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Married women....why do they stop sleeping with thier husbands ?
Im engaged to my fiance and due to be married in two years but why do most married men seem to sleep around and the women stop wanting to do it.?

Is it because the women are too tired or what? I sleep with my man every day and i cant imagine stopping but we dont have kids yet.!
Additional Details
Honey moon phase.....well i dont know about that, maybe your right...but we have been together for 5 years and it gets better everyday.

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Since the two of you have been together for 5 years you both are doing something right. It is true though that when you have kids it can take a lot of energy of out of you. Some husbands are used to getting all of the attention and when the baby comes some of them feel they are being neglected because the childs needs come first. The main thing is that you always try to find quality time for yourselves and keep communicating and being friends and don't get into a rut. Congradulations on your up coming marriage a may you both have a great and exciting life ahead of you sweetie.

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bride's mom
There are so many reasons this can happen. I think the most common one is that the husband begins to pay more attention to everything but his wife - his work, his friends, his hobbies, his sports, etc. If she feels neglected as a friend, she's much less likely to connect as a lover. If he seems to show little or no respect for her - as a wife, as the mother of his children - she may withdraw. For men. having sex brings them romantically closer to their wives. For women to want to have sex, most need to first feel a strong intimate romantic connection. Mostly it all involves a lot of communication & caring for any couple to maintain a strong marriage with a strong sex life.

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well the kids sorta make you want to stop doing 'it'.I've got no kids and am not married but after you chase around three little kids that just drank a full throttle you are discouraged to have any kids!

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its all a myth....the majority of men and women do not sleep around or stop wanting it.....though whether your married or not the desire for sex goes up and down at different times of your life....of course life changes like children or different jobs etc can make you tired....but it doesn't stop sex when you want it..........don't believe the hype....most married couples are very comfortable with each other and many love a moan to others .....even though everythings fine

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Ive been married for over 6 years now, i have a 4yr old and me and my husband still sleep together.. i usually want it more though lol haha. Anyways all men dont sleep around. Maybe if the men arent happy and not getting ANY then maybe they might. After i had my son for awhile i really didnt care to much for it, but then again if i didnt want it i still made him happy some how.

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I think it depends on the women. If the women cannot be satisfied in bed, they tend not to want it. Make sense?
Also, women are ruled by hormones. (Don't start with me, I know, my aunt is a doctor, and she says women gone crazy, and completely lost their sex drive because of hormonal imbalance all the time). Make sure to keep the hormones in check.
Another logical reason is that it takes very long time for a woman to be aroused, and for women, sex is almost always about emotional satisfaction. So if they have anger toward their husband, not feel loved, appreciated, or they are insecure about their body image, chances are they are not going to be in the "mood".
Child birth is a sex drive killer to lots women, too.
So it requires the man partner to be patient with the woman, romance her, compliment her, lots foreplay, lots lube and ky jelly, it also require women to make some sort of compromise. e.g. have sex every other day at least or 2 times a week at very very least. It doesn't have to be all intercourse you know, if you are feeling too tired, just give your man a hand job or something.
Love is about give and take, even if you are not in the mood all the time, you still make the effort to make the other person happy.

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♥Carla J♥
i think that it's b/c after a while they get tired of the same repetitious things over and over, but i can't see that happening for me, i have been married now 6yrs and been knowing my hubby for 11yrs and we still have sex every night, on exceptions of my menstrual cycle of course, so we have a very happy sex life and we both enjoy one another alot, so i have no idea why one will want to cheat , but i suspect that the reason they may want to stop having sex will b/c sex has gotten boring for them, and they need to do something to keep it spiced up.

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i dont know but they will cheat

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I agree w/ you, I can't imagine ever not wanting to have sex w/ my husband. I agree that kids tire women out and that's probably why after the kids come that sexy time is few and far between. My solution....never have children :)

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I have to say, some of the answers here are very insightful and quite impressive. What some of the folks here are saying (at least from my point of view) hit dead-on to some very common things that are the source of strife of many marriages.

Life is complex, and so are relationships. I don't think what drives one marriage works in the other, but kids really change the equation for a lot of couples and it can be a major destabilization factor.

