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Is it a wife's responsibility to have sex whenever her husband wants it?
I mean, doing the same thing over and over and over...I could understand NOT being into it, and how it would feel like a chore.
Additional Details
In my last relationship, it was always "wham bam thank you, ma'am", and he WONDERED why I wasn't up for it 24/7.

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I think love making is suppose to be enjoyable for loved ones.
Never think about it as a chore, or "have sex", think about you are communicating with your man with your body, you are using your body to show how much you love him, how much you appreciate him, and don't associate bed, sex with negative emotions. Let him pleasure you, make you hot, start to enjoy it a little, most men DO love to please their women. It is the women's lose too if they cannot enjoy sex. Don't you remember how good it feels when you had your orgasms? Don't give that up.

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Even tho there are times I'm not into it and most of the time I don't even get off, I do have sex when my husband wants it. I can't remember the last time we actually spent time enjoying each other. It is always wham bam and lasts little over 3 minutes with only one of us climaxing and it is not me. I do it but it doesn't mean it's right for everyone. I am insecure so I always feel if I put out all the time, it will keep him from cheating. Who knows...maybe I'm wrong.

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It is in our house because I LOVE it! Why not try not doing the same thing over and over? It never feels like a chore....we're women...we can have endless orgasms!

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I wasn't aware this was a 'responsibility'.

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Of course not. She's a wife, not a sex slave. A woman is under no legal, moral, or social obligation to have sex at all, no matter who it is with... much less doing it as often as HE wants it, without any concern for her sexual or emotional state.

Socially speaking, both the husband and the wife, as part of a partnership, have a duty to take care of each other, and that includes physical needs. But their first duty is always to their own needs. So if she needs to NOT have sex for whatever reason, then her needs takes precedence over his need.

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Sex is both spouses responsibility in so far as it is is both parties responsibility to make a marriage work. Sex is such a vital part of being married that I believe if you have a mismatched drive sometimes you should do a favor to keep your marriage healthy if you have long periods of no sex drive.
Looking at sex as a chore is a bad way to look at it. Maybe try thinking about it as something you can give of yourself for the one you love.
Not saying yes should be the response 100% of the time, because he also needs to consider you, especially if fatigue is the reason, but the give and take and making sure your husband is satisfied in that area Is something I believe is part of that marriage contract thats right up there with until death do we part.
If they aren't taking time to satisfy you as well as themselves then it is time to be gut honest with them on what you need to change about the lovemaking so both are satified. Getting mutual satisfaction takes the chore feeling right out of it, even when you are not in the mood when you start..

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box of rain

It's YOUR responsibility to make it feel good so she keeps coming back for more!

(Oh sorry. I assumed you were a male.)

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Certainly not. Nor is it mine to be available 24/7 for her. However, I am usually turned on most of the time anyway, and I just try to make sure I'm doing what needs to be done to help her get in the mood. If not? I can release the tension myself, if necessary, and there's nothing wrong with that, either.

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well if i say no my husband will pull out the bible and look up a verse or two to prove his point so to him i guess the answer would be yes but i say no, sometimes with work school kids housework you just wanna be left alone

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Louise C
I think it is both spouse's responsibility to satisfy each other's needs as far as possible. But it shouldn't really feel like a chore, more like an act of love. If you think of it as a chore that is a bit depressing. is there anything that could make it more interesting to you? anything that would light your fire? Maybe you could suggest it to your husband, if so? Most men are not averse to doing anything that is going to get their wives more interested in sex.

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Well, if she doesn't want him getting it somewhere else I would imagine so. LOL!!!!! Be like Smokey Robinson and "Try Something New." Try new places and that should spruce things up. Good Luck and GOD BLESS!!!!!

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Emily Hobhouse
No. It's give and take - if you don't feel like it, then the answer is "no". And for those who say he'd go off and find someone else - how is threatening someone supposed to be love?

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Darling... if you find someone that you would really love and get love back then you would not be bored from doing anything with him over and over because then sex would be part of your relationship
also try to spice up the relationship

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jus~call ~me~ maam
Compromise in bed be considerate to each others needs and pleasures. Bedtime is a time for a couple to relax talk etc not think <not again> for the sex if you are feeling disgruntled then talk to him and let him no how you really feel.

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Sex a chore I wish it was I be doing that chore all day long!lmao...

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Um, most women will say no, but actually YES it is your responsibility to give it to him whenever he wants. You are his wife, that is one of the main reasons he married you and vice versa. If he were to go cheat then you'd want to kill him.

With that said, there is a thing of compassion. If you are tired, on your monthly or have some legitimate reason why you don't or can't, he should respect that. If he doesn't, that makes him an SOB but it's still your wifely duty. But the same goes for him. He must give it to you whenever you want and need it.

