to stay in a marriage where she clearly isn't sorry, likes this other man, and has totally disrespected u? myself even if i loved someone i would not be able to stay where my spouse chose someone else over me.

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