I think as long as your husband realizes you place at least some priority to your relationship with him even when you're busy he'll appreciate it. I read one relationship book where the wife said she made sure time with her husband was at least as important as laundry. It may sound strange before you have kids, but I thought it was a good attitude for her to have.

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...THEY just want to be left alone, ...i can respect that!!!

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I have been married for 8 years and my wife can't get it enough. 5-7 times per week and it would be more if there were more hours in the day.

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Inked Yank
before I got married to my exhusband we had sex 2-3 times a day, everyday.

But once I became pregnant and we got married, he changed,he became this bitter person and became quite horrible. So I started to become repulsed by him and no longer sexual attracted to him
I prefered masturbating then to have sex with him. ...we are now going through a divorce

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I think the couples fell out of love. I could not imagine just stopping. The only reason I would is if I was with someone else so i think all the people who stop are cheating cuz thats the only way I would stop

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Bilinda G
In general I don't believe women typically withold sex from their man knowingly. Once you get married you are typically younger and just starting out in life. You don't have as many worries, As you get older you start buying things together and have the added responsibilty of paying for these things. Then you start going up the ladder with you employer or changing jobs and that gets really stressful, then kids. As your body gets older sleep is a precious comadity. No more staying up all night talking and then being able to function at a job. Then when you have a baby and your up every 4 hours your prioritys change. You husband no longer tells you how sexy you are, ( possibly b/c you haven't had a chance to shower in days) nor does he say lets get away this weekend. You can't , the bank acct. has 20 dollars in it and the house paym. late and the car insurance just expired. It's typically b/c the realationship changes and some people adapt to the change and some people keep wishing it could just be simpler again. Generally the men are wishing for the simpler thing and that's why they might sleep around. They don't have to worry about the house paym. when they are in a 20 yr. olds arms. No worries about the kids education or how in the world they are going to pay for that trip to Disneyworld. That's just my take on it.

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I think its different after you marry.Men and women`s view of thinking after marriage is not same.

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im mairred with two kids, and we still get down pretty much every day.....i guess some people get bored with who there with

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It's not universal, but pretty close to it.
And you have it backwards - generally the sex stops first, THEN the husband cheats. (not that I'm excusing it, but...)

Here are some reasons (not good ones, mind you...):

1. The woman put out much more, as part of a technique to 'hook' the guy, then once they got married, she didn't need to do that anymore.

2. After having kids, a lot of women see themselves primarily as "mom" and switch out of 'wife' mode almost entirely.
(You can see this outwardly too - when they chop their hair off, wear things like sweats a lot, stop wearing makeup, buy a minivan and start dressing kinda frumpy - basically becoming THEIR mom).
They then look at their husband as 'dad' and 'the guy who is financing all this', and the sexual relationship quickly goes to the bottom of the priority list.

3. They get bored, and don't care enough about it to put any effort to keep things interesting.

4. The guy gets bored, because he thought (incorrectly) that all the sexual hangups she had (from guilt), would go away
after marriage.

5. Biology - Men have more testosterone than women, so we're hornier by nature. Women have to really CARE ABOUT US A LOT to put in the effort to keep up with us sexually.
Most don't, and prefer to just call us perverted.

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Magic 8 Ball: The Witch is In
I have no idea. After 16 years together, it is better than it was when we were teenagers! Why stop now, we are on a roll!

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Valerie is right

I have been with my husband 8 1/2 years and we can have sex daily because we have no kids. So no it has nothing to do with marriage. ask any man when the sex slowed down and they will tell you it is when they had kids.

The truth is my husband complains that he can't keep up with me to all his friends but then again i am not chasing a kid around all day. lol

Oh and by the way...some men (and women) will cheat even if they are getting regular sex...there really is no guarantee either way

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There are a lot of reasons women stop sleeping with their husbands. Sometimes resentment builds up and most women don't like to have sex with a man they're resentful of. Some men are lousy lovers and only think of themselves, some men don't think "cleanliness is next to Godliness" some women don't care about sex and others use it as a weapon. There are more reasons but in my 1st marriage, I stopped having sex with my husband because he didn't treat me with respect and never had anything positive to say. He was rude and cranky and a poor lover on top of it. Those things were not exactly conducive to wanting sex.
I've been married to my 2nd husband for 15 years and it's still as good as it was when we first got together. It's not every day but it's often enough for both of us.

