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I love my wife but she won't have sex...?
She is my best friend in the whole world and I would never leave her for anything. However, she won't have sex with me. It's not a matter of animosity towards me it has to do with some very painful memories she has from her childhood. If fact, I am reluctant to even try to get her to have sex because I don't want her to associate those negative feelings with me. My question is two part:

1. There is a lady I work with in a similar situation and we have discussed getting together to release our sexual frustrations with each other. Do you think this is terribly wrong? What if we didn't have intercourse and just had oral?

2. After answering the above question, what if I were able to discuss it with my wife and get her to agree to it? I think I might be able to because she has made little comments before. What do you think?

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You need to talk to her. By running out on the issue you only confirm that sex is just about using someone for gratification. That is her confirmation of why you want sex -- not to express love to her, to care for her, and to please her -- but it's all about you. Why not start with hugging your wife, kissing her hands, and letting things progress at her speed?

Perhaps it wasn't her parents, but a lover who used her for sex and then treated her badly? Trust issues are hard for some women to get over... love her? Try patience and passion.

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Mohammed Ali
Dont have sex with that women in any way that would be stupid if you really love your wife you wouldnt do it at least. Dont talk to your wife about it either because then shell get feelings all the time about wheather or not you are being loyal to her. It would be better to rape your wife then to cheat on her even with her consent but try not to rape your wife.

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1 - No
2- up to you, but it would hurt her.

you sound like a selfish a**

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You have answered your own question. If you love her then why do this. I know that the desire may be strong but you guys can go to counseling, and do talk to her. She needs to know how you feel, that you are a man with needs. If you go with this other person, she will find out and you will brake her heart and your marriage forever.

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That's f****d up !
trust me, you will regret it.
that's just really messed up, immean come on it's just an issue your wife has, try to talk to her about it and maybe she'll have sex w/you and you never know maybe she'll like it &wanna keep going.
but never try to have sex with another woman, not even oral !
she's gonna have that as a come back to you whenever you say anything to her.

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Jordan M
Didn't you know about this "no sex" thing BEFORE you got married? Everything about what you are saying makes no sense whatsoever.

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gloria b
Whatever issues she has, she can't expect you to live without sex.
1. Not wrong......you are a human with needs
2.Can't hurt

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U say you wouldnt leave her for anyone and that she is your best friend int he whole world....if this is the case, why on earth would u wanna go have sex with your co- worker....that just doesnt add up....

If you loved and respected your wife, you would be patient with her....try and understand her situuation and eventually she will come round....it will take time though..

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the flyiest man ever!!!
im goin thru the same thing, but the thing is you just got to stick thru it, i know its tempting, and you want some a s s bad, but thats your gal and if you want to keep things runnin smooth as tough as it is you got to do it, srry, just look at the longrun and how happy you are without sex, keep tryin, and think with the head with the brain, lol, and you will be cool,.....damn, but i know the feelin,make you wanna dry hump a wall or somethin,.. lol

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just me.
i think you should definately consult your wife before anything. See what she thinks about the situation and tell her your feelinngs towards the problem. If she approves of your situation with your co worker than go for it. But you should talk to her before anything.

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There are all different types of relationships. Every couple has a very unique and individual relationship, what may constitute as a "normal" relationship, in theory, may not work for all couples. I would just be really honest with your wife and ask her for a suggestion that she may feel comfortable with and that meets your needs as well. I don't know that there would be anything really wrong with being completely honest, however, I do think it would be really wrong to do it behind her back and dishonestly. Also, be careful, having an intimate relationship with someone other than your wife could end up confusing you and possibly the other woman involved...

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Q1. bad idea.... it will only add mistrust to your relationship and hurt on top of whatever else is going on.

Q2. she may agree... but emotions are a trecherous beast that can turn on you. And even if she agrees, you may end up making your marriage more complicated and more painful than it may be.

If you want to be a good husband, encourage her (and you) to attend counseling... the only way she will lessen her associations is to deal with them head on... and she will need YOU to do this.

Best of Luck

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I can haz cheezburger
first, you need to discuss it with your wife... IF she is okay with it, you need to discuss whether she wants to hear about it, or if she has any boundaries (such as not kissing her on the lips).
now, AFTER youve discussed inside and out with your wife, then you can proceed to talk to this other lady...
jsut keep in mind that some women say its ok and it wont bother them... but it can really tear them up inside... but, hey, its your call

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but she is your wife. dont cheat on her just because she wont have sex with u. talk to her about it. and discuss. its not gonna make her hate u unless u force her to do it. but whatever u do, do NOT get with the lady u work with.

and dont discuss that situation about the lady u work with with your wife because that will just push ur relationship further and ur not gonna get anywhere

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NO DO NOT DO THAT IT'S TERRIBLE. you sound like an animal when you put it that way!!! if you love her then UNDERSTAND what she went through and be by her side its not about sex if you really love her!

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Have you and your wife had any counseling? The day you give up, and start going else wear for sex your marriage is doomed. The right counseling could help her. Good luck.

