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 What are the signs that your husband does not love you anymore?

Lately, I've been having dreams about my husband with another girl. I want to know why am I having those dream

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loopy loo
I had a dream that my husband was in bed with an old friend of mine the friend and I had fallen out and she wrote to me the morning before I had the dream to ask if we could be friends and wasn't sure and I took that dream to mean I didn't trust her with the things that are special to me and I declined her offer of a friendship so maybe you are having some trust issues.

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Give me a Good Reason

go to dream dictionary-it's free

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Maybe you don't trust your husband,and whatever you think,you dream.

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maybe u are interested in a 3 some

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WΘMBAT is 0% Snarky
I think it's just your insecurities trying to come to the surface. Unless you have real life evidence that your husband is straying, I would not worry about it......If these dreams really make you uncomfortable, then you could try spending more quality time with your hubby, to put your fears out of mind.....

Good luck,
~Donkey Hotei

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♥dis dik *****♥
that is the little voice in ur head telling you that there is something wrong! i think u should allways listen to that little voice.... because if something dosen't sit with u, you are supposed to investigate!! just think about it, your mind is telling this for a reson.

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Cos u think about it a lot. That's what dreams are mostly about.

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Willie M
Maybe it sounds exciting and attractive to you to either watch him or join him withanother woman for a 3 some.

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Your scared, of the unknown, and he's your foundation and, you frighten that that may go as well!

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Maybe you imagining it because sometimes you do dream of something you were thinking about or he's cheating on you for real.Do you perhaps have suspicions.

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maybe he is considering that

do you have anyone nice for him?

send her to him then!

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Angel G
It's an unfulfilled fantasy. Fill it, and the dreams will stop.

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How do you feel about yourself are you depressed? do you need to update your look and love making? do you and husband get along,are you fighting? ask him are you seeing someone else? the truth will set you free.... Are you seeing someone else and feel guilt

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Sounds like internal insecurity on your part...assuming your husband has given absolutely no reason to suspect.
Remember...it's ONLY A DREAM.

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Year of the Monkey
Either it turns you on, or frightens you, or both. Are you jealous in the dream? If not, maybe you need something new in your sex life, not necessarily an additional person, but it can be nice.

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Do you know the girl?
I read in a book by a psychiatrist once that a man was accusing his wife of always looking at other men.
When the psychiatristist got to the root of the problem, it turned out it was the husband who was looking at men and was trying to blame his wife, so he wouldn't have to face the fact that he had homosexual desires.
Not saying this applies to you, but it might help you see that sometimes we project on others what we see in ourselves.
Or it could be that you have a deep-secret desire for him to move on.
That you want out, but don't know how to approach him.

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maybe its a subconcious thing or its a fantasy you have, you want to watch him having sex with someone else

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Maybe your afraid he is going to cheat or leave you? I would say it was just a dream and let it alone.

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Long Dong Von Hugenstein
It is one of two things, you are insecure and think he may have or is cheating on you or might cheat on you.

The other is that you are fantasizing about watching him get his freak on with another woman and maybe you are a voyeur at heart. This is a normal fantasy except sometimes it leads to him liking the other woman more and the relationship will fall apart. I full filled this fantasy for my ex since she kept asking and then sure enough i got the inevitable question or "did you like her more than me?"
Ask yourself if watching him with another woman would do it for you.

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the mind is a trixter... be careful that you dont let it get the better of you..

dreams can be a messy thing.. unless you get real evidence of it i wouldent take action on it

sinse if your accuseing him of cheating and he is not it might ruin a great relationship

mostly its your subcontions that is worryed about something.. for instance just this night i dreamed that i lost my front teeth in the lower mouth.. this probaly comes from my fear of dentests and i have an appointment with a dentest next week

dont always trust your dreams thay can just be messing up your mind :)..

all in all your biggest fears can most of the times manifest themselfs in dreams.

so if you feel like checking on it do it.. but know there is a risk of you loseing your husbond if he is innorcent..

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because deep inside, you WANT to see him do another woman

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Meaningful dream interpretation is nearly impossible without an emotional context. For example, if you feel anxious and worried in these dreams, they could be warning you that you are in denial of feelings of being fearful that he will be unfaithful. On the other hand, if you feel horny in these dreams, they could be telling you that you possess latent bisexual tendencies that you want to explore.

In the future, be aware that you will tend to get better answers when you provide adequate details in your questions. In this case, providing not only the emotional context, but also a description of one or more of your dreams would have been very helpful.

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Very simply, this points to your insecurity with this man and your dream does not foretell events to happen but is your minds way of trying to sort out these insecurities / subconscious feelings. Look at your relationship with your hubby and honestly ask yourself why you may feel this way. All the best !!

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ur just paranoid. my friend has had dreams like those too she likes freking out but its nuttin

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I have had those dreams before, where you wake up cring.. I got online and looked up the meaning of them.. Basically it is your mind playing games with you while you are sleeping, acting out your worst fears, Dont stress over it to much unless he is really doing it.. good luck

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Have things changed in your relationship? Is he spending less time at home or less affectionate?

A change in your relationship can bring on thoughts of infidelity.

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Dreams can mean a lot of things. Maybe you really think he's cheating on you, or maybe you just watched something or read something that stayed in your mind and it came out in your dreams like that. It doesn't necessarily mean he's actually cheating on you though.

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It's a dream. Uncontrollable. Forget it.

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Dream interpretation is very complicated - Freud did alot work into it. I'm sure they're books out there on it somewhere which may help. You could always see a pyschologist if it becomes a recurring dream and your concern continues.

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you want to buy him a girl for his birthday and sit and watch, it is normal

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You could be having those dreams for a number of reasons.
You didn't say what your husband was doing with the other woman and whether she was older or younger. You also didn't say how you felt when you awoke from the dream or when you think about it. Here's my interpretation:

i. You do not trust your husband.

ii. You do not feel worthy of your husband anymore.

iii. Your sex life is in the toilet at the moment.

iv. You are anxious or insecure about something happening either at work or at home.

v. You are concerned about your husand


vi. The girl is really you and the husband is you as well. The girl represents your femininity (which you do not recognize anymore) and your husband represents your masculinity (which you can identify with). You are identifying with being the "man" in the family more than the "woman" in the family.

Sounds like it is time to get to know your feminine side again and get pampered!!

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