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Damn Skippy !

He did not get married to masturbate, or wait until you
get in the mood !

Try getting into the sex act more, many women
Love the feeling . Maybe you should try to get an "O" each
time .

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Baby Blue&#39;s
One of the most commonly heard statements from couples is the man saying he would like more sex, daily or several times a week, while the women is saying "He wants it again? We did it six months ago. Isn't that enough?" The difference in frequency and sex drives can cause conflict in couples. Men often feel rejected when a women says "not now" and can internalize this as "she doesn't love me" or "she doesn't find me attractive" if he perceives her "no" as shutting him out. Women can become angry and demoralized if they feel hounded or pressured. Part of having a mutually satisfying partnership in the bedroom is talking about our libidos. Talk about and learn to work through the differences, and be careful not to personalize your partner's responses. Instead, respect their individuality.

Feeling Loved

One of the most challenging aspects of male/female relationships is how they feel loved. Women need to feel loved, respected and valued outside of the bedroom before they want to go inside the bedroom. Men need to feel loved inside the bedroom before they want to participate in the relationship outside the bedroom. Women feel loved when their partner puts time and effort into them through friendship, communication, helping out around the house, and by being romanced. If the relationship is filled with anger and tension, women will not produce the chemical reaction necessary to feel aroused by their partner. Men are the complete opposite since they feel loved by the physical act of sex with their partner. When men feel rejected they often become less willing to meet the women's needs that will get her into the bedroom. It's a destructive cycle that is common in many marriages since men and women's needs are polar opposite. If you desire greater intimacy, ask yourself what I can do to make my spouse feel more loved.

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Bryan M
No, it's NOT her responsibility to have sex whenever he wants it. No wife should feel that it's her responsibility to have sex with her husband when he wants it. She should have sex because she wants to, not because she should feel obligated to.

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No it is not. Each member of a married couple has made a vow to love and cherish and this they each try to do as best as they can. It is no more a wife's duty to have sex whenever her husband wants than it is for a husband to have sex whenever a wife wants. It is not about any sort of duty, if it is not desire, it is exploitation, which has no place in a marriage

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I think both partners have an obligation to try to meet the majority of their partners needs in some shape or form. It doesn't mean doing there first choice all the time, and it doesn't mean saying yes every time, but if you aren't interested in trying to fulfill the majority of someones sexual needs, DON'T MARRY THEM. Marriage is about more then sex ... and more then talking, and more then raising children as a team (if you have them) and about more then planning a future together ... but it IS all of those things (and more) and if you're not interested in them, you need to be up front about it before you get married.

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It isn't her responsibilty is should be a choice however I cannot understand why a married woman wouldn't try to enjoy it to the fullest. If she isn't getting pleased then she needs to tell her husband what to do even if she has to draw a map. When the husband knows what to do the more the wife will want it. The man should try to bring more romance in the relationship but so should the woman as well.

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Thats kind of a loaded question.

A wife has a duty to her husband to have sex with him. She does not have to, however, fullfill her duties if her husband is not taking care of her properly.

Wives need to learn though (for general every day cases),, this does not apply to abusive relationships AT ALL on any level....
honey gets more honey...women need to learn that for the most part men react to us...holding out, using sex as a weapon is SEVERELY destructive to their marriage.....if shes ticked because its boring go buy her a vibrator and spice it up.......blind fold her and indulge all of her senses....MAKE IT FUN!

Sex is wonderful...and even if you've been married for years.....or youre in the same positions everytime...cutting it off is absolutely not appropriate....just mix it up....do something surprising...she'll be all over you.

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Why would this feel like a chore? I would be in a constant state of orgasm, if possible.

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Magic 8 Ball: The Witch is In
I actually look at it more as my husbands responsibility to satisfy me whenever I want. Hey, he has to do his chores!

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No it is not the wife's responsibility. Sex between married people is supposed to be an expression of their love for each other and if one person is doing it because they feel like they have to, something is wrong in the relationship.

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It's your responsibility to be sure to please your spouse and same for your spouse to be on duty for pleasing you.

My husband and I kind of joke about this. But we give each other one free pass for turning down sex each week. Sometimes you're just too damn tired and can't even really fake it. LOL. This is when I use my free pass :)

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Butch R

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Barring physical illness, injury, childbirth, or major life crisis (such as death of a parent, etc.), I believe it is both the wife's and the husband's responsibility to meet each other's sexual needs.

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The man should understand if she turns him down because she is tired. Going a week or two and not having sex or when you do have sex it isn't good...then you have problems. You should always respect your partner.

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