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That's why I am now celibate.

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Allen B
Er, I don't think most married men sleep around and if yours is one that does [in the future] trade him in for a newer model!
For every married man sleeping around, bear in mind someone from the female of the species is happily assisting!

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I'm not sure that most women do this, but a large minority do.

There are lots of theories, and nobody really knows if one is right. For the record, they typically indicate that they are 'tired'. No doubt they are tired, but most people are tired, and always have been. If you are tired but horny, you make time for some sex then go to sleep. If you are tired but find the idea of sex offputting, its just one more chore that doesn't have to happen at the end of your day.

Some people suggest that anyone avoiding sex has some sort of 'issue' blocking them. This is based on the idea that all people _normally_ want sex so there must be some 'problem' preventing the wife from wanting sex. Perhaps she has guilt issues around sex, or perhaps she is resentful about something. From seeing many couples in this situation, I can tell you that its unlikely to be because her husband doesn't do enough around the house, I have yet to find a _single_ couple where more chores translated to more sex. I've read that couples who have more sex the husbands help more, my best guess is that husbands who are having more sex do more chores, not the other way around.

Another theory is that some women do NOT want much sex when they are in a stable relationship. They may have a higher sex drive early on, but once in a stable relationship and especially after children, they have no drive to have sex, but only a drive to look after kids and cohabitate with their partner.

Really, its difficult (if not impossible) because the women tend to explain why they don't want sex (tired, etc) but the real question is not why they DON't want but rather why don't they WANT it. They have no idea, for the most part.

The other challenge is that they rarely see their low drive as a problem. Rather they see the problem as being their spouse's continual desire to have sex when they don't want to. Most also avoid discussing it or - worse yet - speaking to a third party. Partly its because they just don't want to talk about sex at all, and partly its because they intellectually know that there is a problem, and are avoiding anything that would require them to work on it.

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Megan C
Babies, laundry, working full time. Exhaustion. When it is just you and a boyfriend with no mortgage and bills to pay. Diapers to buy and formula to make life is all about each other. As you grow things change. You can have a great marriage and have sex once a week. Sometimes catching a few zzz's so you can function is more important.

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Leah M
im not married, but i have a baby girl. Things change when you have kids, you just gotta make time for the both of you when you want alone time.

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i dont think its anything to do with being married (as you said yourself, you are almost married and you dont plan on stopping).

everyones different, some people have been with their partners a long time, or they have stressful jobs or lots of kids to tire them out!!

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thats because you guys are still in the honey moon phase.

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~Hunky Homer~
I can't speak for other married men but I love my wife and I'd never do it....she would bloody kill me she's lethal!!!!

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Valerie X Atheists Hate Me LOL!
"but we dont have kids yet.!"

You answered your own question!

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I have been with my guy for 4 years...we have 4 children that range in age from 6 to 15 that ALL live with us and we have sex nearly every day and more than that on the weekends.

Based on talking with my girlfriends and reading here on yahoo answers I think that women stop sleeping with their husbands because they are selfish....its always tit for tat. He didn't do this so I won't do this...and it ends up that the man doesn't get sex. Its all about manipulation and lets face it that is what women do best...manipulate men...it sickens me.

Most women try so hard to CATCH a man that they don't realize the type of man they are and then later they say "HE CHANGED" ... when really we all know MEN DON'T CHANGE...its just that these women were sooooo preoccupied with getting the RING and the MARRIAGE proposal that they didn't actually see that this was not the perfect fit for them. They were sooo busy doing for the man that they didn't realize or care that they weren't getting their fair share....and then after they are married they wake up and then the sex stops because they are mad that they didn't get their "happy ending" like cinderella or some crap.

I see it over and over.....I am really losing all compassion for unhappy married women, sometimes I feel like they deserve to to be cheated on.

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