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 Do you really think a high divorce rate is responsible for crime, mental illness and drug use?
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 IS the divorce the best thing to do?
I am married with a six month old daughter but lately my husband and I have been fighting a lot. He will ask me questions like who moved the passenger seat in the car and if I say no one he will say ...

 How to avoid the lying cheating ex at work?
Two years ago I dated a co-worker.I found out he was married.I stopped seeing him .I found out that I was pregnant he did not want anything to do with the baby.He wasn't at the birth and refuses ...

 I think my sister is "cheating".. what should I do?
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 Would you Divorce for financial reasons?
Would you file for separation or divorce for financial reasons? With today's economy, and everyone struggling and you knew you could get food stamps, and or other assistance, and more money for ...

 My daughter is being emotionally torn apart by her dad what can I do legally?

Additional Details
more details for the question about my daughter being emotionally torn apart. Her dad and I have been divorced now for about 2 years. And I have primary custody. He ...

 So what is your definition of cheating (men and women point of views)?
Do you consider

1) looking at pornography cheating

2) flirting with other women/men cheating

3) the obvious actually sleeping with another women/men cheating


 Should I divorce my wife or make it work?
My wife and I have been together for 20 yrs.We have to daughters together. I treated her very bad over the years I mean I have slept with her sister, I slept with her mother.I even messed up the rent ...

 How would You react if You were bother virgins in marriage, but she tells you she lied about her virginity?
What would You do if You both were virgins, but later on (or during the honeymoon) in the marriage she tells You she lied about her virginity. Would You divorce, what would You do?
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 Why my husband is putting me down or it is me?
lately ive been feeling like my husband is putting me down, says im wrong or doesnt want to hear me out and just say craps and walk away but i know im right or i feel so tired and he shouldnt be ...

 Relationship question for women...?
When you hear of a guy whose wife left him, which one do you think:

1. "Poor guy! He's so nice! Why was she such a btch?"


2. "Damn. What did ...

 My husband and i have been going thru some financial issues, and the sex has trickled down alot.?
we use to have sex 2-3x a week..great sex..then the whole recession thing started and we have had sex 5 times for the past 2 months. Now we talk about it...but it gets lonely..we have a family ...

 Am I the only wife who hates the word "Hubby"?
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 Why are his parents so racist?
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 Could you forgive your spouse for being unfaithful?
I mean a spouse who is actually sorry, and not going anywhere. There's no was no other relationship. Could you?
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And if you did, please give me some insight. B...

 To all married woman....Would you like your husband?
to buy ladsmags? with naked woman flaunting themselves
How would you feel?...

 Do you think honesty or dignity is more important (when it comes to ex's)?
My partner of nearly 3 years broke up with me 6 weeks ago. We met up friday night for a meal and to see a comedian after wards. We both had the most amazing time together, made each other laugh, ...

 Are wife beaters more likely to cheat as well?

Additional Details
is there a correlation?...

I want to marry Australian girls,how can I do it?
I am from Bangladesh. I have no much financial ability.But I am honest. I am a good Muslim.Does have anybody to marry me?

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You should marry for love not to live in any particular country.

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Nicky H <3
gee, i dno maybe go australia my darling paki

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move to.................australia (=

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George McCasland - Papa Bear
You could start by moving there and living with one aboriginal tribes until you are accepted and a wife is picked for you.

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no. first you must love and care for and care about a certain women. not just any woman who is australian. so if you really want to love an australian woman come over here and find one that likes you back

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Move to Australia that'll increase your chances of meeting/marrying an Australian girl.

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Well, saying you are a "good Muslim" might win you women in Bangladesh, but it's probably not something you want to mention right away when you are talking to Australian women.

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Marrying an Aussie girl is like putting your head in the mouth of a well-fed and extremely fit and healthy lioness - you just hope she never goes hungry!

There are a few Aussie Muslims, mostly originating from Indonesia, but not many.

I have had the same thoughts myself - the standard of living in Oz and the attitude of the people is so much healthier there than in my country (UK). Also my father is buried in Australia and I already have closer relatives there. I have been out four times already.

I think you do need to get your head round Aussie culture and the way they do things there, and try to forget a little what might be considered normal among Bangladeshi Muslims. You're unlikely to find an arranged marriage in Australia - it's up to you to go get.

The most important rules with Aussies is informality, friendliness and above all never ever judge anyone. It is one of the most egalitarian places on Earth, and nobody looks down or up to anyone there.

Another important thing is self-reliance and a willingness to help out.

They respect a tryer - someone prepared to give something a go, even something they know they are not good at. If you try, but fail, then unlike say America, they will not call you a loser, but will think good of you and give you a hand.

Aussies do complain, but they make a joke of it - for example: the crocodile just bit my arm off, but I'll be right - I've still got the other one.

Everybody has bad luck, but good Aussies don't let it get them down.

Now, as for the girls - remember modern feminism started in Australia with Germaine Greer. Aussie girls are very often very lovely and friendly and easy to get on with, but one thing they are not is submissive. You need to keep up with them or fall by the wayside. The best way into their hearts is to get involved with their hobbies and interests, and then have an equal number of your own to expand her horizons. The more you can be getting on with things together, the better your chances.

Another useful thing to learn (and this applies to any country with emancipated women) is to learn to cook. These women love being cooked for by a man, and consider a man who can cook well a good catch, as well as someone to impress their friends with. They may well do it better (more out of pride not to be outdone by a man) but that's not the point. You're having a go.

Finally, I have to say that so far I have not got too close to marrying an Aussie girl, but my brother did.

Edit - just spotted you put Australian girls in the plural. How many do you want? I'm not sure either that this is legal in Australia, or more to the point whether you could handle at least one on the warpath while you were satisfying the other!

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wow you want to marry multiple girls.. good luck on that one!!

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Do you really want to marry Australian girls, OR do you just want to live in Australia?

What does being a good Muslim have to do with marrying Australian girls? Most are not Muslim, so will be very different to you.

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Lulu 1 dtg2NY
i will marry you since your honest, money doesn't matter when your honest we don't have to eat or shower or anything....

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