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 I have to give a mother of the groom speech and my husband and sons father passed away 7 years ago should I?
should I mention him in my ...

 Soulmates or finding a compatible match?
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 Guys what do you think of this?
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 Is it possible that I have found my future husband?
Ok ive known this boy my whole life and weve always gotten along so well we are really close so close that people thought something was going on well, some still do. This really helped me to open my ...

 How can i get my husband to talk and do more around the house?
I know this mite sound stupid and many will wonder why I am still with him but.....
we have been together for nearly 15 years, married for 4, have 3 kids aged 13, 11 and 6.
My hubby isnt ...

 Relationship question?
What do you do if your ex doesnt leave you alone??
We had a 11 months together an i just dont wanna deal with him anymore. He's hurt alot but he's just going to have to get over me. It ...

 What is your opinion of couples counseling...?
For a couple who has only been together for 7 months?

We are not married, and are both 30 years old.

We both love each other and see a very promising future together, but have ...

 How can i convince my boyfriend that im ready to get married?
i want nothing more then to marry him, we have been togheter for a long time and we are really in love iwth each other.. we've talked about marriage before, but i think he's too scared... ...

 Would you let your spouse get one of these for the living room?
I can just picture myself with one of these, feet propped up, drinking a beer as dark as his fur. But my wife says we need to save money in these tough times. Is this right or should I order it ...

 What does dream about my husband having sex with another girl infront of me mean?

 This question is for the mothers who sacrificed love for their children?
I love my mother very much, I've recently learned she stays with my step father just to put us through college & so my 2 little brothers will grow up with a father. But she told me a story ...

 When I say "I feel like a good sleep tonight" It means I feel like sex. I sleep better after doing it.?
But she thinks it's an exaggeration. What is your position on this? Does it make a difference to your sleep?

Oral and masturbation is not as effective.

And does It have ...

 I have a fear of clipping my toenails caus it might fly and poke my eye out. So I want my wife to bite it off.?
Now she wont do that, is that grounds for divorce....

 Guys! I need some ideas on 10th anniversary...?
okay, got our 10th anniversary comin next month. we have 4 kids under 10 and my husband doesnt realy care if we do something or not as long as i have a sitter for the kids:) but since its our tenth i ...

 What is he thinking? Why did he stop?
in the middle of the divorce. he told his wife that he wants to come back to her and their kids. he is with the gf still but yet he told his wife that he wants to be a family again. What kind of a ...

 I'm not sure if my marriage can survive another child right now.?
My husband and I have been married for 3 years, we have a 2 year old son. Our marriage slowly went down hill after i found out I was pregnant with him..it got a little better here and there but for ...

 I just decided to send my spouse on vacation to Mexico for a few weeks. Anyone know where the hot spots are?
I want to make sure he is fully exposed to the culture and has the time of his life.
Additional Details
I got my flu shot this year, but I don't think he did....

 What makes you stall out your divorce?
Why do some of you fight over silly things?
I know a guy who is fighting his ex over a stupid ottoman and has kept it going for years.

It is my feeling that when neither party is ...

 My husband says I need to get a life?
I have been married for 6 years, and for the past 51/2 years my husband and I didn't have friends ( we used to say we were all the friends we need) But now he has started to hang out with other ...

 What can i do to find out if is watching porn on is phone?
my husband has a thing for porn and we talk about it ,but now he bought a blackberry phone with net and i fund that he is watching and deleting for me not to see.Please i need advice and how can i ...

Sweet Angel
My husband won't let me give him a *b*j*?
Why? I thought all men loved getting *b*j*s. Am I wrong?
Additional Details
well he didn't seem to mind me sucking his **** while we were dating and engaged and he ended up marrying me, so I must be somewhat good at giving him what he wanted.
It has only been in this past year, that he's been refusing me to give him a *b*j* every time we start messing around.

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Eddie Cacciatore, Private Eye
90% of the ones I've gotten have been so-so. If it's not good, why bother?

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They do! Very strange. Maybe he feels like a sinner because his sperm is not being used for its purposes of making babies.

How long has this been going on? You just find this out now? You never did it when you were dating?

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I love cooking!
That's strange!! My husband LOVES those. He gets a BJ everynight in the shower. :)

EDIT: Of course there is someone who is jealous....that's why I got a thumbs down.

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Pooh Bear
either he is not that way or hes embarrass. he could have some infection that he doesnt want to spread or hes cheating on you and would feel guilty(IM SORRY FOR SOUNDING MEAN BUT IM BEING HONEST) either that or he doesnt like it when you are to foward about it cuz it might make you sound like a slut or that he feels the weaker link by u asking him nd him not askng u first. just my opinion. PLEASE DONT COME TO ANY CONCLUSIONS ABOUT THE CHEATING THING its just my opinion.

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s.i.l.l.y. s.a.r.a.h
Maybe you dont do it right,

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EXCUSE ME. He won't let you???? Something is definitely wrong. maybe hes afraid he'll bust it b4 u can start! You might have to talk to him or as he's asleep wake him up with one. Tell him he's missing out from all the men in the world.

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tell him you'll try new techniques or something. i don't know take up a class on fellatio (bj). watch a porn video or 2 to learn from the pros

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Well ask him why, because there may be a reason.

But not all men love them, everyone is different!

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Here's and Idea ASK HIM!

My wife does not like when I attempt to reciprocate for her...She just doesnt like it.

Weird I know but hey we all have hang ups

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Oral sex can be tricky at first, so most likely you need to learn a few tricks you'll be a pro in no time and your partner will be very happy! Evidently yours is lucking some element of pleasure.

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You didn't know this before you got married?

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well we can't always explain things....having said that, at least enjoy the intimacy that you do have and maybe one day he will change his mind....

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Honey Bee
He's waiting until his prescribed antibiotics are all taken to cure up that STD he's been hiding from you perhaps?

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There may have been an abusive time in his past where someone inappropriate did that to him and so he cannot enjoy the act due to that memory. Or maybe he witnessed someone doing that and it traumatized him. Go with it, talk to him, let him open up about why, maybe he just thinks it is not for him.

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There are great BJ's and there are good BJ's, but there are no bad BJ's
Life with no oral sex must be horribly boreing.
I find the only thing better than getting a BJ is giving her oral sex.

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Iron What?
Ask him why. Don't make it a production, just a light conversation. If you really enjoy doing that sort of thing then it wouldn't hurt to share your enthusiasm with him.

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be thankful :) its boring for us anyway ;)

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Maybe you use your teeth and he is afraid.

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He may be insecure about something down there, or maybe its as simple as he has not had a recent shower and he just wants to be clean before that kind of thing. Why don't you ask him and then figure out a solution to the problem:)

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Maybe it is an STD. I tell you are rare woman only because myself and my friends when we talk all we do is complain on how once we got married the bj's pretty much stopped from our wives. So if its not an STD maybe he is old School and thinks that now that you are his wife your mouth shouldnt be down there. If thats not it then he has issues that he does not let his wife do that.

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