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take her to a sex therispt to to all her problems sort out

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You are in a bad situation with no easy answers. However, every person needs intimacy. If you have found someone that you can fulfill this need with....yes NEED...then go for it but be discrete. I would not tell your wife at all. She maybe hinting to giving you permission because she believes it will make you happy. With such horrible memories from childhood, I would be willing to bet the farm that she really does have trust issues. She may not admit it or even realize it but "giving permission" will do more harm than good.

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I don't think you should do question number 1 at all. I think you should bring it up with your wife and talk about your problem. I think you'd make her feel bad if you went and told her you wanted to go have sex with another woman. You're wife needs to learn to trust you and learn that all guys aren't the same, even though it's really hard. Maybe suggest counseling for her. Maybe even a marriage counselor.

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Isabella Swan
As long as your respective spouses agree. BUT please make sure that before you do anything, you make SURE that she is okay with it. Your wife that is. She may say that it's okay, but she might be thinking that she is undeserving of you because she can't ease your sexual frustrations. She may think that you are mad at her because she's scared.

And try to ease her worries. Start slow, like Take her out on a "first-date". Ease your way into a sexual relationship with her. Yes it may take a while, but These things take baby steps.

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It's not fair for you to stay celibate just because your wife doesn't want to have sex (she has to meet you halfway).

So you have two choices: Divorce your wife, or stay married and have an affair. the latter choice is not necessarily wrong (especially if your wife is okay with it).

Bring up your concerns with your wife and tell her you cannot continue like this. Tell her she needs to either let you have sex or let you go. Maybe that will prompt her to deal with her issues.

As far as oral versus intercourse, it doesn't matter (sex is sex. If you are going to do oral you may as well go all the way).

Whatever you decide to do, good luck.

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my advice dont even ask your wife it isnt worth it. if you really love her you will work with her. my wife has problems like yours her mothers boyfriend raped her repeatedly when she was a child and its still hard for her even after 20 years. if you cheat or even ask her if you can she will never act the same to you. she will think no matter what you say that you dont love her. and if she loves you she will lie to you thinking its what you want. its not worth it

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proud mommy
Thats such a pity because you really do sound like a decent guy, however, it would only hurt her more if you did that which could build trust issues. Try getting her to talk to a therapist about how she's feeling and maybe in the long run she'll be able to be more sexual with you.

Just take it slow, at your wife's pace and hopefully it will get better for the pair of you.

Good luck

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Robert F
As a married person you take vows that state that you will do what you need to do to keep your relationship going well.

I think you might consider the counseling issue first with your wife. You and the wife need to talk with a counselor who deals with relationships in addition to them having certifications in the component of sexual relationships (or whatever name they call it). Some one who is certified by a state or national agency.

The intimacy associated with a sexual relationship should be reserved for the wife. See if you can get this bridge fixed before you start trying to cross another.

This is my opinion - you may or may not see my point.

A problem with a sexual relationships is that it can easily become complicated for you as well as the other partner and their spouse. Here are some what if questions you might consider....

What happens when the other person wants you to commit to them and leave your wife?

What happens when the other person husband gets angry and starts looking for you with a vengeance (firearm in hand)?

What happens when your spouse feels left out and starts to explore herself?

There are so many possibilities and complications that could occur. Realize that when you play with fire - you can get burned.

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Up too Late!!
1: Don't do it, doesn't matter whether it's intercourse or oral. It will feel good at the time, but long term your going to regret doing it.
2: I would't put your wife in a position to have to answer that question. That isn't fair to her.

I know your feeling frustrated, but it sounds like you love your wife will all your heart, so don't do this to each other. Should you ask her and she say yes, she might resint you for it. Or she might have sex with you even though she's not comfortable with it so not to lose you.

I'd suggest getting her some counsling. Hang it there, it will be worth it in the end. Best Wishes.

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Your wife has a serious problem that she should seek help for so that you can have a normal marriage. If she doesn't care enough about your needs to do something, your marriage is over. Don't cheat--find someone to be with who wants a real relationship with you. You can divorce your wife and still be her friend.

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Sexy McGee
That's quite strange but if your wife agrees and you are comfortable cheating, go for it.

I thought thats what porn and ky jelly was for.

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I think that the both of you need family counseling. It might help. Good luck. :=)

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That is a tough situation. I would tell your wife how much you love her and how you don't want to cause her pain (I assume she was sexually abused as a child) by forcing yourself on her but the lack of sex in your marriage is causing problems for you. Tell her you don't know what to do. Encourage her to get counseling, too! Please don't cheat on her UNLESS she explicitly says that she doesn't mind you being with someone else!

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if you really loved your wife you wouldn't want to have sex with another woman. just jerk yourself off.

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I think it is okay to discuss your feelings with your wife about this issue and see if she is okay with you seeking sexual relations outside of the relationship. I know a few people in the same situation. Whether or not this will work out for you is a whole 'nuther story. I think she might be receptive to the idea of you getting what you need but still loving her. Who knows? I'm a woman and to me the idea is okay. If I refuse to sex you then by all means let me know and go find yourself some lovin'. That's just me.

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