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Good Wifey
I want to leave my husband but I am afraid of the abandonment laws.?
He is very aggressive. Yells everyday. He calls me names. He isn't working right now and I keep warning him that I will leave if it continues. He complains that I spend money but all of my check goes to the house (not much I am a teacher) I have two kids I don't really feel like being bothered with him any more.
There is no intimacy; not even basic hugs or kisses. He even sleeps in the other room. I don't want to cheat, I just don't want him.
While he is home he washes the clothes and watches our two year old but she can go to daycare if he would get a job. I know times are hard but I know people still getting jobs.

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leave him

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Keeping it real
Who cares about abandonment laws. Call the cops have him charged and leave his sorry ***.

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It's called "no-fault divorce" for a reason. File for a legal separation, then leave.

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Sue B
Yes, there are jobs out there, it's just that sooooooooo many people think their better than them and refuse to lower their standards!! A job is a job! One can always be networking while taking a job that isn't really worth it, but hey it's a job!

I'm not sure I've even heard of abandonment laws except where kids are concerned. If you file for a divorce, he sure can't get you for abandoning him! I also thought abandonment was where one takes everything and leaves the rest with NOTHING, and all the bills they ran up? Heck, I don't know. But I'd leave.

It won't get any better until he either gets a job, is more of a husband not a screaming jerk. Good Luck

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Time is the best healing factor in the life. You must leave all your problem with time and with hope that the situation will not remain same. In the hard, time your devotion will became a love to your husband just concentrate on your work and duties only and go ahead

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Katie M
Don't worry about the abandonment laws. There aren't any laws in the U.S. that require you to stay with your husband. If he's as bad as you make him sound, leave. It's unfortunate that your children will be the victims but I believe kids deserve to be in a happy home and if that means a home with only 1 loving parents, that's what would be best for them. They don't need the stress of all the yelling and screaming. It doesn't sound like you have much of a marriage anyway.

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Freako S
He feels worthless and even though you're not trying to be a nag, he's taking it that way.

If you want to give him another chance, get him a job - mowing lawns, stocking shelves, pumping gas, whatever - and tell him he needs to start working to be a provider again. Let him know that you love him and your marriage isn't working with him at home all day. Give him a pity-bang to let him know that just because he's financially worthless, it doesn't mean he's completely worthless... he's just in a rut.

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This sounds like you have more problems in your household than you have mentioned. Did he lose his job? Is money at the end of all of this? You should seek counseling as outlet for your frustrations. There seems to be breakdown of expectations in your situation. But I can't tell why from your post. Get some help for yourself and hopefully you both will get help afterward. Your right times are hard but they can be worked through even if the final decision is divorce. Name calling doesn't solve anything and I don't think that anyone should be subject to that. Your better than that. The healing will start when you start to help yourself.

Good luck with that...

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If this is something that was going on before he was out of a job, hen leave him. If this has started due to the stress of not having a job and having staying home to play wife, then maybe try to talk to him and understand what he's going through.

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i think w/ all the people who are going thru hard times now that much of the aggression is due to not feeling like a man and not providing for his family... men get that way when there egos take a blow and you guys aren't having sex for the same reason... i think that if it were to the point where he was finished w/ you he wouldn't do laundry or anything to help... stick it out w/ him unless he starts hitting you or something... it'll get better, but if you decide to leave he cant do anything... the abandonment laws arent going to do anything to you it sucks that men start feeling like they cant provide they lash out.

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Leaving an abuser isn't abandonment. Get some advise: 800.799.SAFE Domestic Violence Hotline.

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Phantom J9 Baby Girl DUE 6-09
Were problems there before he stopped working?

It honestly sounds like he is down in himself... he feels worthless and depression makes people have a serious lack of motivation.

Love was never mentioned in this entire post so I'm guessing there is no love in the marriage anymore?

I dont believe in divorce, but it sounds like he needs some of the vows you made on your wedding day... through good and bad....

Sorry, I may get alot of thumbs down but husbands can get knocked down and battered too... mostly by themselves.

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